Curious Expedition 2 Club Levels Unlocking

Welcome to our Curious Expedition 2 Club Levels Unlocking guide. Simple guide on modding your savefile in order to unlock club levels.

Curious Expedition 2 Club Levels Unlocking

Technically might be considered cheating. So, probably, best not to tamper with savefiles at all while participating in a club competition.

Locating your Save File

  • First, make a save file so we have something to modify.
  • Starting a new campaign and save&exit on hub is a good way to do that.
  • Even better if you have at least some progress towards clubs, so entries in save file are already existing.
  • Then, proceed in your file explorer of your choice to appdata.
  • Full path is
  • {drive}:\Users{user}\AppData\LocalLow\Maschinen-Mensch\Curious Expedition 2\user
  • Where {drive} is where your OS is located.
  • {user} is your active windows user.
  • Or just write this in your file explorer and get landed in roaming appdata:
  • %appdata%
  • from roaming go one level up, locate LocalLow and proceed to game’s folder as described in path above.
  • We are interested in the most recently modified file with name that looks like this:
  • pldata_{X}.pl
  • Where X can be whichever slot that was relevant at the time of creating the save file.
  • It opens in text editor of your choice and contains json.

Locating the Values – Curious Expedition 2 Club Levels Unlocking

We are interested in two objects here.
clubF and clubL

clubF represents fame (exp) accumulated for each club.
In case if club does not have any fame, it’s simply not listed there.

clubL represents level of the club.
In case if club is minimum level, it’s not listed there.

So initially my clubF and clubL were looking like this:

Where we see that during 24 hours of playtime I’ve accumulated 36 fame for US club and 1506 fame for UK club, with US club having level 2 and UK club having level 12.
Most likely actual levels of the clubs are 3 and 13 respectively, as I suspect game start counts from 0, but that is not the point here.
We’ve found our values and we are happy.

Editing the Values

So, legitimate contents for clubL and clubF objects are:

  • american,
  • britich,
  • chinese

In case if one of clubs is non-existent in your save file, just add them there.
Remember to separate values with a comma according to json specifications.
You are free to go wild in your tampering, but keep in mind that your save data might be reviewed if you participate in club competition.
Tampering will be obvious if club fame and club level are not correlating.
However, comma, while I was not explicitly told that I am not going to be banned for tampering with club levels, I was never told that I am not going to be banned either. So, just keep that in mind, ok?

Here are my haphazardly glued together values, for the reference:

  • “clubF”:{“american”:1900,”british”:3000,”chinese”:1900},”clubL”:{“american”:20,”british”:16,”chinese”:20}

Enjoying the Rewards of your Hard Work

  • Boot the game.
  • If everything is fine, you will get cheevos for max club level on main menu.
  • If cheevos do not pop, you’ve done something horribly wrong and everything is likely to be on fire.
  • Consume tea in appropriate amounts and contemplate what went wrong.

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