Capybara Spa Furniture Guide

Welcome to our Capybara Spa Furniture Guide. This guide will show you all of the furniture in Capybara Spa.

Capybara Spa Furniture Guide


Baths are used to clean your capybaras!

To use one, click and drag a capybara into it.

Providing items to capybaras

While the capybara is being cleaned, it will ask for items such as food or towels. This is shown by a speech bubble next to the capybara. To give it the item, click and drag the item over to the capybara.

Baby capybaras and other animals

Babies and small animals can be dragged into the bath along with an adult capybara. You can’t add another animal to a bath that is already completed.

Done bathing

After the capybara has used enough items, they’ll be squeaky clean. To finish cleaning, click and drag the capybara out of the bath. Clean capybaras are shown by a checkmark.

Generating money

Giving capybaras items and completing baths will reward you with money. The more animals in a bath at once, the more money given at the end of the bath. Better baths also give more money per animal. All animals give the same amount of money.


Upgrading a bath lets you add an additional animal to it. For example, a level 2 bath will allow you to add a small animal to the bath. Level 3 will allow you to add two. You cannot add small animals to level 1 baths.

Food – Capybara Spa Furniture Guide

Food is used to feed your capybaras.

Once food has grown, click and drag it over to a hungry capybara to feed it.

Feeding capybaras

Hungry capybara will show which food they want inside of a speech bubble. Drag that food over to the capybara to feed it.


More expensive food awards more money. The more expensive the food, the more money you will get for feeding it to capybaras.


Once a flower has grown, click and drag it over to a capybara to give it away. Capybaras must ask for items for you to give it to them.

Giving to capybaras

Capybaras will show which flower they want inside of a speech bubble. Drag the flower over to the capybara to give it to them.


More expensive flowers award more money. Flowers typically cost more to plant than food, but give a proportionally decent amount of money.

Towels – Capybara Spa Furniture Guide

Towels function exactly like food and flowers.

Once a towel has “grown,” drag it to a needy capybara to dry it off.


Soap can be created by dragging any type of flower into it.

When soap is done, drag it to a needy capybara.

Generating soap

Click and drag any type of flower over to the soap maker to start creating soap. The flower added does NOT affect how much money it awards once given to a capybara.


Insects bring items over to capybara automatically.

Affected range


It seems like insects have a limited range when grabbing items, but have an infinite range when providing them to capybaras.



Insects seem to have a “cooldown” before they will provide an item to a capybara. This means that they will wait a while before doing anything. Upgrading insects reduces the wait before they do something.



Upgrading insects increases their efficiency, speed, and range.

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