Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled – Starting Guide

Starting Guide If you are on a ramp or jump out of it, before falling off […]

Starting Guide

If you are on a ramp or jump out of it, before falling off it, press L1/R1, then you will get a small speed bonus after landing.

Drifting during races is recommended. This gives a slight acceleration and makes it easier to make sharp turns, but drifting is also needed for Powerslide.

Powersliding consists in pressing the L1/R1 button with a feel during drifting, when black smoke is emitted from the exhaust pipes. Press the button three times in total at these moments and you will get a good acceleration.

When you enter the TNT, you can throw it off your head by repeatedly pressing the jump button (L1/R1), and also the dropped TNT can hurt the opponent behind you.
Weapons such as rockets or bombs can be used to destroy TNT, Nitro and bottles lying on the road.

When your opponent shoots at you with a targeting rocket, you will see a pointer behind the kart. You can avoid getting hurt by throwing the bottle, TNT/Nitro or firing the bomb back (to fire the bomb backwards, before firing the bomb, move the left analog down).

The bottles can also be thrown forward. To do so before throwing it out, tilt the left analog knob forward.

Use the boosters (afterburners) on the maps and shortcuts, they are the key to victory.

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