Dark Souls : Prepare to Die Edition – Characters

Characters Guide Oscar of Astora, Knight of the Undead Asylum This knight appears in a flooded […]

Characters Guide

Oscar of Astora, Knight of the Undead Asylum

This knight appears in a flooded cell in the Northern Undead Asylum, where he is dying. When spoken to, he tasks the player with travelling to Lordran to ring the Bells of Awakening, then gives them the Undead Asylum F2 East Key and the Estus Flask. If the Asylum Demon has been killed on the first encounter, he also gives the player the Big Pilgrim’s Key. After leaving his cell, the knight will die. If he is killed by the player, the knight drops the same items.

If you return to the Northern Undead Asylum by climbing the Firelink Shrine’s ruins and curling up in the crow’s nest, the Knight appears hollowed in the same cell and is hostile. If he is killed this time, he will drop the Crest Shield. He appears on the return visit regardless of what happened to him initially.


The crow does not appear physically, but its nest can be found on the bluff at the end of Northern Undead Asylum and its voice can be heard. The crow exchanges items for other items, including unique items that cannot otherwise be obtained. Dropping items in the nest and reloading the game causes them to be exchange for another item.

Crestfallen Warrior

This warrior sits next to the bonfire at Firelink Shrine and gives the player advice.
After ringing both Bells of Awakening and speaking to the warrior continually until he repeats himself, he will appear, hollowed, near the first wooden bridge in the New Londo Ruins.

The Crestfallen Warrior drops no items and drops the same amount of souls regardless of whether he dies at Firelink Shrine or New Londo Ruins. As such he can be killed at any time with no loss.

Anastacia of Astora

Anastacia appears at Firelink Shrine, where she will not speak but can upgrade the Estus Flask in exchange for Fire Keeper Souls.

After ringing both Bells of Awakening, Anastacia will be murdered, dropping her outfit and the Black Eye Orb.

In the main hall of Anor Londo’s cathedral you will be prompted to use the Black Eye Orb. Doing so causes you to invade Lautrec of Carim. Killing Lautrec here causes him to drop Anastacia’s Fire Keeper Soul.

Back at Firelink Shrine, Anastacia’s Fire Keeper Soul can be used to resurrect her, after which the Firelink Shrine bonfire will be functional again and she can once again upgrade the Estus Flask

Killing Lautrec of Carim at any point before invading him causes Anastacia’s storyline to be impossible to complete. You’ll miss out on Anastacia’s and Lautrec’s armour by doing this, but Anastacia will never be killed.

Petrus of Thorolund

Petrus will be at Firelink Shrine when you first arrive from the Northern Undead Asylum. He allows you to join the Way of the White covenant and sells miracles once you have joined. After the Capra Demon is dead, Petrus’s companions will arrive, and they will leave once Petrus is spoken to again. Encountering Pinwheel in the Catacombs causes them to leave immediately. Petrus will return shortly after and resume his previous services. After Rhea is rescued in the Tomb of the Giants, she reappears in the Undead Parish and Petrus will kill her after two bosses are killed and take her Ivory Talisman. Even after this, Petrus never becomes hostile, but will drop Rhea’s Ivory Talisman when killed.

Itinerant Merchant

This merchant appears hidden on a balcony in the second area of the Undead Burg, just after the Hellkite Dragon is first seen. He can be found by breaking some crates which block a staircase near two shield-bearing Hollow Warriors. He sells an assortment of useful items, including the Residence Key which is necessary for completing Griggs of Vinheim’s questline. If killed he will drop his Uchigatana, as well as the Residence Key and Orange Guidance Soapstone if these have not already been purchased.

Knight Solaire of Astora

Solaire first appears at the Undead Burg near the Hellkite Dragon’s bridge, where he gives the player the White Sign Soapstone and offers to help the player by summoning.

If the player is human, Solaire can be summoned via his summon sign for help with the Bell Gargoyles, Gaping Dragon, Ornstein and Smough, the Centipede Demon, and Gwyn, Lord of Cinder. He cannot be summoned if he has been killed.

Solaire appears sitting at the first bonfire inside Anor Londo’s cathedral.

After speaking to him at Anor Londo, Solaire appears at the Sunlight Altar in the Undead Parish, which is guarded by the Hellkite Dragon. This encounter is optional.

After killing the Centipede Demon in the Demon Ruins, Solaire appears at the bonfire shortly after this fight, immediately before entering Lost Izalith. Entering Lost Izalith here causes Solaire to go insane and become hostile under normal circumstances. If this happens he will try to kill you just before the fight with the Bed of Chaos, and his questline ends.

However, there is a shortcut to Lost Izalith immediately after the Demon Firesage boss fight. To access this shortcut, you must be a member of the Chaos Servant covenant and feed 30 Humanity to Quelaag’s Sister. This opens a door to Lost Izalith that cannot normally be opened from the Demon Ruins side. Entering this shortcut and killing the red-eyed Chaos Bug in the tunnel allows Solaire to survive being infected by the bug later.

Entering the shortcut without killing the bug causes Solaire to appear in the shortcut tunnel, insane and hostile as he normally would be.

If you have killed the bug, Solaire will appear at the shortcut door. Speaking to him here allows you to summon him later for the fight against Gwyn, Lord of Cinder.

Siegmeyer of Catarina

Siegmeyer is first seen at Sen’s Fortress, waiting outside the Fortress’ gate, hoping that it will open. This encounter is optional.

Siegmeyer appears a second time within Sen’s Fortress, this time sitting on the edge of a cliff hoping for a way to get past the fortress’s boulders. Redirect the boulders away from the slope near him and talk to him again. This encounter is optional, unless you missed the one outside the Fortress’ gate. Siegmeyer must be encountered in one of the two Sen’s Fortress locations for him to appear again.

Siegmeyer appears in the castle at Anor Londo. He is seen planning how to get past the three Silver Knights in the room ahead. Kill the three Silver Knights and speak to him again. Siegmeyer will give you the Tiny Being’s Ring.

After meeting him in Anor Londo, Siegmeyer appears at Firelink Shrine, where he asks if you opened the gates to Sen’s Fortress. If you say ‘yes’, he gives you Emit Force – a miracle. After speaking to him at Firelink Shrine, he leaves for Blighttown, and the Golden Crystal Golem that has captured Sieglinde appears at the Duke’s Archives.

In Blighttown, Siegmeyer is found in the swampy area at the base of the town, sleeping. Waking him up causes him to ask for some Moss Clumps to help navigate Blighttown.

Saying ‘yes’ with 3 Purple Moss Clumps in your inventory will cause Siegmeyer to take the Clumps and give you the Pierce Shield. After this encounter he will move to Lost Izalith.

In Lost Izalith, Siegmeyer is seen shortly before the fight with Knight Kirk and the Daughter of Chaos. He overlooks a large hole with Chaos Eaters inside. Talking to him will cause him to leap into the pit and fight the Chaos Eaters. If you allow him to fight all the Chaos Eaters alone and the fight ends with him having less than half health, he will die from poison and drop the Speckled Stoneplate Ring. If he survives the fight with more than half health, he survives and does not give you the Speckled Stoneplate Ring. Killing all four Chaos Eaters before speaking to him will cause him to give you the Speckled Stoneplate Ring as thanks, but he will not appear again.

If Siegmeyer survived the fight with the Chaos Eaters and you did not kill them for him, his corpse will appear at Ash Lake after speaking with Sieglinde at Firelink Shrine the second time. Sieglinde, who is standing over his body, will give you a Titanite Slab and both questlines will end.

Knight Lautrec of Carim

Lautrec appears on the upper level of the church at Undead Parish. He is behind a breakable wall trapped in a cell. The Mystery Key from earlier in the Parish lets you free him, after which he appears at Firelink Shrine. The Master Key also allows you to free him.
At Firelink Shrine, Lautrec watches Anastacia constantly. If you freed him at the Undead Parish, he will give you a Sunlight Medal. If you did not free him, he will still appear here but will not give you the gift.

After the Bells of Awakening are both rung or the Fire Keeper Souls in Undead Parish and Blighttown, Lautrec murders Anastacia, who drops the Black Eye Orb and her outfit.

In the main hall of Anor Londo’s cathedral (just before Ornstein and Smough), the Black Eye Orb can be used to invade Lautrec’s world and kill him. He will drop Anastacia’s Fire Keeper Soul when killed and his corpse and armour can be found upstairs in Ornstein and Smough’s room, on the same level as Gwynevere’s room.

Oswald of Carim

Oswald appears in the bell tower on top of the church in Undead Parish after the Bell of Awakening has been rung. He sells several items and absolves sins for extortionate price.

This is Oswald’s only appearance and he drops the Book of the Guilty if killed before it has been purchased.

Unlike most other NPCs, making Oswald hostile is irreversible as he is the only NPC who absolves sins.

Griggs of Vinheim

Griggs can be found behind a locked door in the first area of the Lower Undead Burg. You need the Residence Key from the Itinerant Merchant to free him. Speaking to him will move him to Firelink Shrine.

Griggs will now appear in Firelink Shrine and will remain here until you purchase every item Griggs sells. After doing so he will leave for Sen’s Fortress.

Griggs will appear once again in Sen’s Fortress, where he will be hollowed and must be killed.

What to Avoid

Soul Spear and Homing Soulmass cannot be bought by Griggs until Big Hat Logan has left Firelink Shrine. This means the questline can be missed if Logan never makes it to the Shrine or never leaves (for example, if you kill him early). Even if Griggs never meets Logan (if you complete Logan’s questline or kill him before freeing Griggs) he will still sell these sorceries if (and only if) Logan has been and gone from the Shrine.

Itinerant Merchant Woman

This merchant appears in the aqueduct connecting Lower Undead Burg to Undead Burg. From behind bars, she sells various ammunition, moss, and other assorted items. If attacked without being killed, she will retreat further behind the bars and not come back.

Rhea of Thorolund

Appears with Vince and Nico at Firelink Shrine, where Petrus is.

Speaking to Petrus while they are present or encountering Pinwheel moves them to the Tomb of the Giants.

After they have moved, Rhea appears in the pit that Patches kicks you into at the Tomb. Killing Vince and Nico causes Rhea to give you Replenishment, a miracle. She will then move to the church in the Undead Parish.

At the altar in Undead Parish, Rhea will sell miracles and some other items. If you buy every item Rhea sells, she will be kidnapped and taken to the Duke’s Archives.

At the Duke’s Archives, Rhea will be hollowed in a cell in the prison tower. The cell can be opened with the Prison Extra Key. When killed, Rhea will drop 7 Humanity and her Ivory Talisman.

Rhea will be dead at the Parish altar if any two of the following bosses are killed before buying all of her items: Gaping Dragon, Bell Gargoyles, Crossbreed Priscilla, Sif, Gravelord Nito, Chaos Witch Quelaag, the Bed of Chaos, Iron Golem, or Ornstein and Smough. She drops the 7 Humanity here, but the Ivory Talisman will instead be dropped by Petrus, suggesting he betrayed her at the Tomb of the Giants and killed her at the altar.

Vince and Nico of Thorolund

Vince and Nico first appear along with Rhea of Thorolund at Firelink Shrine. The group arrives after the Capra Demon is killed and leaves once Pinwheel is encountered.

In the Tomb of the Giants, Vince and Nico are both hollowed in the pit that Patches kicks you into. Killing them will save Rhea and allow her questline to continue.

Laurentius of the Great Swamp

Laurentius is trapped in a barrel near the second butcher in the Depths, who can be found near the flooded area near the entrance. Roll into the barrel to break it; attacking the barrel will make him hostile. Speaking to Laurentius in the Depths causes him to move to Firelink Shrine.

Laurentius appears sitting near the flooded area of Firelink Shrine where Frampt appears. Here, he will give you the Pyromancy Flame. If you have entered the Chaos Servant covenant or have one of Quelana’s pyromancies, he will ask how you got it. Saying ‘yes’ to answer him causes him to leave for Blighttown. This prevents him from selling you pyromancies unique to him and upgrading the pyromancy flame to +10. It’s safe to say ‘no’ until you’re ready for him to leave.

After telling him where you found the pyromancy, Laurentius is hollowed near the bonfire in the base of Blighttown and must be killed.

Kirk, Knight of Thorns

Kirk first appears in the Depths. If the player is human, Kirk invades at the bottom of the waterfall in the sewers, near the Basilisks. Kirk doesn’t invade unless Gaping Dragon is alive.

Kirk appears again in the Demon Ruins after Ceaseless Discharge is killed. He invades on the stairs leading down from the cliff after crossing the cooled lava. Kirk doesn’t invade unless Centipede Demon is alive, and he was defeated in the Depths.

Kirk invades for the third and final time in Lost Izalith. If the player is human, Kirk invades outside the Bed of Chaos’ door, where the Daughter of Chaos is the first time you arrive. Kirk only invades if Bed of Chaos is alive and he was defeated in the Depths and the Demon Ruins.

Once Kirk is defeated all three times, his corpse and armour can be found in the back of Quelaag’s Sister’s chamber in Quelaag’s Domain.

Domhnall of Zena

Domhnall first appears in the Depths, just before the large doors to Blighttown; you’re unlikely to miss him as he is close to the entrance to the Gaping Dragon boss fight. Speaking to him in the Depths causes him to move permanently to Firelink Shrine, where he will stay for the rest of the playthrough.

Domhnall appears on the lower part of the aqueduct at Firelink Shrine which leads to the Undead Burg. Here, he sells unique armours after specific bosses are defeated, including the armour of Gwyn if spoken to in New Game Plus. Domhnall also gives advice regarding the Catacombs, New Londo Ruins, and a hint at Ash Lake. It’s worth noting that killing Domhnall doesn’t make him drop his armour; it must be purchased from him.

Domhnall literally cannot be missed unless he is killed. It’s worth noting, however, that killing Gwyn and starting New Game Plus removes all the unique boss armour from Domhnall’s inventory next time you meet him save for Gwyn’s. To obtain all of these, purchase them before killing Gwyn.

Maneater Mildred

Mildred invades the player’s world in Blighttown (near the bonfire at the bottom) if they are human. If she is killed she can be summoned later to help fight Quelaag. She drops the Butcher Knife if killed while invading. Mildred only invades if Quelaag is alive.
In Quelaag’s Domain, Mildred can be summoned to help fight Quelaag if the player is human.

Quelana of Izalith

Quelana appears on one of the islands in Blighttown’s swampy base only once your Pyromancy Flame has been upgraded to +10 by Laurentius or Eingyi, but before the Bed of Chaos has been killed. Quelana will be sitting on the ground and offers unique pyromancies as well as the option to ascend your Pyromancy Flame. After Chaos Witch Quelaag is dead, Quelana will ask you to kill the Bed of Chaos. After the Bed of Chaos is dead, Quelana offers the Fire Tempest pyromancy. Once your Pyromancy Flame is fully upgraded, the Bed of Chaos is dead, and you have learned all of Quelana’s pyromancies, she will thank you and disappear permanently.

Quelana is one of the most easily missed characters in the game. The unique circumstances for her to appear, coupled with the fact that most players would generally warp straight to the Daughter of Chaos bonfire in order to fight the Bed of Chaos means most don’t even see Quelana before she permanently disappears. Speaking to her once ensures that she will stay in place until her questline is fully completed.

Egg Bearer Eingyi

After killing Quelaag, Eingyi can be found behind an illusory wall, one floor beneath the Bell of Awakening in Quelaag’s Domain. Tell him that you are a new servant, and he will allow you to pass into the chamber and speak with Quelaag’s Sister. He offers pyromancer services after you have been infected by a Parasite Egg. This can be done by allowing the Chaos Servants in Blighttown and the beginning of the Demon Ruins to attack you with their worm. After speaking to Eingyi in this state he will give you an Egg Vermifuge to remove the Parasite. He also gives you the Pyromancy Flame if your intelligence is at least 11 and upgrades the Flame after you have spoken to Quelaag’s Sister.

Quelaag’s Sister

Quelaag’s Sister appears in Quelaag’s Domain, behind an illusory wall and guarded by Eingyi. Telling Eingyi that you are a new servant causes him to let you pass. Quelaag’s Sister lets you join the Chaos Servant covenant and upgrade your Estus Flask in exchange for a Fire Keeper Soul.

Quelaag’s Sister cannot be spoken to unless the player is wearing the Old Witch’s Ring, which can be chosen as a starting gift or obtained by giving the Sunlight Maggot to the Crow at the Northern Undead Asylum.

Killing Quelaag’s Sister breaks the Chaos Servant covenant and makes Eingyi hostile.

Stone Dragon

This stone dragon can be found at the far end of Ash Lake. It allows you to enter the Path of the Dragon covenant.

The dragon cannot be killed or made hostile.

Cutting the dragon’s tail gives the player the Dragon Greatsword

Kingseeker Frampt

Frampt appears from the pool of water near the graveyard at Firelink Shrine after both Bells of Awakening have been rung. He provides story information and can be used to place the Lordvessel once it has been obtained. Not that doing so will cause Darkstalker Kaathe to disappear once he is next spoken to, or to never appear at all if you haven’t killed Four Kings first. Frampt can also be fed various items and provides a variable amount of souls depending on the item. This is the only way to ‘sell’ items in Dark Souls. If Frampt is asleep when you speak to him, he can be hit once to wake up. Hitting him a second time will make him disappear for the rest of the playthrough but dropping into his pit allows you to still access the Lordvessel and finish the game.

Frampt cannot be killed but making him hostile by attacking him causes him to leave for the rest of the playthrough. The Firelink Altar can still be accessed by falling into Frampt’s pit, talking to Kaathe, or warping to Firelink Altar after visiting once. Placing the Lordvessel by talking to Kaathe also makes Frampt disappear for the rest of the playthrough.

Big Hat Logan

Logan is imprisoned in a suspended cage in Sen’s Fortress, behind the wall that a Serpent Soldier is leaning against. This can be accessed by adjusting the boulder machine at the top of the fortress to angle one in this direction. After the wall has been broken you need the Cage Key or Master Key to release him. The Cage Key is found in the same tower as the Crestfallen Merchant at the top of the fortress. After freeing and talking to Logan he will move to Firelink Shrine.

Logan will sell you a limited array of spells at Firelink Shrine, where he is seated behind Griggs’ location and can be easily missed (look for the hat). Logan doesn’t sell any spells here unless your intelligence stat is at least 15. You don’t need to buy anything from him here, and his spells can later be purchased with this requirement lifted. Logan will leave after you’ve placed the Lordvessel.

After being defeated by Seath at the top of the Archives, Logan is again imprisoned at the bottom of the Archives’ prison tower. The Archive Tower Giant Cell Key is required to free him here, which can be found in a chest behind the moving bookshelves near the Crystal Caves path. Freeing him will move him to a room filled with books near a lever that opens the shortcut (the room with the Blue Titanite Chunk). Here, he’ll sell you all his spells with no intelligence requirement. After defeating Seath the Scaleless and buying all of his spells, Logan moves to the room at the top of the Archives where Seath was first encountered. Here, he’ll be insane and hostile, and must be killed. He’ll drop his hat when killed, and the rest of his outfit can be found in the room where he sold his spells.

Killing Seath the Scaleless without freeing Logan from his cell will cause Logan to skip directly to his final encounter. You’ll complete the questline but miss the chance to buy Logan’s spells.

Black Iron Tarkus

Tarkus only appears once, in Sen’s Fortress. If you are human, he can be summoned to fight the Iron Golem, which he is powerful enough to kill on his own.

Tarkus’s corpse appears in Anor Londo’s chapel, near the giant painting.

Darkmoon Knightess

The Darkmoon Knight appears at the first bonfire in Anor Londo, where she is the Fire Keeper. She gives you directions in Anor Londo and can upgrade the Estus Flask like the other Fire Keepers. Killing Princess Gwynevere causes Anor Londo’s sun to set and it to become dark. After doing this, the Knight becomes hostile and will relocate to the bridge outside Anor Londo’s cathedral. Killing her here will cause her to drop a Fire Keeper Soul. Her armour set can be found in the room behind Dark Sun Gwyndolin, after Gywndolin is dead. Killing the Knight causes the bonfire to become unusable.

Xanthous King Jeremiah

Jeremiah invades in the Painted World of Ariamis if the player is human. He appears in the area near the edge of a cliff with the impaled corpses and torch-wielding Hollows. Jeremiah only appears if Crossbreed Priscilla is alive. Jeremiah drops his Notched Whip when he is defeated, and his corpse with his armour can be found on the broken bridge adjoining Crossbreed Priscilla’s area.

Sieglinde of Catarina

After talking to Siegmeyer at Firelink Shrine, a Golden Crystal Golem appears in the courtyard at the Duke’s Archives, close to the entrance to the Crystal Caves. If this Golem is killed, Sieglinde will be saved. Talking to her moves her to Firelink Shrine, regardless of what you say to her.

Sieglinde appears at Firelink Shrine after being spoken to at the Duke’s Archives. She asks after her father, Siegmeyer, and if you answer that ‘yes’, you have seen him, she moves off to find him.

After succeeding in saving Siegmeyer at Lost Izalith, Sieglinde appears at Firelink Shrine again and tells you that Siegmeyer went on one last adventure.
After talking to her a second time at Firelink Shrine, she can be found at Ash Lake, looking over Siegmeyer’s corpse. She will give the player a Titanite Slab.

Witch Beatrice

If the player is human, Beatrice can be summoned in Darkroot Garden to help fight against the Moonlight Butterfly. The summon sign is hidden beneath bushes at the base of Moonlight Butterfly’s tower.

If the player is human and Beatrice was summoned to fight the Moonlight Butterfly, she can be summoned again at New Londo Ruins to fight Four Kings. Her sign is hidden behind a column.

Beatrice’s corpse can be found in the Valley of Drakes with her robes and catalyst. Her corpse appears regardless of whether she has been summoned for either fight.

Alvina of the Darkroot Wood

Alvina appears in the window of a damaged tower in the area of Darkroot Garden guarded by Forest Hunters. She allows players to join the Forest Hunter covenant, after which none of the Forest Hunters will be hostile and Shiva of the East will appear. Any Forest Hunters currently attacking you will stop attacking when you speak to Alvina, and attacking any of them including Shiva, Shiva’s bodyguard, or Alvina herself will break the Forest Hunter covenant. Alvina cannot be killed.

Alvina appears in the Chasm of the Abyss behind a fake floor that vanishes when stepped on. She leads the player to a young Sif, who is under attack by Humanity Sprites.

Shiva of the East

Shiva and his bodyguard appear near Alvina’s tower in Darkroot Garden only if you are a part of the Forest Hunter covenant. He will talk to you but sell nothing here.

After speaking to Shiva in Darkroot Garden, Shiva will appear at the base of Blighttown in front of the elevator to the Valley of Drakes. Here, he will sell you assorted unique items.

This is the end of Shiva’s questline. Killing him here is the only way to get the Murakamo and Iron Round Shield, and killing his bodyguard is the only way to get the Dark Wood Grain Ring. Killing either of them breaks the Forest Hunter covenant. Breaking the covenant through any means will make Shiva hostile.

Dusk of Oolacile

Dusk will appear in Darkroot Basin, in a cavernous, partially-hidden area behind the hydra at the bottom of the Basin. She is trapped inside the Golden Crystal Colem and it must be killed for her to appear. After rescuing her, she can be summoned with a summon sign on the shore of the hydra’s lake after the hydra has been killed. She sells unique sorceries and a unique catalyst. After summoning her for the first time, her clothing can be found in the cavern where she was rescued.

If you’re playing on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 versions of Dark Souls, this does not apply to you as it only appears in the PC and subsequent versions. In the additional content, Dusk appears in the Chasm of the Abyss after defeating the final boss, Manus.

This content adds nothing to Dusk’s inventory or questline and she can be interacted with in the exact same way before and after killing Manus. After beginning the additional content and entering Oolacile, she cannot be summoned at Darkroot Basin until Manus is killed.

Dusk is briefly unavailable between arriving at Oolacile and killing Manus. Elizabeth sells the same spells and catalyst as her during and after this.


After defeating the Sanctuary Garden, Elizabeth is at the left side of the Oolacile Sanctuary as you enter it. She provides the story for the additional content, and sells the same spells and equipment as Dusk. Speaking to her after killing Manus grants you 3 of ‘Elizabeth’s Mushroom’, a powerful healing item. This is the only legitimate way to get this item, though it can be duplicated in New Game Plus.

Elizabeth will always be present at Oolacile Sanctuary, although killing Dusk will cause Elizabeth to also be dead next time you return.

Marvellous Chester

Chester appears near Artorias’ arena in the Royal Wood, across a short bridge. He sells items to the player, though most of these items can be bought cheaper elsewhere.

Chester invades the player at Oolacile Township as a dark spirit if you are human. Killing this spirit does not remove any of his services. He drops his outfit when killed as a human. Chester only invades if Manus is alive.

Hawkeye Gough

Gough provides a large amount of story background when spoken to and offers blacksmith services. He can be found by travelling around the outside of the arena in which Artorias is fought, only after killing Artorias. You’ll need the Crest Key dropped by a Mimic in Oolacile Township to access him. After losing to Black Dragon Kalameet once in the basin of the Royal Wood, Gough will offer to cripple the dragon for you. This allows Kalameet to be fought and defeated. After killing Kalameet, speak to Gough to receive Gough’s Greatbow.

Gough cannot be missed but killing him before he cripples Kalameet can make Kalameet almost impossible to defeat through normal means. Gough drops his armour when killed.

Lord’s Blade Ciaran

Ciaran appears at Artorias’s arena in the Royal Wood if the Soul of Artorias is in your inventory. She asks you to give her the Soul. If you agree, she gives you the Gold Tracer and the Dark Silver Tracer.

Ciaran only appears once, so there is no reason not to kill her and take the Tracers and armour from her corpse the first time you see her. There is no reason to give her the Soul of Artorias as she does not drop it afterwards if killed and will drop the Tracers anyway.

Ciaran’s corpse can be found behind Artorias’s gravestone at Darkroot Garden, carrying the Hornet Ring.

Sif, the Great Grey Wolf

Sif appears as one of two bosses of Darkroot Garden. She must be killed to complete the game, as the Covenant of Artorias she drops is required to survive the Abyss and killed the Four Kings.

Sif appears in the Chasm of the Abyss, hidden beneath a false floor. Alvina leads the player to her, and she can be rescued from Humanity Sprites. If she is rescued, Sif can be summoned to help fight Manus if the player is human. Unlike most summon signs, Sif’s sign appears inside the boss room and she is summoned instantly.

If Sif was rescued in the Chasm of the Abyss, she recognises the player in Darkroot Garden and is reluctant to fight.

Ingward the Sealer

Ingward appears on top of a building in New Londo Ruins, near the large seal that opens into Valley of Drakes. He sells Transient Curses and the Resist Curse spell, and will remove a curse for you once spoken to. After acquiring the Lordvessel, Ingward will give you the Key to the Seal, allowing you to fight the Four Kings. Note that he will give you the key even after the Lordvessel has been placed. It’s not recommended that he be killed to obtain the key as a major bug causes him to sometimes fail to drop it once killed, bricking the playthrough and making it impossible to beat the game.

Ingward will appear at Firelink Shrine after the Four Kings are killed, where he will offer the same services he did at New Londo Ruins.

Darkstalker Kaathe

Kaathe only appears in the Abyss and will never appear unless the Four Kings are defeated before placing the Lordvessel. Doing so allows you to join the Darkwraith Covenant and place the Lordvessel from here. Doing so means Kingseeker Frampt will disappear for the rest of the playthrough and his services cannot be used.

Most players are unlikely to ever meet Kaathe. To do so, Sif needs to be killed to obtain the Covenant of Artorias and the Key to the Seal needs to be obtained from Ingward the Sealer in New Londo Ruins. Ingward gives the player the key only once the Lordvessel has been obtained, meaning that you need to acquire it in Anor Londo and travel immediately to the New Londo Ruins without placing it in order to meet Kaathe. Under normal circumstances you can also obtain the Key to the Seal by killing Ingward, but a major bug in the Prepare to Die Edition causes Ingward to die without dropping the key, dooming your entire playthrough. As such, it’s recommended to just get the Lordvessel first and avoid Frampt on the way to Four Kings.

Paladin Leeroy

Leeroy can be summoned in the Catacombs to help fight Pinwheel if the player is human. His summon sign is on an elevated platform just before Pinwheel’s room and can be accessed by dropping down from above.

After the Lordvessel has been placed and if he was summoned to fight Pinwheel, Leeroy invades in the Tomb of the Giants, in the area where Ash Lake can be seen. When killed, Leeroy drops the Grant and Sanctus. Leeroy only invades if Nito is alive.

After Leeroy has invaded and been defeated, his corpse can be found in Nito’s boss room with his armour set. This can be accessed either by fighting Nito or by entering the room via the coffin in the Catacombs.

Trusty Patches

Appears next to a lever controlling the spiked bridge in the Catacombs, but only if Rhea of Thorolund have not left Firelink Shrine and Pinwheel has not been killed. If he is here, he may try to flip the spiked bridge as you cross it. He will ask if you are a cleric. Answering ‘yes’ ends his questline and causes him to be hostile next time he is spoken to (either here or in the Tomb), answering ‘no’ causes him to ask if he caused you trouble by flipping the bridge. He will give you a Humanity if you answer ‘yes’. This is the only set of responses that give any reward. After this encounter (or if Rhea leaves Firelink Shrine or Pinwheel is killed), Patches leaves for the Tomb of the Giants.

Appears near a large pit by the first (hidden) bonfire in Tomb of the Giants. If you speak to him he will point out a treasure visible in the pit, and then kick you into it. In the pit you’ll encounter Rhea and her now-hollowed companions. After escaping the pit and speaking to Patches again (or dying, respawning, and speaking to him again), he will beg for your forgiveness. If you say ‘yes’ that you will forgive him, he lights up prism stones that show the way to a hidden bonfire. If you say ‘no’, you will not forgive him, he’ll give you Twin Humanities. Patches remains here until Gravelord Nito is killed.

After Gravelord Nito is killed, Patches appears near Frampt’s pit at Firelink Shrine, close to the graveyard. Here, he operates as a merchant, uniquely selling the three masks that can be acquired from killing Pinwheel. If he is killed at Firelink Shrine, Patches will drop the Crescent Axe.

Patches is easy to miss in the Catacombs, but his questline continues as normal regardless of whether you met him there.

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