Craftopia – Faster Farming

Craftopia Faster Farming

Set Up

Getting started is easy, get 6 Wheat farms and create a platform to place them on. Place one or two at the edge of the platform then hold the next one over the edge where you cant place it.

Craftopia – Faster Farming

Hold the left click button and drag it over the previous plots, it should start to stack them, repeat this until you have a stack of about 6.

Craftopia – Faster Farming

Farming It

Once its set up you can repeat this stack as many times as you want, making stacks over 6 means you can’t collect all the Wheat.

Make sure to leave room on one side to actually be able to hit all the plots.

Craftopia – Faster Farming

Stand at the side and hit the stack with your sword.

Craftopia – Faster Farming

And Finally to collect it just stand on top of the stack.

Note: You can actually stack farms using conveyor belts, it is super easy and if you have it go to a conveyor storage chest you can put a sprinkler on the side and a bot on the belt. You now have a super dense auto wheat farm. (it helps to put walls above the chest since the bot sometimes clips through the roof)

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