Chained Echoes Ultimate Boss Guide

Welcome to our Chained Echoes Ultimate Boss Guide. This guide will show you step-by-step how to […]

Welcome to our Chained Echoes Ultimate Boss Guide. This guide will show you step-by-step how to get all the necessary items to defeat the final boss in Chained Echoes. Keep reading to find out more!

Chained Echoes Ultimate Boss Guide

In this guide we explain you step by step how to get all the necessary items to defeat the final boss in Chained Echoes. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Chained Echoes game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Chained Echoes guide.

How to Access the End Levels of the Game

To enter the game’s highest level areas, you need two items. The elevator key from the Academy of Nhysa office comes first. For the second one, you must go to Rohlan Fields’ northwestert part and obtain the Manor Key. It unlocks the lakeside residence where you can obtain a bag of Charon’s Coins.

You must go to Raminas Tower with these two goods in order to battle your way to the elevator. F1 can be accessed by using the elevator’s key. Battle your way through the cellar.

After leaving the tower, you will be at the Ograne Grottos’ northern section. To find the hidden merchant and open a shortcut, first go west. The vendor offers the Golden Voucher and the Diving Bell (needed to enter Phioran Isle in Arkant) (given to a merchant on the Hooge allows access to the highest tier of sky armor equipment).

In search of Elemental Tablets

Visit the east section after returning to Raminas Tower’s exit. You’ll come across a boat. To enter a different area of the Ograne Grotto, use a Charon coin. Head south into the Ograne Depths after unlocking the teleport crystal. To find the Earth Tablet, battle your way to the area’s boss and defeat him.

Go back to the teleport crystal, turn toward the north, then leap from the cliff. You will arrive in the Baalrut Tunnel, which links three significant areas. The Narslene Sewers are in the south, the Rohlan Fields are in the south-east, and the Paomi Desert is in the north.

Go first to the Paomi Desert in the north. The Fire Tablet can be found there. Go back to the tunnel, then come out at Rohlan Fields. You’ll be in a small space with one chest there—a Soul of Farnese. Retrace your steps and enter the sewers.

Make your way into the second section of the Sewers, and be sure to open the western exit. This makes it possible to take a shortcut back to Farnsport. Make careful to locate the Water Handle and use it in the first region of Narslene to obtain another Soul of Farnese before completing the second area. The boss and the Water Tablet are at the very end of the dungeon.

Now you ought to have three elemental tablets. To summon the ultimate Boss, you must find all 6.

Krakun is a superboss that must be faced when wearing your Sky Armor, and he can be found in the northeastern ocean. Make sure to first travel to Hooge, where you can exchange your Golden Voucher for new gear. The Wrack of Marylea can be found once Krakun has been defeated. The Wind Tablet is one of the items there.

You require two special items from the goblin village in order to unlock the following two tablets. You must have finished the mission A Goblin’s Dilemma in order to enter the goblin village. A merchant can be found in the village. Buy the essentials Goblin Language Book and BaibaiX. You can speak with the goblins using the book. One will provide the location where he left the Wygrand Mines Key.

After completing the quest A Goblin’s Dilemma, proceed to the Wygrand Mines through Rockbottom. You can unlock a door in the area below where the elevator is located. The Darkness Tablet is located at the dungeon’s exit.

Finally, Perpetua’s northeast is your goal. To enter, explore the dungeon, and take out the boss, use BaibaiX. The Light Tablet will be there.

Summoning the Final Boss

It’s time to summon the game’s toughest challenge now that you have all the tablets in your possession. It can be found in the Ograne Grottos’ western area. If the foes there are difficult for you, you can buy some berries from the shopkeeper in the goblin village. To call the ultimate Boss, use all six tablets. You have now successfully finished the hardest challenge in the game.

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