Crab Game How to Win

Welcome to our Crab Game How to Win guide. Read this chapter carefully as this is a very hard concept to grasp. Alright so, time to spill the beans. In order to win you must not die.

Crab Game How to Win

In order to win you must not die.

How to not Die

The Art of not Dying

There are 3 principles to not dying:

  • Get Gud
  • Dont explode
  • Dont get brutally murdered

We will start with the first principle for getting gud. In order to get gud you have to buy a bench press and deadlift 100 kilograms a day. After a month of that your appearance should change. Your chin will extend and you will get a chad haircut. When that happens, congratulations you have completed the first step!

The next step is also important so listen very carefully. If someone offers you a bomb do not take it. It’s a trick! The bomb will actually explode and kill you. Kindly decline the gift and watch them go boom boom.

Now for the most important step: Don’t get brutally murdered. If someone is running with a knife i know its very tempting not to come and hug them but it’s another trick. When you come close they will start stabbing you until you explode (look at the 2nd principle). So yeah just dont do that.

The Last Step

To become a total god and win every game you must do one more thing. Click the award button and give me all your steam points. Next, look for all valuable things in your house. Send them to my address, you won’t need them as a gamer gigachad.

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