Clanfolk: How to Make Baby

Guide to how to make baby's in Clanfolk.

In the clan people, having children means being successful. So how do you have children? We explained it with tips in this guide.

Clanfolk Guide

Have you ever wanted to feel a sense of acomplishment of getting a child in clanfolk because you cant acomplish anything irl. This guide Tells you exactly how to do that.

Room Requirements

In order to get a baby in clanfolk you need a room with a double-bed. other recommended things to put in the room with the double bed is a stove [for comfort and warmth] and decorative cloth that you can craft in the clothing sections and lastly a bathtub for sainitary reasons to increase the clans mood and other requirments that you need to get a baby in clanfolk.

Mood Requirements

Mood requirements are simple but sometimes hard to have in the early game. The mood requirement you need to worry about is when the person gets into the double bed he and his partner need to have a mood of atleast 7500 to make a baby. Optional recomandations that provides a better mood to the person is clothing that provides comfort[but also warmth depending in what season you are in] what could also help his and her partners mood is that if you have not already made a private bathroom you should because this removes the effect of public poop shame. Lastly another recomandation is that you put he and his partner in free time to increase his mood and let him prioritize his/her comfort.

How to Get you’r Clanfolk a Partner

To get you’r person you want to have a kid a partner you can either wait for a kid to grow up into a adult and make them two partners[a request icon will pop up in top right corner of you’re screen] or have a worker you hired with max mood and satisfacation to be he/hers partner and let them join the clan. but keep in mind while you are considering that both of these people need to atleast be adults and can not already have a partner.

Other Tips & Requirements

  • The wife/partner needs to not be hungry before going to bed or a baby with not be made
  • Make sure to have the needed resources like food and workers/clanfolk to reach the requirements
  • Consider who you want to have you’r future baby if someone with bad traits like lazy etc. it might be harder to have a baby be born with that couple
  • Choose you’r clanfolks clothing carefully. Clothing for you’r clanfolk affects there mood very much so i suggest linen clothes in the summer and wool clothes in the winter to improve and or keep there mood even instead of decreasing there mood.

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