Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 Default Parts

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 Default Parts

Welcome to our Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 Default Parts guide. Default interior and rims/tires for all cars. We’ll maintain you updated with added information once they are released.


Here’s the Google Sheet list:

Benches and Seats

Some cars have benches, some don’t. Those without benches show a #N/A in the “Bench” space in the list. Same deal with left / right seats. One car (Bolt Atlanta F-Mill) has a different seat on the right so all the rest show a #N/A in the “Seat Right” space

How to Read Rim / Tire Sizes

For this example I am using the Bolt Atlanta default rims and tires

Rims are presented with their size in parenthesis, such as: Rim Atlanta (15″) ET:0
Meaning the size of that rim is 15.

Tires have their width and profile also in parenthesis such as: Vintage Tire (215/70R)
Meaning the width of that tire is 215 and its profile is 70. Obviously the size needs to be the same as the Rim you picked, in this case 15

Rear rims and tires are listed if they are different, otherwise they show as #N/A meaning the rear and front are the same.

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