Call of Cthulhu – Pierce Investigation Agency, Boston Walkthrough

Pierce Investigation Agency, Boston is Main Story mission, and part of Call of Cthulhu Chapter one.

Call of Cthulhu Walktrough naguide

At the beginning of the game, you’ll find yourself in Pierce’s nightmare. Walk forward until you hit a door locked with a chain. There is a passageway on the left: use CTRL to crouch and reach the next room. Find a flashlight on a crate which stands near the pier. Take it, then examine several other boxes located nearby. A bolt cutter is on the top of one on them. Take it, move to another door and cut the chain which hangs on it. Follow the only possible way, open the distant door and watch a cutscene.

In the room, look around and take two documents – Case closed and Case solved. Interact with a notebook lying on the corner of the desk. You can drink a glass of whiskey which is on the table (it influences the main character’s fate somehow). Answer the phone. During the conversation you should distribute eight ability points. There are seven main abilities in the game, two of them — Occultism and Medicine — you can get using items that you find. Other abilities — Spot Hidden, Eloquence, Strength, Investigation, and Psychology — require ability points.

Stephen Webster will visit your agency. Talk about everything to know more about the next case. Examine a painting — come closer to it and press the E button. The success of the action depends on level of the Investigation ability. However, don’t mind ‘’Investigation’’ as this episode is a part of the plot, so you can’t fail it. You’ll find a strange symbol. Examine a file lying on the table, then discuss all topics with Webster. The successful examination of the painting will unlock an additional dialogue line: ‘’You should get serious about this painting.

Call of Cthulhu – Chapter 1. Pierce Investigation Agency, Boston is completed.

Next is up coming: Chapter 2. Darkwater port

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