Cultivation Story Reincarnation Build Guide

Who need to improve skills if bosses are destroyed within a few seconds? If you want to have an easy build in Cultivation Story Reincarnation that can destroy everything before they do anything to you, here it is!

Cultivation Story Reincarnation Build Guide

Welcome to our Cultivation Story Reincarnation Build Guide. Who need to improve skills if bosses are destroyed within a few seconds? If you want to have an easy build that can destroy anything before they can do anything to you, then here it is!


This is the idealistic build that allows you to clear the whole room in 1-2 seconds, including elites, zone bosses, and challenges. The final bosses can take around 10 seconds if you are unlucky. So how can you do that?

1. You need to have an enhanced Weapon, aka weapon combo. They come with modified attack animations. With some luck with the right techniques, it cleans the whole screen.
2. The damage needs to scale well from the begin until the end.
3. Having high HP with healing ability to not worry about any taken damage.
4. No need to worry about Lifespan
5. Running speed is nice to have

The Build

For this build, you need to unlock the Unitary build from Soul Lantern. Once you unlock this build, you this as follow. Note that I only select 155 points. Any additional points can go toward HP, damage, damage reduction, attacks, etc

Easy build for any difficulty

It combines the high damage from Body build with the life and HP benefits from Demonic build. Therefore, you have a build that can be extremely strong.

The Cultivation Methods:

  • Note of the Blacksmith and Mountain Climb are the best since it increases your max HP, allowing you to tank any taken damage. If you cannot get both then try to get Note of the Blacksmith.

Other good methods:

  • Mental attack: High damage and easy time since the needles will clear the room immediately, saving time.
  • Weapon Control: High DPS on weapon attack since we use dual wielding physical attack.
  • Sight Focus and Plant identification: More damage.

Require technique combo:

  • Deep pockets: the bonus damage is insane with this combo. When we combine it with high attack rate (via follow-up attack, CD-, dual wielding, etc), we can get really high DPS

Supporting technique combos: These are optional but you should try our best to get them since you want to have highest HP and Damage possible:

  • Dire Hit: Once you reach 200% crit rate, your attacks crit twice. It damage is high when we have such high bonus + base damage
  • Technique of Dunjia: 2x bonus damage = more damage
  • Divine: More HP and damage with other technique combos
  • Elemental Restrains: 200% physical damage.
  • Dominating Charge: speed + bonus damage
  • Reaching the pinnacle: more stats for bonuses


  • Any enhanced weapon should do. However, I prefer tang blade since it can cover the whole screen, allowing you to stay away from boss for safety reasons and clear the room quickly.

Body Furnance:

Cultivation Story Reincarnation Build Guide
Cultivation Story Reincarnation Build Guide
  • Spirit is useless for this build so we want that to be the lowest.
  • Lifespan is 0 since we want it to be as low as possible since it increases the damage.
  • With 160% exp bonus, you can reach the highest cultivation level.
  • Anything extra can go to HP and Damage

Result: You have high damage + high HP + high Speed + no need to worry about lifespan + HP so we can get to the highest cultivation level, unlocking all 9 levels for many nice bonuses.

Easy build for any difficulty


  • Once you have 1-2 technique combos, you can rob all the NPCs for bonus techniques and other resources. Typically you can start doing this from zone 2-3

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