Code Vein – Hot Springs Guide

Hot Springs Guide A hot springs facility is available at your in-game base. You can even […]

Hot Springs Guide

A hot springs facility is available at your in-game base. You can even go into the hot springs with the characters you have befriended. There is also a feature where you can “look back on memories of the past.”

Haze serves the same purposes in Code Vein. You need to be stocked up on Haze for almost everything in the game be it leveling up, buying items from merchants, upgrading weapons/armor, etc. Keeping this in mind, we’ve made this Code Vein Haze Farming Guide that will share some of the best farming spots to farm Haze.

Code Vein Haze

Before we get to the farming techniques, let’s get to some of the generic methods using which you should be able to get some decent amount of Haze in the game.

Firstly, defeating enemies will always reward you with a fistful of Haze – the tougher the enemy, the more the Haze you’ll receive. Moreover, resting at a Mistle will cause all the enemies in the entire world respawn. If you can manage to find a small section of the game with a dozen or so enemies that you can kill in a short span of time, do consider using it to farm some easy Haze in the game.

Apart from it, you should also consider selling your unused weapons and Blood Veils to earn some additional Haze on the side. While exploring the game’s world, you should pay special attention to finding Loss Crystals and areas called the Depths – both of them will reward you with some decent amount of Haze.

Lastly, you should consider acquiring the Revenant’s Hunger. It’s a Gift with a passive that lets earn more Haze by defeating enemies in Code Vein. It will come in particularly handy when we get to the farming section of the guide.

How to Farm

To start farming, you need to head toward the Den of Darkness and continue straight until the road divides into two. When it does, you need to stick to the left-hand side and locate a Treasure Chest in the distance – don’t open this chest!

What you need to do is to clear the area of all enemies, return to a Mistle, get back to the area, and continue to repeat the process for as long as you like. You just need to make sure that you aren’t opening the Treasure Chest.

Losing Haze upon Dying

Since Code Vein is a Souls-clone, it obviously borrows much from it. One of such aspects is losing your Haze upon death. Similar to SoulsBorne games, you drop your Haze at the place of your demise.

You can return to the place where you died and recover your lost Haze but if you die again before recovering it, you’ll lose it forever! This is where Code Vein takes it a little easy on its players.

If you think you can’t make it to the place of your dropped Haze without dying again, you can always travel to the Home Base and then head to the Hot Spring. The place will grant you half of your lost Haze instantly with the other half being lost forever. This is a sacrifice you must make if you wish to use the Hot Spring in Code Vein.

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