Dark Souls 3 – Soul Farming

Soul Ring for More Souls First we want this item to help with the farm. Firelink […]

Soul Ring for More Souls

First we want this item to help with the farm.

Firelink shrine

Has a ring that grants more souls drop on the roof that can be only accessed early on by doing the tree skip basically.


Near the entry door, turn right and head upstairs towards the cloud that leads towards the tree skip.

Tree Skip

Face towards the tree in the diagram and run towards and roll at an angle towards the roof.
You’ll be able to roll onto the roof from the tree. If you don’t understand just search up a youtube video on the skip.

On the roof

Fake Wall

Once you make it up you will find a room with almost an x like path.
One of the walls is fake and must hit it with your sword.

Silver Serpent

Walk towards the end room and jump down. The ring is in the chest and grants more souls on deat

Equip the ring.

The Dragon

Travel to High wall of Lothric.

  • Keep progressing until you meet these set of stairs near some enemies.
  • Kill the guards and walk up and quickly turn around, the dragon will now spawn on the roof.

The dragon will burn the enemies with his fire.

It’s only about 2 minutes from the first bonfire.

The Soul Farm

Make your way back to the bonfire on the wall.

Kill Starting Enemies

The praying enemies and the guards with swords. Kill them all and then head down those stairs.

Near Gate

Enemies are guarding the gate and behind some boxes and barrels.

Kill them all so they don’t get in the way.

The Gate

In the same room as those enemies is the gate window thing.

You can just stand here and enemies will get burnt and die, dropping you souls.
It’s very easy.


Drop down the ladder and go near the stairs and get the other enemies to the right of the stairs burnt for extra souls. If you don’t feel like going down and up so much just leave it.


Head back to the wall and rest at the bonfire to reset the enemies.

Rinse and repeat.

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