Cities Skylines 2 Best Settings FPS Guide

Experiencing a significant frame rate drop in Cities Skylines 2? Wondering how to fix it? You’re in the right place! In this guide, we’ll explain ways to improve your game’s performance. Check out the details in our Cities Skylines 2 Best Settings FPS Guide to learn how to increase your FPS!

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Cities Skylines 2 Best Settings FPS Guide

If you are experiencing severe frame loss per second, this Cities Skylines 2 Best Settings FPS Guide is for you! In 2 Steps, we will show you how to make your game perform 1000% better, so get connected and learn how to increase your FPS!

Step 1

Open the Cities Skylines: II menu, then go to settings.

FPS Guide for Cities Skylines 2

Step 2

After you’ve gone into the setting, press the following keys, “ALT + F4“.


Now it may seem that you’ve closed the game, but this is false.
What you’ve done is use a secret feature called the Quantum Utilization Initiation Toggle, or “QUIT” for short.
Basically, whenever you “QUIT” the game, you put the game in a Quantum superposition.

What is that you may ask? Well, I don’t really know, go search up a video on it on Youtube or something, but basically, it’s a state in which a thing is many states simultaneously.
Now, since it’s in the Quantum superposition, it’s both 0 FPS and ∞ FPS.

Now, I should make it very clear, don’t open the game back up again. This will cause the game to collapse and go to an undesirable FPS, so don’t do it.


Congraduations! you’ve now made the game run at ∞ FPS, now you can be happy that you’re “playing” the game at an unmeasurable FPS!

FPS Guide for Cities Skylines 2Also you can do this with any game you desire!
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