Coral Island Farm Planning

Enhance your farm yield in Coral Island with effective design! Plan and organize your farm efficiently using insights from the Coral Island Farm Planning guide.

How to design your farm on Coral Island increases its yield in the game and that is why it is very important. Here in this Coral Island Farm Planning guide, we will show you some details that will help you plan and organize your farm.

This is the guide Pheonix Fontaine it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Coral Island Farm Planning

This Coral Island Farm Planning guide will show you just farm planning notes, spacing, etc in the game.


Farm Quick-reference

The farmable space is 4,293 spaces.
Horizontally (left to right) space is 78, 86, 51 across.
Vertical (top to bottom) space is 41, 59, 30 across.

If you noticed the math not lining up, that’s because there’s 1 extra space in one of the corners that wasn’t counted for in the across measurements, see the images at the bottom of the guide to understand where it is.

Object Measurements

Scarecrows and Sprinklers will list spaces they cover and exclude the space they take at the center. Buildings and other features will only list space taken.


  • Makeshift Scarecrow: 5×5 (24 spaces)
  • Ordinary Scarecrow: 11×11 (120 spaces) Unlocked at Farming level 4
  • Ultimate Scarecrow: 19×19 (360 spaces) Unlocked via a Lab upgrade.


  • Sprinkler I: 3×3 (8 spaces) Unlocked at Farming level 2
  • Sprinkler II: 5×5 (24 spaces) Unlocked at Farming level 6
  • Sprinkler III: 9×9 (80 spaces) Unlocked at Farming level 9
  • (Auto Fertilizer, Seed, Harvest or SFH uses spacing of the attached sprinkler)


  • Coop: 7×4 (28 spaces)
  • Barn: 8×5 (40 spaces)
  • Stable: 4×3 (12 spaces)
  • Silo: 3×3 (9 spaces)
  • Mill: 4×3 (12 spaces)
  • Well: 3×3 (9 spaces)
  • Fish Pond: 5×5 (25 spaces)
  • Insect House: 5×5 (25 spaces)
  • Shed: 9×9 (81 spaces)

Note: The Shed gives a 17×17 (289 spaces) interior and gains you 208 extra spaces to work with.

  • Automation Chest: 2×2 (4 spaces)

This is a weird one, Automation Chests placed directly next to each other creates a conveyor between them. They also display a couple 2×2 spaces on the sides of them bringing this up to a sort of 6×2 space which are the unload/load zones for other objects. This function may cause some spacing discrepancies when combined with other features.


If you’re wondering where the edges to your farm are, quickly hoeing the space will reveal farmable spaces. You can use the pickaxe to reset a space to undo the hoe action. (Both use energy.) They look like this:

Farm Quick-reference

Not sure what’s up with the extra space in the 3rd corner (green box), but it’s where our 1 odd extra space is at.

Written by Pheonix Fontaine

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