Crab Champions Perk List & Descriptions

This is an incomplete list of level 1 item descriptions. All perks scale by level, I’ll put [in parentheses] what leveling up affects. If not specified, the item will only increase by the original purchase amount. Greed items cannot be dropped. For detailed information, check out our Crab Champions Perk List and Descriptions guide.

Crab Champions Perk List & Descriptions

Welcome to our Crab Champions Perk Descriptions guide. This is an incomplete list of level 1 item descriptions. All perks scale by level, I’ll put in [brackets] what leveling up affects. If not specified, the item will only increase by the original purchase amount. Greed items cannot be dropped.

Crab Champions Perk List and Descriptions
Crab Champions Perk List and Descriptions

Rare Perks

  • Adrenaline: Fire rate increased by an unspecified amount for 5 seconds after a kill [+ duration]
  • Autoloader: 10% chance to instantly reload on kill [+chance diminishing returns]
  • Big Claws: Melee range +20% [+range]
  • Bullseye: +1 Max HP after every 10 one shot kills [+ 1HP]
  • Critical Thinking: Crits deal 100% more damage, non crits deal X% less dam (caps at 100% reduction) [+dam, + reduction]
  • Crystal Combo: Enemies drop 20% more crystals per combo level [+drop]
  • Danger Close: +50% damage to nearby enemies [+dam]
  • Driller: 5% chance for destroy-able rocks to drop an item [+chance, diminishing returns]
  • Eagle Eye: +50% dam to distant enemies. [+dam]
  • Efficiency: 20% chance to gain 1 ammo when dealing damage [+% diminishing returns]
  • Endurance: Heal 50 HP upon opening an islands reward chest, requirement bypassed for spiked chests. [+50 HP]
  • Fast Claws: Reload speed +33% [+speed]
  • FMJ: Deal +50% dam to armored enemies [+dam]
  • Fortitude: +10 Max HP after clearing an island [+10 Max HP]
  • Finishing Move: Enemies killed with crits drop 100% more crystals [+drop]
  • Firestarter: Apply 25% more fire debuff stacks [+25%]
  • Ghost Ammo: 20% chance to not consume ammo when firing [+chance, diminishing returns]
  • Hard Target: Reduce damage taken by 10% caps at 75% [+% diminishing returns]
  • Healthy Combo: Heal 50 HP when increasing your combo [+50 HP]
  • High Voltage: +25% more shock stacks applied [+25%]
  • Hot Steam: Enemies that are on fire take an additional 500 damage when coming into contact with water, or running out of fire stacks [+ dam]
  • Icebreaker: Enemies take 500% weapon dam when thawing, applying fire stacks forces thaw. [+dam]
  • Ice Cold: Apply 25% more ice debuff stacks [+25%]
  • Metal Rod: +50% dam to shocked enemies [+dam]
  • Oil Can: +50 dam to burning enemies [+dam]
  • Paycheck: Gain 250 crystals after clearing each island [+amount]
  • Personal Space: +1 Max HP for every 10 close range kills [+1 HP}
  • Poison Vial: +50% dam to poisoned enemies [+dam]
  • Power Armor: +50% damage for each armor plate equipped [+dam]
  • Regenerator: Heal 1 HP constantly (requires testing of HPS) for 30 seconds when entering an island. [+ 1 HP]
  • Scavenger: 5% chance for enemies to drop heals like Tony’s garden on kill. [+chance- diminishing returns]
  • Sonic Boom: Reloading causes AOE knock back and deals 200 dam. 2 second cool down [+dam]
  • Snatcher: Enemies killed at close range drop 50% more crystals [+drop]
  • Special Delivery: + 1 more item in the shop [+ 1 item]
  • Speed Demon: +20% movement speed [+speed]
  • Stamina: Gain 1 Dash [+ 1 dash]
  • Tony’s Black Card: Reduce shop costs by 12% [+ reduction, max actual reduction 75%, the game will go up to 100% but you wont get that off]
  • Toxic: Apply 25% more stacks of poison [+25%]
  • Valued Customer: Heal 50 HP when making a purchase. [+50 Hp]
  • Vampire: Heal 2 HP after each melee kill [+2HP]
  • Vitality: +50% dam when at 85% HP or higher [+dam]

Epic Perks

  • All You Can Eat: No ammo consumed for 2 seconds after a kill [+ duration]
  • Assassin: Damage increased by 1% for every 10 enemies 1 shot killed [+1%]
  • Big Chests: +1 loot option in chests [+1 item]
  • Big Hearts: +100% more max HP from hearts (doubles the Max HP pick up, no additional healing) [each level essentially adds an additional heart pick up]
  • Bonus Crystals: +50% more crystals drop when eliminating enemies [+drop amt]
  • Bulletproof: 8% chance to negate incoming damage. Caps at 75% [+chance diminishing returns]
  • Collector: +4% damage for each Perk level you have <- this means a level 10 perk adds 40% damage to the total increase. [+ 4%]
  • Damage Aura: Constantly deal 150 damage to nearby enemies <- this makes 1 shot islands trivial. [+ 150 dam]
  • Damage Combo: Damage +20% per combo level [+dam]
  • Explosive Armor: Generates an explosion when breaking enemy armor. Deals 500 dam. [+ dam]
  • Gemstone: +5% damage after clearing each island [+ 5%]
  • Green Dice: All chance based events are 5% more likely to happen [+chance, Diminishing Returns]
  • Grim Reaper: Heal 5 HP after killing an enemy, 1 second cooldown [+ 5HP]
  • Money Is Power: +1% dam for every 1000 Crystals, Caps at 100,000. [+ cap by 100,000]
  • Performance Bonus: 25% chance to spawn an additional chest after a flawless clear on any island [+chance-diminishing returns]
  • Poison Aura: Deal 250 dam and apply 200 poison stacks to nearby enemies [+ dam +stacks]
  • Reinforced: Gain +1 armor plate when picking up any armor. [+1 armor]
  • Shockwave: Reloading deals 200 dam to all visible enemies instantaneously, 10 second cool down. [+ dam]

Legendary Perks

  • Clearance: 8% chance for goods in the shop to be 75% off. Triggers individually, not for the whole shop. A max discount Tony’s Black Card is a better use of crystals. [+chance – diminishing returns]
  • Dagger Dash: Dashing sends 7 daggers in a horizontal fan in the direction you are looking, each dagger deals 1875 DPS. 2 second cool down [+dam]
  • Double Vision: 20% Chance to spawn and additional chest after clearing an island [+% diminishing returns]
  • Electric Enemies: Enemies apply 250 stacks of shocked to nearby enemies when killed. 3 second cool down [+stacks]
  • Exploding Enemies: Enemies explode when killed AOE 1000 dam 1 second cool down [+ dam]
  • Faulty Chests: 10% chance for loot to remain after picking an item [+% diminishing returns]
  • Fire Aura: Apply 200 stacks of fire and deal 250 dam to nearby enemies every 10 seconds. [+ dam +stacks]
  • Fire Claws: Melee applies 100 fire stacks [+ stacks]
  • Flammable Enemies: Enemies burn all nearby enemies when killed, applying 250 stacks of fire. 2 second cool down [+stacks]
  • Freezing Enemies: Enemies freeze all nearby enemies when killed, applying 100 stacks of ice. 4 second cool down [+stacks]
  • Ice Dash: Deal 200 damage and apply 25 stacks of ice to nearby enemies [+dam + stacks]
  • Level Up: Random non-greed items are upgraded to the next level every 3 islands, starts at 1 item [+ 1 random item]
  • Poison Aura: Add 250 stacks of poison to nearby enemies, cool down 6 sec [+stacks -cool down]
  • Power Slide: Sliding constantly deals 30 dam and 25 stacks of fire to nearby enemies [+dam + stacks]
  • Regenerating Armor- Gain 1 armor plate at the start of each island [+1 plate]
  • Rare Treasure: 1% chance for any enemy to drop an item [+ 1%]

Greed Perks

  • Bribe: On pick up(does not work with randomize totem) HP up 500%, lose 5% crystals on hit. [+hp +loss]
  • Brute Force: Damage output +250%, damage incoming +50% [+ dam, + dam received- diminishing returns]
  • Cursed Lottery: +100000 crystals on pick up, reduces max health to 1% of at pick up max health. This perk appears to also make it impossible to increase your health using the 50/50 health totem. After taking this perk I had heard 8 success chimes using the totem but my HP went up by 1% of my current max health. [+ not sure how this stacks, can’t see a reason to try to take multiple stacks]
  • High Roller: 67% chance for 1 additional chests to spawn, 33% chance for no chests to spawn. DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN ONCE. At lvl 2 the odds are 50/50 for +2 chests. I’ve ended up with 6% chance to spawn a of chests and a 94% chance to spawn none from a random totem that stacked this perk. [+1 additional chests, -%success chance, +% fail chance,diminishing returns on chance changes]
  • Rising Star: 100% more crystals drop when eliminating enemies but 20% more enemies spawn. [+drop +spawn]
  • Slippery Slope: Gain 2500 crystals at the start of each island & lose 25% of your current HP. [+ crystals, +HP loss-diminishing return]
  • Up The Ante: Damage up 200%, enemy spawn # up 15% [+dam +spawn]
  • Workaholic: +100% more crystals on kill. -20% max HP on pick up. [+ crystal, -max hp- diminishing return]

Perks: Turrets

There are several different turret perks available, and a turret damage modifier perk. They all scale linearly. I can’t see taking them unless doing the melee challenge. Damage is listed on some- I will update this section as I take them in future runs. No fire rate or stack application is listed in game for the turrets. Taking additional turret mods only increases their number. The +50% damage mod for turrets must be taken to increase their damage.

  • Fire:
  • Poison: Deals 99 DPS.
  • Lightning:
  • Sentry:
  • Sniper:
  • Mortar:

Rare Grenade Mods

  • Big Grenade: Nades are 33% larger (projectile, not the AOE) and deal 33% more damage, travel 12% slower(i think) [+size +dam, + slow- diminishing reduction]
  • Bigger Boom: Nades have a +50% larger explosion radius [+radius]
  • Chaotic Grenade: Nades switch travel at random between zigzag, snake & spiral +25% dam [+dam]
  • Crit Grenade: Nades have +X% crit chance, lvl 21 is 99% [+chance diminishing returns]
  • Snake Grenade: Nades travel horizontally left & right unaffected by gravity +25% dam [+dam]
  • Spiral Grenade: Nades travel in a clockwise spiral unaffected by gravity +25%dam [+dam]

Epic Grenade Mods

  • Aura Grenade: Grants an aura to the nade that deals damage while traveling and creates a static AOE damage field on detonation. 825 DPS [+DPS]
  • Bubble Blast: Nades spawn 3 bubbles that move around the detonation site and persist a short time, 1000 DPS, 3 second cool down [+DPS]
  • Dagger Blast: Nades spawn 8 or 10 (hard to count) rapidly moving daggers (bounce off of obstacles) that each deal 1875 DPS, 3 second cooldown [+ dam]
  • Damage Grenade: Nade damage up 75% [+dam]
  • Layered Grenade: X% chance for nades to detonate twice (caps at 100 % at level 24) [+chance, diminishing returns]
  • Spark Explosion: Nades have an electric elemental AOE (does not move) on detonation, deals 750 DPS elemental dam while it persits, 3 second cool down [+DPS]
  • Thorn Explosion: Nades spawn homing thorns stick to enemies dealing 500 DPS. 12 second cool down [+dam]
  • Tripple Grenade: +25% chance to throw 3 nades at once. [+ chance diminishing returns]

Legendary Grenade Mods

  • Black Hole: Nades generate a black hole with a 25% lager than detonation AOE, pulls enemies in persists for 5 seconds. [+25% radius]
  • Bomb Explosion: Nades explode into a cluster of bombs (roughly increase AOE to 10 crabs) each bomb deals 500 dam [+dam]
  • Clone Explosion: does what it says, generates another nade on detonation at the same point [+1 nade detonation]
  • Crystal Barrage: Wide AOE with infinite vertical range, projectiles rain down for 6 seconds dealing 6000 damage over that time [+dam]
  • Fire Explosion: Nades create a sphere of fire AOE 10 crabs wide, applies 600 stacks of fire over 6 seconds, 10 second cool down [+stacks]
  • Homing Grenade: Causes nades to home toward nearest enemy, +50% speed of travel [+speed diminishing returns caps at 100% lvl 10 or earlier]
  • Ice Explosion: Nades create a sphere of Ice AOE 8 crabs wide, applies 500 stacks of ice over 5 seconds, 12 second cool down [+stacks]
  • Lightning Explosion: Nades create a sphere of shock AOE 10 crabs wide, applies 600 stacks of shock over 6 seconds, 8 second cool down [+stacks]
  • Poison Explosion: Nades create a sphere of poison AOE 10 crabs wide , applies 480 stacks of poison over 6 seconds, 6 second cool down [+stacks]
  • Spinning Blade: Nades spawn several saw blades that deal 1000 DPS and travel from the center [+dam]
  • Spore Explosion: Nades grow explosive mushrooms that detonate when taking damage, shrooms deal 750 damage and apply 30 stacks of poison in AOE. 12 second cool down [+dam +stacks]

Rare Weapon Mods

  • Accelerating Shot: Shots start VERY slow and increase to normal speed +100% dam [+dam]
  • Aerial Shot: +50% dam while airborne. [+dam]
  • Big Shot: +50% size +50% dam, 12%(i think) reduced projectile speed [+size, +dam, +travel speed reduction- diminishes slightly with each lvl]
  • Big Mag: +75% of CURRENT mag size, cumulative mod. [+%]
  • Blind Fire: +50% damage, +50% spread. [+dam + spread]
  • Bouncing Shot: +50% dam AFTER each bounce [+dam]
  • Clip Shot: Damage up by 1 for each remaining round, capped at 25 [+cap]
  • Critical Chain: Crit chance +33% for 5 seconds after landing a crit. 12 second cool down [+chance – diminishing returns]
  • Fire Shot: Add 100 stacks of fire 1 second cool down [+stacks]
  • Fast Shot: Projectile speed +25%, projectile weight -25% [+speed + weight reduction]
  • Glue Shot: Projectiles stick to enemies and deal damage after a few ticks (less than a quarter of a second) +75% damage [+dam]
  • Grip Tape: Spread and Recoil reduced by 25% [+ reduction]
  • Health Shot: Heal 1 HP when dealing damage, 1 second cool down [+ 1 HP]
  • Heavy Hitter: +100% dam -20% fire rate [+dam +fire rate reduction-diminishing returns on reduction]
  • Heavy Shot: +50% dam +15% weight, causes projectile drop on weapons that would otherwise experience no drop. [+ dam +weight- diminishing increase]
  • High Caliber: +75% dam -25% clip size at time of pick up [+dam +ammo reduction- with diminishing return on reduction]
  • Hot Shot: +20% crit chance +25% incoming damage [+crit +additional dam- with diminishing return on incoming dam]
  • Ice Shot: Applies 50 stacks of ice on hit, 6 second cool down. [+ stacks]
  • Knockback Shot: Increase knock back of weapon by 100% [+ knockback]
  • Light Shot: +25% fire rate -15% damage [+rate, I do not know if the reduction stacks]
  • Lightning Shot: Apply 200 stacks of shock, 4 second cool down [+stacks]
  • Money Shot: Gain 1 crystal when damaging enemies, no cool down. [+1 crystal per instance of dam]
  • Random Shot: Apply 100 stacks of a random debuff (poison, fire, ice, shock), 1 second cool down. [+ stack]
  • Recoil Shot: +33% dam +200% recoil [+dam +recoil- diminishing return on recoil]
  • Reload Arc:Reloading fires 7 projectiles in a horizontal fan arc in the direction the player is facing. Each projectile deals 500 damage. 5 second cool down [+dam]
  • Precision: Damage increase by 1 for each hit landed in a row, caps at 50 [+50 cap]
  • Poison Shot: Apply 100 stacks of poison 2 second cool down [+stacks]
  • Power Punch: Increase crit hit damage by 25% [+%]
  • Sharp Shooter: Increase Crit hit chance by 9%(i think) [+ % diminishing returns]
  • Sharp Shot: Shots deal an additional 45 dam THIS IS NOT A BASE DAMAGE INCREASE. [+dam]
  • Spiral Shot: Each projectile travels in a clockwise spiral, +50% dam [+dam]
  • Steady Shot: Damage increased by 33% when aiming, reduces damage while hip firing by 33%
  • (reduction capped at 100%) [+dam +reduction-diminishing %]
  • Streak Shot: Increase crit chance by 1% for every shot hit without missing. [+%]
  • Time Shot: Shot damage is now applied as DOT, debuff stacks are applied on hit, all DOT damage will benefit from the previous debuff. Damage +50% [+ dam]
  • Trick Shot: Damage increased by 33% when hip firing (useful on all duel wield weapons as you cannot aim), reduces damage by 33% when aiming (capped at 100%) [+dam + reduction-diminishing %]
  • Uppercut: Every fifth shot deals 300% damage [+dam]
  • Wind Up: Damage increase by 1 for ever round fired before reloading, capped at 25 [+cap]
  • Zig Zag Shot: Projectiles travel sharply up and down in a straight line +50% dam [+dam]

Epic Weapon Mods

  • Arc Shot: 15% chance for shot to fire as horizontal arc [+chance- diminishing returns]
  • Arcane Blast: Fires 3 star shaped projectiles in a narrow horizontal cone. Each star deals 3750 DPS, 6 second cool down [+ DPS]
  • Aura Shot: Projectiles have an AOE about a crab wide, deals 625 DPS [+ DPS]
  • Bubble Shot: Spawns a bubble on hit, persists for about 1.5 -2 seconds, 1000 dam AOE about 3 crabs wide. 3 second cool down [+ dam]
  • Critical Link: Crits spawn 5 homing projectiles of the type your weapon fires dealing 250% base weapon damage, 1 second cool down [+dam]
  • Dagger Arc: Fires 7 projectiles in a horizontal arc that bounce on contact. Each dagger deals 1875 DPS, 5 second cool down [+ dam]
  • Fireworks Shot: Spawns 3 colorful balls that travel forward in semi random directions, exploding on contact with the AOE of a nade for 800 dam each. Probably the coolest extra projectile effect. [+ dam]
  • Juiced: Damage, fire rate, and reload speed + 20% [+ 20%]
  • Mega Crit: 24% chance for crits to deal 3X crit damage. [+% diminishing returns]
  • Piercing Shot : Projectiles pierce 1 enemy [+ 1 enemy pierce]
  • Scatter Shot: 25% chance for shots to scatter into smaller shots on impact (deals the same damage) [+% diminishing returns]
  • Spark Shot: Sparks [3-6 i think] spawn on projectile point of contact, sparks deal 625 DPS, 4 second cool down [+ DPS]
  • Split Shot: 25% chance for shots to split into smaller shots while in travel (deals the same damage) [+% diminishing returns]
  • Square Shot: 15% chance for your shot to take the formation of a square. [+% diminishing returns]
  • Supercharged: +25% fire rate [+ 25%]
  • Targeting Shot 25% chance for shots to auto target an enemy after impact. [+% diminishing returns]

Legendary Weapon Mods

  • Bomb Shot: On Hit spawns cluster of bombs that deal 500 dam each. 4 second cool down [+ dam]
  • Critical Blades: Crit hits spawn homing blades that deal 500 dam each. 5 second cool down [+dam]
  • Double Tap: 50% chance for projectiles to deal damage twice [+%chance, diminishing returns]
  • Fireball Shot: Fires a few fireballs with your shot, each ball deals 400 dam and applies 300 stacks of fire. 6 second cool down. [+dam]
  • Firepower: +1 shot per round fired with increased spread. This basically doubles your ammo capacity and fire rate. [+amount]
  • Fire Storm: Shots create a wide AOE, roughly 8-10 crabs wide. Deals 1000 damage and applies
  • 400 stacks of fire over 5 seconds. 16 second cooldown [+dam +stacks]
  • Homing Shot: 25% chance for EACH projectile in a shot to auto target the nearest enemy. Can hit enemies out of line of site or behind the player. [+ %. diminishing returns]
  • Ice Storm: Shots create a wide AOE, roughly 8-10 crabs wide. Deals 4000 damage and applies
  • 128 stacks of ice over 4 seconds. 20 second cooldown [+dam +stacks]
  • Ice Strike: Projectiles cause a massive AOE that deals 2000 dam and applies 50 ice stacks. 20 second cool down. [+dam + stacks]
  • Lightning Strike: Projectiles cause a massive AOE that deals 1500 dam and applies 500 shock stacks. 10 second cool down [+dam +stacks]
  • Poison Storm: Shots create a wide AOE, roughly 8-10 crabs wide. Deals 4000 damage and applies 160 stacks of poison over 4 seconds. 15 second cooldown [+dam +stacks]
  • Proximity Barrage: On hit, spawns several homing missiles that deal 500 dam. 5 second cool down [+ dam]
  • Sharpened Axe: Spawns 3, 4 crab wide saw blades that start stacked & slowly fan out, each deals 2500 DPS and moves slowly, despawns in about the length of the shop or on contact with an obstacle. 10 second cool down. [+dam]
  • Splash Damage: Projectiles deal 250 damage to nearby enemies [+dam]
  • Spore Shot: Shots spawn mushrooms from enemies that detonate when damaged dealing 750 dam & applying 30 stacks of poison. 6 second cool down [+dam + stacks]
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