Countess in Crimson Walkthrough & Endings Guide

Welcome to our Countess in Crimson Walkthrough & Endings Guide. This guide will show you the contact information allowing you to choose the right dialog to get the results you want.

Countess in Crimson Walkthrough & Endings Guide

This game is being released as Early Access. This means that some things covered in this guide may change as the game changes. This guide was written using version 0.8.6.

Countess in Crimson Walkthrough

We highly recommend that you play through the game once using your own personal play style. Then use this guide to get the other endings or the Master Scenes.

There are three character traits that affect which women are attracted to you: Empathy, Naughty and Impressionable.


These are easily manipulated, however Empathy and Naughty normally appear together and you can only select one. It is possible to gain the required traits without having to spend time going through all of the character dialog, and only doing the main game dialog. The Countess does require both the Wishing Well and Fountain if you do not do more than the main game dialog.

There are two character traits that determine which ending you will receive: Sanity and Curiosity.

Countess in Crimson Walkthrough
Countess in Crimson Walkthrough

The most difficult stat to gain is Curiosity as not all curiosity gains are not obvious, but with this guide you should have no issues gaining the required amount of Curiosity with the minimum amount of effort.

Chapter 6 is intentionally vague as what you need to do will depend on which ending you get. The items listed are common to all four endings.

This guide is mainly for the dialog choices, however it will also serve as a basic walkthrough.

Suggested Options

Here are my recommended options settings.

Countess in Crimson Walkthrough
Countess in Crimson Walkthrough

Currently the options reset ever time you go to the main menu. If you do not set the options before you start the game you will be unable to access them until after all three tutorials have been shown. You can skip the tutorials, and all other “movies”, by pressing the ESC key.

While you cannot earn the additional bonus images without playing the Interactive Mini Game, once you have them all I would recommend setting Mastery Sex Scene Mode to Non-interactive as the mini game takes you out of the story and is a distraction from the scene.

I also recommend turning Dirty Talk off. Dirty Talk is an icon that appears on the left side of the scenes. Like the mini game it takes you out of the scene and doesn’t really add anything to the scene.

I recommend turning the In-game Tutorials off also. Once you’ve played through once you should know what you’re doing.

I recommend turning Hints on. This really only puts a “quest” icon on the characters and locations you need to interact with to advance the story.

Futanari Content is individual preference. Current Futanari content is basically add on content that appears after an existing scene and isn’t stand alone or side content.

Chapter I – In the Middle of Nowhere – Countess in Crimson Walkthrough & Endings Guide

  • Talk to Ashley
  • At least I have common sense. (+Naughty)
  • Don’t want to put you at risk. (+Empathy)
  • I don’t know what to think. (No stat change)
  • I want to trust you. (+Empathy)
  • I have a bad feeling about this. (+Impressionable)
  • Ok, let’s go. (+Impressionable)
  • I still think we should stay. (No stat change)
  • You gotta be kidding me. (+Naughty)
  • It sure is pretty around here. (+Impressionable)
  • Agreed. (+Impressionable and get camera picture of Ashley)
  • Stupid Idea. (+Naughty)

Chapter II – Voices in the Night

  • Talk to Irina
  • I don’t care. (+Naughty)
  • You’re doing great. (+Empathy)
  • We appreciate that. (+Empathy)
  • You sure? (No stat change)
  • Village
  • Yeah, sure… (+Naughty)
  • That’s good to hear. (+Impressionable)
  • Birthplace
  • There are no such things as curses. (No stat change)
  • Don’t blame yourself. (+Empathy)
  • Work
  • I’m sure he watches over you. (+Impressionable)
  • Didn’t mean to pry. (+Empathy)

Amusement (+Curiosity)

  • Talk to Titus
  • Car (No stat change)
  • Drunkard
  • Maybe I should talk to him. (+Curiosity)
  • If you say so. (-Curiosity)
  • Scar
  • You’re not getting laid anytime soon. (+Naughty)
  • Any help is better than none. (No stat change)

Drink (No stat change)

  • Talk to Ashley
  • Staying with the car was the safer option. (No stat change)
  • I shouldn’t have doubted you. (+Empathy)
  • I knew you were gonna bring this up. (+Naughty)

Pick up a log and put it on the fire.

  • Talk to Irina
  • Why not? (-Sanity)
  • Maybe later. (+Sanity)
  • Take dirty dishes to Irina
  • Wanted to check you out (+Naughty)
  • That’s the least I can do. (+Empathy)
  • Why? (+Curiosity)
  • Makes sense. (-Curiosity)

Return to the Bedroom

  • Talk to Ashley
  • Locals
  • They seem friendly. (+Impressionable)
  • They are creepy. (No stat change)

Reception (No stat change)

  • Sister
  • She’s cute. (+Naughty)
  • You’re my one and only. (+Empathy)

Trip (No stat change)

Go to sleep on the bed.

  • Try to resist the vision. (+Sanity)
  • Succumb to the vision. (-Sanity)

Chapter III – Strangers in a Strange Land

  • Talk to Roy in the Inn by the stairs
  • Arrival
  • Any idea why? (+Curiosity)
  • Thought so. (-Curiosity)

Hat (No stat change)

  • Village
  • You chose the life of a peasant. (+Naughty)
  • Sounds good. (No stat change)
  • Check out the car wreck.
  • Check out the car wreck again.
  • Go to the Bedroom in the Inn
  • Grab the Fire Iron by the fire place.
  • Go outside the Inn and open the Car Glove Box with the Fire Iron.
  • Show the picture from the wood pile to the Drunkard.
  • Talk to the Drunkard
  • I’ll do everything to protect her. (+Empathy)
  • Cut the crap. (+Naughty)
  • This doesn’t make sense. (No stat change)

Name (No stat change)

Homeland (+Curiosity)

Booze (No stat change)

Talk to Aunt Matilda

Women (+Curiosity)

  • Herbs
  • Is that true? (+Impressionable)
  • I’m not giving any shady herbs to Ashley. (No stat change)
  • Count
  • Maybe you were just bad at your job? (+Naughty)
  • That’s harsh. (+Empathy)
  • Check out the well.
  • Misery upon the car hire company. (+Naughty)
  • My parent’s good health. (+Empathy)
  • Good fortune for me and Ashley. (+Impressionable)
  • Go to the Church Grounds
  • Click on any of the tombstones
  • Concentrate on the vision. (-Sanity)
  • Shake it off. (+Sanity)

Click on the grave to the right of the Gravedigger.

Walkthrough & Endings
Walkthrough & Endings
  • What am I talking about? (No change in stats)
  • What if she was? (+Impressionable)
  • Talk to the Gravedigger
  • You’re not doing a great job. (+Naughty)
  • Not the most pleasant job. (+Empathy)
  • They emanate negative energy. (+Curiosity)

Language (No stat change)

Father Mathias (+Curiosity)

  • Graves
  • I don’t really wanna know. (-Curiosity)
  • What do you mean? (+Curiosity)

Accommodation (No stat change)

  • Return to the Bedroom in the Inn.
  • Talk to Ashley
  • I want you to be safe. (+Empathy)
  • You always know better, don’t you? (+Naughty)
  • Please be rational. (No stat change)
  • Ok then. (+Impressionable)
  • Courtesy my ass! (+Naughty)
  • We should be careful. (No stat change)
  • I saw Eva before. (+Impressionable)

Talk to Eva at the bar in the Inn.

Chapter IV – Court of the Crimson Kink – Countess in Crimson Walkthrough

  • Talk to Ashley
  • You sure do. (+Empathy)
  • Dress might come apart. (+Naughty)
  • Talk to the Countess
  • Don’t mind if I do! (-Sanity)
  • I’ll pass. (+Sanity)
  • I don’t know what happened. (No stat change)
  • That’s possible. (+Impressionable)
  • Title
  • It’s better not to have you as an enemy (No stat change)
  • To interfere they’d have to know this exists… (+Naughty)
  • Women
  • So you’re helping them? (+Impressionable)
  • Poor women. (+Empathy)

Age (No stat change)

Wealth (No stat change)

  • Talk to Eva
  • I’m sure. (No stat change)
  • Maybe you’re right. (+Impressionable)

Duties (No stat change)

Countess (No stat change)

  • Flirting
  • Ashley, of course. (+Empathy)
  • And if it was the latter? (+Naughty)
  • Education
  • You won’t make a wackjob out of me! (No stat change)
  • Could I be hallucinating so badly? (+Impressionable)
  • Talk to Liliana
  • A pump and dump? (+Naughty)
  • I’m sorry. (+Empathy)

Show Liliana the Documents from the Glove Box.

Castle Life (+Curiosity)

Flowers (No stat change)

  • Potential
  • Silly excuse. (+Naughty)
  • Not at all. (+Empathy)

Baby (No stat change)

  • Examine the fountain
  • Wish for everlasting love. (+Impressionable)
  • Wish for Ashley’s failure. (+Naughty)
  • Wish for Ashley’s success. (+Empathy)
  • Go to the Library.
  • Search for the book Liliana told you about.
  • Read the first stack of books again

Kama Sutra (No stat change)

Forbidden Curiosities (No stat change)

Herbs in Folklore (+Curiosity)

How to Train Your Dragon (No stat change)

  • Talk to Aliyah
  • Is there any proof to support this? (No stat change)
  • She killed the Count? (+Impressionable)
  • I’m not buying it. (+Sanity)
  • What should I do? (-Sanity)

Castle (+Curiosity)

  • Ancestry
  • It must’ve been hard growing up here. (+Empathy)
  • It was probably for the best. (No stat change)
  • Duties
  • Seems like a waste of time. (+Naughty)
  • Commendable! (+Empathy)

Solitude (No stat change)

  • Talk to the Countess
  • It will be an honor. (+Impressionable)
  • We’ll have to see how Ashley feels. (+Empathy)
  • Return to Inn
  • Give the Documents to the Drunkard.
  • Go to bedroom.
  • Talk to Ashley.
  • (Ashley Master Scene Check)
  • We will. (+Empathy)
  • Pull yourself together. (+Naughty)
  • We’re stuck. (No stat change)
  • Show yourself! (-Sanity)
  • It’s just another nightmare! (+Sanity)

Chapter V – Anybody Seen My Baby?

  • Thanks. (-Sanity)
  • Don’t need water. (+Sanity)
  • Talk to Aunt Matilda
  • Can you start making sense? (+Curiosity)
  • Don’t have time for this. (-Curiosity)

Go to the Castle.

  • Go to the Inn and talk to Irina
  • I’m here for you. (+Empathy)
  • It’s reasonable to be wary. (No stat change)

Go to the Lakeside

  • Click on the Floating Object
  • Click on the tree to get a Tree Branch
  • Use the Tree Branch to get the Floating Object
  • Use the Tree Branch on the Ragged Cloth to create a Torch
  • Go to the Castle and Talk to Eva
  • Yes. (-Sanity)
  • No. (+Sanity)
  • (Eva Master Scene Check)
  • Talk to Countess
  • I probably should. (+Impressionable)
  • These episodes don’t happen out of nowhere. (No stat change)
  • Go to the Library
  • Stop reading. (+Sanity)
  • Continue reading. (-Sanity)

Talk to Liliana

  • Check out Suspicious Wall
  • Look through the Key Hole
  • Talk to Countess
  • Fine. (+Impressionable)
  • To hell with you! (+Naughty)
  • All of this? (+Impressionable)
  • I would never trust you! (No stat change)
  • (Countess Master Scene Check)

Chapter VI – Belly of the Beast

(Aliyah Master Scene Check)

  • Use the Torch on the Car’s Fuel Tank
  • Go to the Inn and grab the Cleaver
  • Talk to Irina
  • (Irina Master Scene Check)
  • Go to Lakeside
  • Use Cleaver on Overgrown Path
  • Aunt Matilda
  • Easier said than done. (No stat change)
  • Agreed. (+Impressionable)


There are four endings:

Insane and Not Curious

Countess in Crimson Endings
Countess in Crimson Endings

Insane and Curious

Countess in Crimson Endings
Countess in Crimson Endings

Sane and Not Curious

Countess in Crimson Endings
Countess in Crimson Endings

Sane and Curious (Currently the longest ending)

Countess in Crimson Endings
Countess in Crimson Endings

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