Craftopia – Crafting Recipes

Craftopia Crafting Recipes

The call of the sport is Craftopia so of course, there are a ton crafting recipes. Using numerous crafting recipes you may craft weapons, tools, workbench, and more. As you development in the sport you’ll free up even more crafting recipes in Craftopia. In this guide, we can provide you with all of the crafting recipes located in the sport as properly as crafting materials required to craft gadgets and tools.

All Craftopia Crafting Recipes and Crafting Materials List

While there are numerous crafting recipes in the sport, the primary issue you need to craft is the Workbench. The Work Bench permits you to craft even greater objects and it appears you could use the Stone Workbench to improve tools, weapons, and sub-weapons.

Stone Workbench

To craft the Stone Workbench you want 10 Stone and 10 Wooden Logs. When you operate the operating bench you may be capable of craft even greater things.

Wooden Stick

A Wooden Stick is the weapon of the weak. It has very low harm however may be effortlessly crafted. To craft a Wooden Stick you five logs of wood.

Stone Pickaxe

This is a pickaxe fabricated from stone in Craftopia. Stone is one of the effortlessly to be had assets in Craftopia. However, in case you use it too frequently and with complete force, it could break. To craft the Stone pickaxe you want three Stone.

Wooden Axe

The Wooden Pickaxe is pretty breakable however finished receives the activity finished. To craft a Wooden Pickaxe you best three timber logs.

Two-Hand Torch

To get right of entry to the darker regions of the sport you may want a torch. To craft a Two-Handed torch you want 2 Straw and three Wooden logs.

Alter of Civilization

Alter of Civilization is your key to progressing time and unlocking new crafting recipes in Craftopia. As civilization progresses, you may be capable of liberate greater recipes in Craftopia, and Alter of Civilization is the way you do it. To craft the Alter you want 10 Stone and 10 Wooden logs.

Vertical Wall

A vertical wall is used to create homes and systems in Craftopia. To craft the vertical wall you want 10 Wooden logs.

Horizontal Wall

The horizontal wall is used to create homes and different systems in the sport. To craft the horizontal wall you want 10 Wooden logs.

Diagonal Wall

The diagonal wall is used to create homes and different systems in Craftopia. To craft the Diagonal Wall you want 10 Wooden logs.

Stone Glider

Stone Glider is powered with the aid of using the wind and allows you fly. The crafting substances had to craft the Stone Glider are 6 Stone and eight Wooden logs.

Stone Campfire

Eating uncooked meals in Craftopia may have its aspect effects. You want to prepare dinner dinner meals that allows you to effectively devour it. To prepare dinner dinner the meals you craft a Stone Campfire the usage of five Stone and a pair of Wooden logs.


You can virtually promote the belongings you don’t want to make a few cash or clean out a few area for your inventory. You want 10 Stone and 10 Wooden Logs to craft a marketplace in Craftopia.

Battery Generator (Small)

Crafting batteries in Craftopia is finished thru the Generator. It is a system the produces batteries so that you can strength your devices. Generators convert rotational power into electronic. There is a batteries farming technique that we already blanketed in a specific guide. To craft a small Battery Generator you want 1 Steel Ingot, 1 Cogwheel, and five Wooden Logs.

Monster Prism

Monster Prism is the best manner you could strength the battery generator. Well, best in case you need to animals to strength your generators. Monster Prism is like Pokeball that captures animals. You absolutely thru it on the animal to seize them after which launch them within the generator. To craft a Monster Prism you want three Iron Ingot and a pair of Sand.

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