Curse of the Dead Gods Bosses and Attack Patterns

Master Curse of the Dead Gods bosses! Our expert guide deciphers attack patterns, offers strategies, and helps you conquer every encounter effectively.

Hello from our Curse of the Dead Gods Bosses and Attack Patterns guide. This is a brief description of the bosses and their attack patterns. Check out our guide for details!

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Curse of the Dead Gods Bosses and Attack Patterns

Welcome to our Curse of the Dead Gods Bosses and Attack Patterns guide. This guide will show you detailed information about boss and their attack patterns in Curse of the Dead Gods!



Probably the first boss you will encounter.
Only has 2 attack types

1 – Summon Jaguar – Blood Hunter prepares AOE (purple circle) – if you stay in it, you gonna get damage and corruption
when he finishes, new Jaguar will jump out of the “portal” in front of Blood Hunter. You do not want to stay in front of it
Jaguar summons are easy to deal with, they have pounce attack and AOE spin
2 – Spear Throw – Blood Hunter throws spear (straight line telegraphed) for heavy damage. Easy to dodge, easy to parry

bonus tip: Blood Hunter ALWAYS prepares his summoning spell from the middle of his arena. If you move him with weapon skills (shield bash, whip pull) he’s gonna run towards the middle of the arena and you can get some attacks in his back


Double Trouble boss. They share HP bar and switch every 25% of it


1 – Summon Exploding Rune – Litz summons exploding rune, on their own they are harmless, but when hit with Litz whip attack, they become AOE circle that will explode in a few seconds
2 – Whip attack – Litz whips 2 times in front of him, parrying 1st swing is easy, you want to wait miliseconds before pressing parry button again cause if you press it too early, you’re gonna get hit
3 – Switch – activates at 75% and 25% of HP bar to switch to Nepac. Switch itself is AOE damage and corruption spell


1 – Teleport to stab – Nepac dissappears, then reappers in the arena and rushes you. You can parry it, you can dodge it.
2 – Triple rush combo – Nepac rushes you and swings his blade at you 3 times. Parrying is tricky, but if you achieve it, you will break his poise and can attack him for massive damage
3 – Switch – activates at 50% of HP bar to switch to Litz. He does not activate it again cause he dies at 0%. Switch itself is AOE corruption and damage spell


Big Guy and Boss of this temple
Arena itself is also your enemy here. There are 2 patterns in which flaming floor activates
1 – 4 squares in the middle heat up, then flames burst ouf if it, stay out of it before you get burned
2 – 10 squares outside of the middle heat up, then flames burst out of them. Stay in 4 squares in the middle to avoid damage

Avatar of Jaguar skills:

1- Claw Swing – Jaguar Boss starts with 1 swing, somewhere around 50% of its missing HP his combo extends to 2 swings, whe he is 25% and less Claw Swing Combo has 3 attacks. Possible to parry.
2- Jaguar Pounce – he usually (always?) begins fight with this one. Jumps from one place, lands in another, dodge it when he flies
3 – Flame Stomp – massive damage AOE. Deadly if you have no stamina to roll away from it, combined with arena positioning requires moving smartly
4 – Flame Breath – Jaguar conjures 5 or so fireballs, in an arc, moving in a straight lines. The further you are from Jaguar, easier it is to move between them and avoid damage

Avatar of Jaguar can also be set on fire when he runs through arena flames. He deals more damage while he is on fire.



1 – Conjure electric orb – Kax conjures slow moving electric orb, that moves around arena. It’s high damage electric AOE. The longer fight goes, more electric orbs move around the arena
2 – Straight Line Lightning – Kax gathers power, then he throws lightning in a straight line. He will remain stationary while he channels the spell, BUT HE CAN TURN IN PLACE – you want to dodge it clockwise/counterclockwise few times. It causes small damage FEW TIMES, therefore its hard to parry
3 – Lightning chasers – Kax conjures few lightning chasers, that chases after you with high speed. I prefer dodging it. Less HP Kax has, more chasers he conjures


1 – Charge – he charges in a straight line at you. Just dodge or run away sideways
2 – Floor punch – bunch of floor AOEs that follow you. Dodge it
3 – Air Punch – He summons 2 portals and tries to punch you through it. Telegraphed bigly by AOE on the floor and fist portals on the sides of it
4 – Big Air Punch – same as above, but more damage, he uses it when low on HP, deals bonus lightning damage


1 – Regeneration – Avatar of Eagle stands in one place, then slowly regenerates. If you break his poise with heavy attack (charged attack or heavy weapon) he will retaliate by teleporting behind you and trying to stab
2 – slash combo – 3 slashes, dodgable, parriable
2 – summon whirlwind – summons high dmg whirlwind in a manner similiar to 1st boss of eagle, Kax
3 – big whirlwind – circle expanding from the middle of arena to outside. You really really want to dodge it
5 – charge – he whooshes at you and wants to stab you. Dodgable, parriable, usually followed by slash combo



1 – Explosive AOE skill on the ground. Activates when you come near it
2 – Bullet hell attack type A – shoots missiles in straight lines few times, does not rotate while channeling it
3 – Bullet hell attack type B – same as type A, but can rotate while channeling it


1 – Stab – tries to stab you from the distance. Similiar to charges from other bosses. Could be parried
2 – Slash combo – tries to slash you 2 times with its armblades. Learn to parry it.
3 – Whirlwind spin – spins around, creating AOE damage around itself
4 – Poison explosion – creates green poision AOE circle around itself, he causes additional poision damage while green


1 – Summon adds – Avatar of the serpent summons 3 adds – monsters that you fought earlier in this temple. If you kill them, Avatar gets shield break and it takes additional damage
if you do NOT kill adds, Avatar can eat them and heal
2 – Snake smash – Avatar smashes the ground with its serpent arm. Can be followed either by one of two attacks, depending if you stay close or run away
3 – Snake Spin – Avatars spins around, dealing damage around itself
4 – Snake Jump – Avatar pulls itselt towards the end of snake arm, causing high damage where it lands

Written by Maciosz (Kek)

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