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Conquest of Empires 2 World Map 100%

Explore the world of Conquest of Empires 2 with our guide, offering details, information, and maps to enhance your gaming experience.

You can find the details, information and map you need to know about the world of Conquest of Empires 2 in our guide.

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World Map Guide 100%

After the city construction, players spend most of their time on the world map. It is a place of exploration, opportunity, adventure, and conquest. World map:

After the city construction, players spend most of their time on the world map. It is a place of exploration, opportunity, adventure, and conquest. The world map includes:

1. World trend
2. Troop marching
3. Territory introduction
4. Treasure exploration
5. Wild exploration

1.World Trend

Each server will have its own timeline from the beginning, including: peace age, war age, castle age, and kingdom age. World trend can be checked in the upper right corner of the world map interface, to view the specific time of the current age and when the next age will arrive. Each time the age changes, you can also receive the corresponding treasure chest.

World map

The impact of different ages on the player is mainly showed in: the level limit of the inner city buildings, the player as a lord, the heroes in the troop, and other resource bonuses and some new function.

2. Troop Marching

The areas in the world map are divided into roughly two parts: Novice Protection Area and Alliance Capture Area.
Novice Protection Area: According to the faction chosen by the user when creating the character, the novice protection area will be divided into Roman novice protection area, and Han Dynasty novice protection area. Players can make troops march in other players’ cities in the novice protection of their chosen faction, but unoccupied famous cities and non-allied garrison cities are not included. When the troops have passed more than one city, the march cannot be withdrawn.

World map

World map

Alliance Capture Area: The rules of the Alliance Capture Area will be covered in detail in the Famous City Conquest.

3. Territory Introduction

In the game, in addition to the cities and famous cities that the player needs to conquer, territory is an important unit for player’s logistical support and strength improving.

According to the different functions, the territory is mainly divided into four categories: Normal Resources, Alliance Gold Mine, Special Resources, and Unlock Unit.
You can use the search button on the small map in the upper right corner of the World Map interface to quickly find the corresponding resource territory.
Note: All resource territories and city defenders will refresh over time, and the refresh time will appear after the player sends troops to attack for the first time.

World map

1) Normal Resources

In the game, the normal resource territory is mainly to provide resource growth, including: farm, wood, ore, and stone. The level is 3-10, and the challenge difficulty increases with levels, so players can carry out challenges according to their own strength.

  • Farm: Provides hourly production of food
  • Wood: Provides hourly production of wood
  • Ore: Provides hourly production of ore
  • Stone: Provides hourly production of stone

Among the normal resources, in addition to the above four kinds, there are several relatively special normal resources, such as cactus, wild fruits, coconut trees and shoal.
Cactus, wild fruit, coconut trees, these three normal resources only provide food production, and only a fixed level of 2. These three normal resources are related to a series of achievements in the game: occupying 15 corresponding territories respectively can gain a certain number of diamonds, which is very considerable in the early stage of the game. So it is recommended that you complete the achievement by occupying these three normal resources in the early stage and gain rewards.
The food yield provided by shoal as a normal resource is basically the same as that of the same level farm. So you can replace the farm with the shoal to gain food production.

The defending troops respawn time in normal resource areas is 5 minutes.

World map

2) Alliance Gold Mine

In the game, the Alliance Gold Mine is a tax silver coin bonus for all players in the alliance. There are only two levels: Level 10 and Level 12. The challenges are difficult at first and the attack must be carried out in alliance mode. It is recommended to wait until the player reaches level 20 before carrying out an attack.

World map

For example, the Level 10 Alliance Gold Mine defenders are level 20 ×10 teams, and the refresh time is 1 hour. There are 10 teams of NPC defenders of level 20 strength stationed here, and after defeating all defenders, the defenders will not be refreshed for 1 hour. After defeating all defenders, the player still needs to attack and consume all durability in order to occupy the territory. It is recommended to send multiple Lv.20 troops to attack at the same time.

Lv.10 Alliance Gold Mine has a durability of 5000 and it can recover over time. In the game, the infantry unit provides the highest siege, the cavalry the lowest. It is recommended to set up a number of troops mainly comprised of infantry units. After cleaning the defenders, the infantry team can consume the target stronghold’s durability.

World map

3) Special Resources

Special resources are mainly to provide some help for improving strength and functions. In the game, there are a total of 19 special resource territories, from level 6 to 10. Different levels have different bonuses. The relevant introduction is as follows: (in the late game, you can break through the limit of level 10 by building personal buildings, it is recommended to explore by yourself later.

  • Hamlet: Increases tax silver coin production after being occupied.
  • Lion: Increases territory limit after being occupied.
  • Wild dog: Increases overall warehouse storage limit after being occupied.
  • Bronco: Increases cavalry recruitment amount after being occupied.
  • Bear: Increases infantry recruitment amount after being occupied.
  • Tiger: Increases town limit after being occupied.
  • Cotton: Increases all unit armor after being occupied.
  • Narcotic grass: Increases wounded soldier conversion rate after being occupied.
  • Cane Sugar: Increases archer recruitment amount after being occupied.
  • Herb: Decreases troop loss prior to PVP battle after being occupied.
  • Cocoa: Decreases building upgrade time after being occupied.
  • Tungsten mines: Increases all unit penetration after being occupied.
  • Silver mines: Increases silver taxation after being occupied.
  • Niter: Increases unit siege after being occupied.
  • Pitch: Increases attack when defending cities after being occupied.
  • Sulfur: Increases attack when sieging cities after being occupied.
  • Granite: Increases all city Durability after being occupied. It is very important in PVP, so it’s recommended to cooperate with multiple players to occupy it as soon as possible.
  • Salt: Increases all unit recruitment amount after being occupied.
  • Limestone: Decreases building upgrade resource cost after being occupied.

World map

Note: The uniqueness of special resources means that, players can occupy 19 different special resource territories at the same time but only 1 unit of those of different levels.

Lv.6 special resources territory defenders are Lv. 30 defender ×2 teams, so it is recommended that players reach level 28 before the challenge. Recommended resources at early stage are: cotton (increase the troop’s armor), tungsten ore (increase the attack), saltpeter (increase the siege). These three special resources can help players increase their strength at the early stage, and decrease the difficulty to challenge other special resource territories.

Note: The defender respawn time in special resource territories is 5 minutes, and players can send multiple troops to attack the territory at the same time within 5 minutes. Eliminating all the defenders is the prerequisite of occupying the territory. It is recommended to send at least two troops above level 28 to attack at the same time.

4) Unlock Unit

The basic rules of this territory and special resource territories are roughly the same, and players can occupy different unlock unit territories according to their actual needs, to unlock/obtain corresponding creature upgrade cards.

Note: The respawn time of this territory is 5 minutes.

World map

4. Treasure Exploration

In the game world, there are a variety of treasures on the map waiting for players to explore. According to the treasure rewards, they can be divided into challenge treasure, resource treasure and growth treasure. By the scale of the world treasure, they can be divided into personal treasure and large treasure.

1) Challenge Treasure

This type of treasure exists on the map in the form of troop clusters, which include the following types:

World map

This kind of treasure is mainly provided to the player to improve the hero levels, and the players can challenge the corresponding level of such treasure according to their own troop strength. The first 20 challenges per day will present double experience. This bonus is refreshed every day at 18:00.

2) Resource Treasure

This type of reward is mainly represented on the map in the form of resource piles, such as the following illustration:

World map

  • Among them, the spring treasure can increase the constitution of the visiting troops by 50 points per visit, and the visit limit is 20 times per day. Chances of visits will be refreshed at 18 o ‘clock every day.
  • Silver treasure, the first 20 visits per day will present double silver, and the chances of double silver visits will be refreshed at 18 o’clock every day.
  • Rainbow Treasure will give visiting troops a certain amount of experience, and the amount of experience will vary depending on the area of the rainbow.

3) Growth Treasure

The growth treasure mainly refers to the attack scroll, the defense scroll and the commander scroll. The defenders of this type of treasure are stronger than the defenders of the first two types of treasure. After the troop successfully accesses the treasure, a random hero in the troop will gain the corresponding attribute by 1 point.

World map

Note: The number of rewards and defenders of the above three types of treasure are related to the treasure refresh location, of which the novice protection area has the weakest refresh and the least rewards. The refresh and reward of the alliance capture area are moderate, and those of the new lands area (North and South America and Oceania) are the highest. The treasure reward in the Relic Battlefield is the highest reward in the current age.

4) Personal Treasure

Personal treasure is not a specific type of treasure, but rather a treasure that only the player can see. Treasures in the events and markets are personal treasures, and they cannot be seen or accessed by other players. The chances of free refresh of the daily treasure will be refreshed at 18:00 each day.

World map

5) Large Treasure

This will appear in the middle and late stages of the game, and mainly refers to the gold treasure, as well as the Sunday treasure and sunken treasure refreshed on weekends. When the server age enters the Kingdom age and the alliance advances to a small kingdom, the alliance officer can refresh the large treasure exclusive to the alliance through manual control. Later in the game, the world may also refresh some giant monster treasure for multiplayer. Large treasures are generally very good rewards, need multiple players to work together to get.

World map


World map

5. Wild Exploration

Wild exploration is a gameplay available when the player has extra constitution and troops can be sent, and can present a certain mount of rewards to the player. The main functions are: search, salvage, collect, and train.

World map

1) Search

Teams can be dispatched to search any accessible empty area. The search will take some time and yield rewards randomly.
Among them, it is worth mentioning that there are some wonders on the world map, such as: Roman-Pantheon in Western Europe and Jinyang-Mausoleum in Han Dynasty.

World map

World map

Sending the troops to search the wonder area can possibly gain diamonds and other high rewards, so it is recommended that you search once a day.
Note: The search needs to be carried out on the empty area, and the empty areas within each city (based on the village) can only be searched once per day. The limit of searches per day is 10.

2) Salvage

Teams can be dispatched to any accessible ocean waters for salvage. Salvage takes a certain amount of time, and rewards are produced randomly. Please note that the lake area is not available for salvage.

World map

Note: Each unit of water area can only be salvaged once a day, and the limit of salvages per day is 10 times.

3) Collect

Teams can be dispatched to any accessible occupied normal resource territories for collecting resources. When the collection is completed, it will produce resources 20 times the hourly output of the territory.

World map

Note: Each resource territory can be collected only once a day, and the limit of collection per day is 30.

4) Train

Teams can be dispatched to any accessible occupied resource territories for training. There is no limit to the training, but it will continue to consume troop’s constitution to gain experience points. The main function of the train is to level up those troops who have no combat ability but need to gain experience.

World map

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