Craftopia – Bones and Resources Guide

Craftopia Bones and Resources Guide

This manual will assist you on how the work respawn resources and to get bones in Craftopia.


It appears that collectables like shells, flowers, and mushrooms, in addition to enemies and animals, respawn pretty quickly.

Stone, ores and timber on the opposite facet has’nt respawned withinside the couple of hours ive performed now, even more than one restarts didnt cause them to respawn.

I discovered a few round fashioned rock-formations though, that appear to be a few type of countless harvest spots for sand, rocks and ores. I discovered three for sand on the primary island, and more than one rock and ore spots on the second one island.

I dont realize if they’re absolutely countless, however i should harvest a variety of stuff from them, and an excavator continues to be strolling on certainly considered one among them after nearly 1/2 of an hour.

For wooden however im nonetheless searching…


Forgot to mention, Dungeon indoors collectables from chest and destroyable packing containers dont, in addition to the praise token for the abilities (forgot the name, sorry) dont appear to respawn either, however the enemies and managers do, as quickly as you input the dungeon again, and the bosses nonetheless drop their loot, (10 silver and forty iron from the golem for example).

Bones How to get?

  • Lots of large animals like camels drop bones when you have now no longer made it but do the teleportation gate factor and visit a desert.
  • Kill a deer.
  • Skeletons seem at night, additionally they drop them.
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