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Darksiders 3 – Luminious Visages Locations Complete

Luminious Visages Locations Complete The Location of all 17 Luminous Visages locations. This is an easy […]

Luminious Visages Locations Complete

The Location of all 17 Luminous Visages locations. This is an easy to follow guide which shows the best order for collecting all the LVs in the game. Luminous Visages are used to gain free skill points and are best used right before fighting the final boss as well as will restore your health to maximum. These items are rare as there are only 16 per world and 17 if you have the Keeper’s of the Void DLC. They cannot be bought from Vulgrim.

Luminous Visages Locations Spoilers

I’ve noticed that quite a few Darksiders 3 guide are either incomplete or just plain wrong. I’m going to start making little guides to help as many people as I can. The problem is LV locations the guides are all over the place when it comes to where they are and how many. But, I can tell you that there are EXACTLY 17 LV. And for those of you who don’t know LV are used to gain a free skill point no matter what level.

This guide goes in order of which ones you will get first to last.

1. Under the Lord of Hallows Chamber. Jump off with flame hollow and collect LV

2. Behind Flameface in Catacombs. Not sure what this enemy type really is but they’ve got a massive hammer and are on fire.

3. Dropped by Avarice after fight. Drops where he dies

4. In an underwater tunnel in the Cistern. After opening the shortcut go back into the room and underwater is a tunnel. (Not the glowing one) the LV in the corner of the underwater room.

5. Dropped by Sloth where he dies.

6.Behind purple coral in the Drowned district will need to use the bug as a bomb.

7. From Mangled Freeway keep going until you can go left to the dead end or right to continue on. Go left and smash the boxes hiding a tunnel vent. This LV is guarded by a red-eyed enemy

8. Dropped by Lust after fight

9. After getting the Force Hallow go to North End and head all the way to left with the massive tree. Use flame hallow and start to triple jump to climb the tree. This LV will be found on the ledge and if you keep going you can get your first chunk of Adamantite

10. At an altar from the Forgotten Lake guarded by several eels. Going here is part of the main quest so, make sure you collect the shiny too!

11. Dropped by Gluttony after fight.

12. After Stasis Hallow return to Sunken tracks and climb the ice wall. Found above behind some coral and there is also a human in this room I believe.

13. In the corner of Abraxis lair near the Lowlands. You don’t have to fight him but, if you do I’d recommend collecting it during the fight as you will get sent down the elevator in a scene. (It’s a pain to go all the way back up). Also as a freebie: before triggering the cutscene send the lift back down and jump behind it for a piece of Adamantite.

14. After defeating Tornado Tempest head left and it is found near a Demon corpse.

15. Defeat Wrath (again). This is the only LV that will be automatically added to you inventory.

16. After defeating Wrath return to Lowlands and jump back down into the now Tornado free area. This LV can be found in the middle of the area.

NEW: 17. In the Keeper’s of the Void DLC a 17th LV can be found underwater in a room inside of the stasis hallow wing.

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