Crab Champions Golden Crab Tips

Dive into Crab Champions with our golden crab tips. Maximize your chances of victory and dominate the competition in this crustacean showdown!

Hello from our Crab Champions Golden Crab Tips guide. Are you looking for some tips for getting a golden crab? Then you’re in the right place. This guide will show you some tips to get the golden crab in the Crab Champions!

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Crab Champions Golden Crab Tips

Welcome to our Crab Champions Golden Crab Tips guide. This guide will show you some tips to get the golden crab in the game!

Some Tips to get the Golden Crab

  • Train your aim with the machine gun
  • Try to play on the highest difficulty level with all modifiers asap and train on it. Just finish the game with all weapons on the hardcore level with no modifiers first.
  • Shoot and escape, repeat, always stay on the move, double jump, slide all the time and spam grenades/melee as often as possible. Play in huge circles, sometimes jump through swarms to use melee.
  • Melee is the best early game weapon. Instakill for smallest crabs. Use as often as possible, go for melee-based health modifiers for the early game.
  • In the early game go for the long game, in the late game go for immediate bonuses (don’t choose “After clearing each island” etc.). Prepare for the final boss and analyse if you cen sell something. Many “Long term” bonuses don’t pay off from level ~20. Take price-inflation into consideration, often-times crystal-packs are the best option (and give you more choices in the shop).
  • Thumb rule: always spend every crystal you own in the shop, don’t leave anything for later due to inflation, but this does not apply for unlocking slots in the nightmare challenge modifier – they have the lowest priority.
  • Zooming is bad in 99% situations and leads to bad habits. Train your aim, not gimmicks. I don’t have a zoom button and i don’t miss it. My buttons are: lmb fire, rmb melee, mouse3 grenade, mouse4 reload, shift slide, spacebar jump.
  • Shoot from the air and you’ll avoid many bad weapons effects (e.G. Spiral shots hitting the ground). Make use of jump platforms, you can stay in the air longer if you spam space.
  • Don’t be afraid to play on one health. Go for the totems that reduce your health until the late game.
  • Tasty orange is currently way too op and almost broken
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