CS GO – Ancient Callouts

Since ANCIENT has been added to Active Duty Map Pool here are Call-Outs for this map. […]

Since ANCIENT has been added to Active Duty Map Pool here are Call-Outs for this map.

CS GO Ancient Map Callouts

CS GO Ancient Tips and Tricks

CS:GO’s most recent and controversial introduction into the map pool, Ancient, features several unique elements.
With Train being removed from the active map rotation in competitive play and being replaced with Ancient, both veteran and new CS:GO players are left in an unfamiliar position. Many players have spoken on the rather puzzling layout of this new map, which may just result from it’s relatively recent introduction into the viable pool. In truth, Ancient is not so different from many others CS:GO players should already be well acquainted with, just with more bending hallways. Here are our tips on how you should play this new map.

CT set-ups and Middle priority

While callouts are still heavily disputed across Twitter by pros and fans alike, these will be the names used in this article for all intents and purposes.

The triple fork at the start of CT spawn may appear to necessitate a classic 2-1-2 set up across A, middle, and B, however I recommend a variation of this. A site has only one unique entrance along yard and A-main, therefore a single player can act as the anchor for this site. Control over middle should be an absolute priority for CTs, not just for gathering information but also to deny terrorists another avenue into the A bombsite.

Following along with this, CTs may find sending two players mid best. Perhaps only comparable to Mirage, Ancient features an incredibly elongated middle that can provide various interesting peeking opportunities. An important factor to keep in mind when setting up in middle on CT side is that you have a significantly quicker route than terrorists.

Though middle control may alleviate some pressure, A-site is still incredibly easily accessible from attackers on T-side. Once on A-site, the first notable feature is that the actual plant location is incredibly small with very open areas vulnerable to attackers. To combat this, A site requires a great deal of utility to fend off attackers.

B-site has several unique features to it. Firstly, there are two large obelisks that take up a majority of the site that most B defenders will likely call home. Second is a pillar in the middle of a once again cramped bombsite. With two entrances into the site for T-side players and plenty of narrow corridors that discourage playing aggressively, this undoubtedly a difficult site to defend with perhaps playing for the retake being the more prudent strategy.

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