CS GO: How to Kick Yourself

Have you been in a bad lobby with a bad team? You don’t want to QUIT? […]

Have you been in a bad lobby with a bad team? You don’t want to QUIT? Well, you can kick yourself and you won’t lose a rank or get an abandon cooldown! It can also be used to boggle your friends! (you can get cooldown by getting kicked too much)

Counter Strike: Global Offensive How to Kick Yourself Guide

Step 1

  • First enable developer console in settings.
  • Then open console by clicking the ” ~ ” button.

Type in the box: Status

CS GO How to Kick Yourself

Step 2

  • Find your username in the list that appeared, then go to the left and copy the number next to your name.
CS GO How to Kick Yourself

Step 3

  • Type in console: callvote kick [your number] E.g. callvote kick 241
How to Kick Yourself in CS GO

Step 4

  • Then a box should appear like it does when people are voting normaly that looks somthing like this:
How to Kick Yourself in CS GO

CS GO: How to Kick Yourself Video Guide

How to Kick Yourself in CS GO

Counter Strike: Global Offensive How to Kick Yourself Detailed Guide

How to kick yourself in CSGO Competitive?

During serious games, the stakes are raised higher. The ordinary play, unsupportive players and different elements can make the game go down in any event, when you’re performing at your best. The most reasonable play activity is suffer and remain until the end. Indeed, you do chance your position, however such are good and bad times of the game. On the off chance that you simply choose to stop, you riks a boycott for serious play.

Proposing a vote to kick yourself is a path around it, since, in such a case that you get kicked out of the game once, it’s a free “leave prison” card, to utilize the Monopoly illustration. You don’t need to complete, and the positioning framework won’t punish you seriously enough for you to lose your position. In any case, on the off chance that you are kicked out multiple times, you hazard getting such a delicate boycott, called minutely a “cooldown” by Valve. This will keep you from joining serious matchmaking games. From the start, the cooldown is a short one. You will be hindered from joining the workers for 30 minutes. With each next event, it gets longer and more. Here’s the full rundown from Steam Support:

  • Level 1 cooldown – keeps going 30 minutes
  • Level 2 cooldown – keeps going 2 hours
  • Level 3 cooldown – keeps going 24 hours
  • Level 4 cooldown – keeps going multi week

Lamentably, it’s not realized how to cast a ballot kick yourself in CSGO without gambling a cooldown, so you have to think about this prior to going on.

Should you call a vote to kick yourself?

When you figure out how to call a vote to kick yourself in CSGO, treat this if all else fails. For one, it is a confounding technique to tell your partners that you need to stop. The general player pool probably won’t have any desire to kick you, so except if you begin acting foolishly, they most likely won’t do it. On the other hand, acting stupidly or injuriously may get you revealed. All things considered, the punishment isn’t a cooldown. You hazard a perpetual restriction that will impair you from playing serious until the end of time.

Are there different approaches to do this?

Not generally. You may very well stopped the game, and that is it. This isn’t suggested on countless levels that it shouldn’t involve conversation. Getting beat down isn’t a simple thing to suffer, yet this is to everybody’s advantage. Doesn’t make a difference in the event that you get kicked by a vote or you just quit, the game becomes uneven and all the players that finish the match are punished in the positioning framework. In any event, when they dominate the match, they may lose their position, so this is absolutely unreasonable to leave them since you’re not happy with what’s happening. In the event that you truly need to stop the game quickly, it’s likely considerably more significant than your rank that can be reestablished as expected.


From the start, stopping a CSGO coordinate that you’re abhorring or you dread will wind up in a calamity appears to be a typical activity. Be that as it may, it’s not helpful, neither to you nor the individuals you play with. Since the positioning in serious plays is a genuine and convoluted issue, there are numerous restrictions to relinquishing, griefing and whatever other exercises that would disturb the cycle of matchmaking.

Since you’ve figured out how to kick yourself in CSGO support, use it astutely in situations where there’s an earnest need to leave the game. Recall that you’re still on the benevolence of different players who either discover it as awkward to play with you as you discover it with them or by one way or another transparent your aims and let you go. By the by, it’s greatly improved to simply bum the remainder of the match without greater commitment than to simply escape.

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