Darkest Dungeon 2 Crusader Build

Optimize your Crusader in this detailed guide, providing information and tips to create the ultimate version of your character.

You should check out our guide for information and details that will help you create the best version of Crusader.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Crusader Build

The Crusader, a cherished hero from Darkest Dungeon, returns in Darkest Dungeon 2, ready to adapt to various roles within your party. This guide focuses on unlocking the full potential of the Crusader’s Aggressor path, providing the best loadouts for different situations. Explore the intricacies of the Aggressor build and discover the ideal skills, trinkets, and team compositions to dominate your enemies.

1. Best Crusader Build – Aggressor Path

Contrary to specialized heroes, the Crusader excels in versatility, transitioning seamlessly between tank, healer, damage dealer, or support roles. Specializing in the Aggressor path proves most effective, offering self-sufficiency, healing, and potent damage. Optimize this build by placing the Crusader in Rank 1 and equipping the Fieldstone trinket for a chance to apply burn on melee hits (66%).

2. Recommended Trinkets for the Aggressor Crusader

Enhance your Aggressor Crusader with these trinkets:

  • Enlightening Element: 25% chance of applying Burn 3.
  • Sacred Scribblings: Increases the duration of Burn by 2.
  • Snappy Swig: +1 Burn dealt.

3. Best Skills for Crusader

For the Aggressor path, prioritize skills that apply or benefit from burn:

  • Holy Lance: Signature move hitting back ranks, inflicting burn, and moving the Crusader forward.
  • Zealous Accusation: Ranged attack cleaving two targets, applying burn, and enhancing damage to burning targets.
  • Stunning Blow: Stuns enemies with combo, particularly effective when following up Holy Lance.
  • Tenacity: Self-sufficient healing triggered by melee skills when the target has Burn.
  • Reap: A cleaving attack with debuffs and execution potential when there are burn tokens.

4. Best Team Composition for Crusader

Maximize the Aggressor Crusader’s potential with these ideal teammates:

  • Plague Doctor: For healing and maximizing burn potential.
  • Jester: A damage dealer to complement the Crusader’s abilities.
  • Runaway: Enhances burn chance and complements the Crusader’s position in the front rank.

5. Alternative Build – Dancing Party

Explore an alternative build focusing on the Crusader’s Holy Lance skill, creating a dancing party with the Duelist or Grave Robber. This build maximizes agility and taunting skills to avoid hits while positioning the Crusader strategically.

Master the Aggressor path of the Crusader in Darkest Dungeon 2 with this comprehensive guide. Unleash the potential of your Crusader by choosing the right skills, trinkets, and teammates, ensuring victory in the darkest of dungeons. Optimize your strategy and lead your party to triumph with the versatile and powerful Aggressor Crusader build.

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