Cookie Clicker How to Unlock Seeds Faster

Welcome to our Cookie Clicker How to Unlock Seeds Faster guide. Here’s a quick little guide for all of you, who like me haven’t really noticed this little “save-scumming” trick in the game.

Cookie Clicker How to Unlock Seeds Faster


  1. Pick fertiliser as your soil. It’s the fastest, and that’s all we care about right now. We just want our plants to be mature.
  2. Pick a plant you want to unlock a seed for (use a different guide in case you don’t know how to do that)
  3. Set up the plants required to unlock it. If it takes more than 1 plant, start with the one that takes longer to mature and add the other one so that their maturing aligns. Example: when trying to unlock Cronerice, start by planting Baker’s Wheat, which takes about 5 ticks to mature, then add Thumbcorn 2 ticks later, because it takes 3 ticks to mature. This strategy is more important for plants with short life cycles, as they can often die before the whole setup is even ready if you just plant everything at once.


  1. Once every plant required for mutation has matured, switch to Wood Chips, and wait for the tick timer to go down to 2-5 seconds.
  2. Save the game (crtl+S)
  3. Wait for the next tick
  4. Check the garden: has the mutation you’ve been looking for appeared?
  5. If the mutation has NOT appeared:
  6. Reload the game (crtl+R)
  7. Repeat from the step 4 until the mutation you’re looking for has appeared, then save the game and wait for the new plant to mature.

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