Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Samurai Build

Explore Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Samurai Build: attributes, advantages, cyber software, weapons, and character stats tailored for 2.0 and Phantom Liberty updates.

In this Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Samurai Build guide, you can find in detail the attributes, advantages, cyber software, weapons and character statistics of Cyberpunk 2077 for a samurai structure suitable for the 2.0 and Phantom Liberty updates.

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Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Samurai Build

The following Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Samurai Build guide V emphasizes fighting as a samurai with knife, katana and pistol balancing melee and ranged combat. Intensive use of Sandevistan and / or Optical Camouflage is both possible.

Structure, 60. it requires reaching the level, reaching 322 cyber software capabilities and obtaining all nine open world advantage pieces. In addition, the statistics are based on increasing the respective skill levels to 60 Headhunter, 50 Netrunner, 60 Shinobi, 20 Solo and 50 Engineer. Advancing to higher levels will only benefit V.


Allocate attribute points as follows:

  • Body: 5
  • Reflexes: 20
  • Technical Ability: 20
  • Cool: 20
  • Intelligence: 16
  • Relic: 12 (all)

This allocation permits V to adapt to several different katana-centric play styles without having to reset attribute points (which can only be done once).


Allocate perk points as illustrated:


2.0 Samurai Guide

3 total perk points for improved survivability.


2.0 Samurai Guide

29 total perk points for maneuverability and blade weaponry.

Technical Ability

2.0 Samurai Guide

18 total perk points for further survivability and cyberware proficiency.


2.0 Samurai Guide

32 total perk points for pistol/revolver weaponry, basic stealth proficiency, and throwable weaponry.

None – see Adaptation III below.


Equip cyberware as illustrated:

2.0 Samurai Guide

More specifically, the required implants are:

Frontal Cortex

  • Newton Module 5++
  • Self-Ice 5++
  • Mechatronic Core 5++

Operating System

  • Militech “Apogee” Sandevistan 5++


  • Mantis Blades 5+


  • Kiroshi “Cockatrice” Optics 5++
  • Behavioral Imprint-Synced Faceplate 5+


  • Spring Joints 5+
  • Dense Marrow 5+
  • Para Bellum 5+


  • Handle Wrap 5++
  • Ballistic Coprocessor 5++

Nervous System

  • Neofiber 5++
  • Adreno-Trigger 5++
  • Stabber 5++

Circulatory System

  • Adrenaline Booster 5++
  • Microrotors 5++
  • Biomonitor 5+

Integumentary System

  • Peripheral Inverse 5+
  • Nano-Plating 5+
  • Optical Camo 5+


  • Reinforced Tendons 5+

This scheme results in a 4.9% chance of activating Fury when neutralizing an enemy. Several powerful synergies of the scheme include:

  • Newton Module and “Apogee” Sandevistan. Neutralizing enemies provides increased activation time for Sandevistan.
  • Stabber and “Cockatrice” Optics. Massive increase to static crit chance.
  • Peripheral Inverse, Nano-plating, and the Can’t Touch This perk. Close the distance to enemies while reducing damage.
  • Adreno-Trigger and the Flash of Steel perk. Move fast in combat and even faster after blade finishers.
  • Biomonitor and the Dorph-Head, Glutton for War, Transfusion, First Aid, Health Freak, and Borrowed Time perks. Constant recharge, improved effect, and automatic use of health items. Focus on combat.
  • Handle Wrap and the Juggler and Sleight of Hand perks. Switch weapons to knife and start chaining crit neutralizations.
  • Reinforced Tendons and the Air Dash, Aerial Acrobat, and Tailwind perks. Extraordinary maneuverability in all environments.

Tiers 5+ and 5++ are not immediately required but are noted because they contribute to the statistics table below.


Equip weapons as illustrated:

2.0 Samurai Guide

The weapons are Stinger, Scalpel, and Ol’ Reliable. The rationale for these choices are Stinger for best-in-class damage and follow-up attacks, Scalpel for crit chance and bleeding during Sandevistan, and Ol’ Reliable for incredible range-based headshot bonuses. Honorable mention goes to Fang (if you choose that route), Byakko or Jinchu-Maru, and Malorian Arms 3516.

In reality, many weapons are effective with the prior attribute and perk allocations. A stealth emphasis may call for Her Majesty and Overwatch, or elite/boss enemies may call for the Nehan + Satori hemorrhaging combination. It is up to V to adapt.

Character Statistics

The following table displays important character statistics for V after integrating all specified attributes, perks, and cyberware. The “Baseline” is represented by V standing still with Scalpel 5+ unsheathed. The subsequent columns represent when “Sandevistan” and/or “Fury” are active while V, again, stands with Scalpel 5+ unsheathed.

Damage per Second2060206020602060
Attack Speed7.
Headshot Multiplier11%13%11%13%
Crit Chance*62%77%92%100%
Crit Damage*75%90%125%140%
Stealth Bonus46.8%46.8%46.8%46.8%
Charge Multiplier25%25%25%25%
Ricochet Bonus40.9%40.9%40.9%40.9%
Melee Damage31%31%31%31%
Mitigation Strength80%80%80%80%
Mitigation Chance11%11%11%11%
Explosive Resist5%5%5%5%
Melee Resist22%22%22%22%
Health Regen Bonus3%3%3%3%
Stamina Regen Rate70%70%70%70%
Movement Speed3.853.853.853.85

Crit chance and crit damage, marked by asterisk*, are the primary features of this build. Commonly, one swing of the katana or two swings maximum is all that’s needed to neutralize an enemy. Elite/boss enemies also fall quickly amid bursts of Sandevistan.

Note, when entering combat, Adreno-Trigger’s +30% movement speed effect (plus small cyberware and perk boosts) brings V’s movement speed to 5.25. This can be considered relatively constant. Other transient but frequent effects will occur on-neutralization and on-finishing an enemy.

Adaptation I: Blasturai

This adaptation emphasizes complementing Scalpel with the Problem Solver and Fenrir SMGs. Remove 13 total perk points from the throwable weapon column of the Cool tree, and re-allocate all points to the Reflexes tree as illustrated:


2.0 Samurai Guide

Close the distance to enemies and riddle them with bullets from dual SMGs and the Submachine Fun perk. Then, neutralize any stragglers with Scalpel and Sandevistan.

Adaptation II: Technurai

This adaptation emphasizes complementing Scalpel with Lizzie and Widow Maker tech weapons. Remove 17 total perk points from the stealth and throwable weapon columns of the Cool tree, and re-allocate all points to the Technical Ability tree as illustrated:

Technical Ability

2.0 Samurai Guide

Furthermore, make a single cyberware adjustment:

  • Arms
  • Projectile Launch System 5+

Equip the FG-X Frag or Projectile Launch System and open combat with explosives, stacking the Pyromanic perk; or open combat with Chain Lightning from tech weapon Bolts. Then, close the distance and unleash the Ticking Time Bomb perk’s EMP with Sandevistan.

Adaptation III: Cyburai

This adaptation emphasizes use of Byakko or Monowire, supported by Crimestopper and Yinglong smart weapons. Remove all 32 perk points from the Cool tree and 2 from the Reflexes tree (Steady Grip and Mean Streak suggested), then re-allocate the 34 points to the Intelligence tree as illustrated:


2.0 Samurai Guide

Furthermore, make the following cyberware adjustments:
— — —
Frontal Cortex

  • Memory Boost 5+
  • Ex-Disk 5+
  • RAM Upgrade 5+


  • Monowire 5+ (suggested with Cripple Movement iconic quickhack)


  • Smart Link 5++ (replace Ballistic Coprocessor)

Operating System

  • Tetratronic Rippler Mk.5 (suggested with Cyberpsychosis, Contagion, Overheat, Short Circuit, Sonic Shock, Reboot Optics, Cyberware Malfunction, and Weapon Glitch iconic quickhacks)

Barrage enemies with 32 RAM worth of quickhacks that rapidly regenerates in melee or ranged combat. At close range, activating Overclock with the Tetratronic Rippler Mk.5 will unleash Reboot Optics and Weapon Glitch quickhacks upon all enemies within 8 meters of V. Don’t bring a gun to a blade fight.

Written by Sardaukar4

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