DAVE THE DIVER Staff Hiring & Configuration

Welcome to our DAVE THE DIVER Staff Hiring & Configuration guide. It is expensive to hire. Education is more expensive. You should use this guide so you don't waste your money!

Hello everyone from our DAVE THE DIVER Staff Hiring & Configuration guide! DAVE THE DIVER is a casual, single-player adventure RPG featuring deep-sea exploration and fishing by day and sushi restaurant business by night. Join Dave and his strange friends as they try to uncover the secrets of the mysterious Blue Hole. Hiring on this adventure is expensive. Education is more expensive. Don’t waste your money and check out the details below!

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the DAVE THE DIVER game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our DAVE THE DIVER guide.

DAVE THE DIVER Staff Hiring & Configuration

Welcome to our DAVE THE DIVER Staff Hiring & Configuration guide. It is expensive to hire. Education is more expensive. You should use this guide so you don’t waste your money!

For early game, my hiring recommendations are:

  • Kitchen: James, Raul, Yone, Yusuke, Charlie, Maki
  • Dining Area: El Nino, Drae, Raptor, Billy, Kyoko, Cohh, Itsuki

*The underlined ones are must-haves, but the others are also decent.

Also, here’s a brief overview of what each stat does:

  • Cooking: decreases the time needed to prepare a dish
  • Serving: increases movement speed, but does not affect drink serving speed
  • Procure: increases the number of items obtained when dispatched
  • Appeal: increases the chance of getting random bonus items when dispatched, but does not affect the amount of tips received (which is always 10% of the dish price)


Raul, James, Charlie, Yusuke and Yone are the ideal candidates. They have the best skills and decent cooking stats. Maki has been available early game and is also usable, but her skillset isn’t as great.

Don’t sweat if these folks don’t show up in your applicant list. The kitchen part is quite chill and basically couldn’t go wrong. Anyone with high enough cooking stat will suffice.


  • Maki: Cooking+, Cooking++
  • Charlie and Yusuke: Cooking+, Prep Expert (5% chance of making an additional plate)
  • Yone : Cooking++, Prep Expert (5%)
  • James: Cooking+, Prep Master (10%)
  • Raul: Master Drink Maker, Prep Master (10%)

What’s worth mentioning about Raul is that when he’s in the kitchen, you get an extra 10g for every drink (including cocktail) sold. Consider hiring Raul if you are fine with his slightly lower (but still good enough) cooking stat.

Dining Area

Here’s where you got to choose. Do you want a fully automatic team, or are you fine with grinding wasabi about twice each night?

  1. If you want a hands free combination:
  2. Main store: El Nino, Raptor
  3. Branch: Drae (manager), Billy, Itsuki/Kyoko

The downside with this combination is that you might lose 1-5 customers each night when it gets busy, but everything runs automatically. You can just sit back and watch.

  1. If you are fine being the wasabi man, consider this combination:
  2. Main store: El Nino, Drae
  3. Branch: Kyoko (manager), Billy, Raptor

Here you always get all customers. There is a slim chance you miss one, but that is highly unlikely. All you need to do is stand by the wasabi machine and grind wasabi when it gets low. You can certainly help out if you want to, but just grinding wasabi is enough.


  • El Nino: Cleaning+, Drink Serving+ (Cocktail not included)
  • Raptor: Wasabi Refill, Cocktail Serving
  • Drae: Cleaning, Cocktail Serving
  • Billy: Cleaning+, Tip Master (always get tips)
  • Itsuki: Drink Serving, Appeal stat+
  • Kyoko: Drink Serving, Tip Master

The dining area, unfortunately, doesn’t provide much freedom as the kitchen does. As of the current version of the game (1.0.0), how much money you make depends almost exclusively on how many dishes you can serve. Cooking is never the problem here.

Thus, the set-up of the dining area is essential. I would really suggest hiring staff members as suggested above, which probably means you need to send out recruitment ads multiple times, but it is worth the effort. Or, at least hire El Nino, Drae, Billy and Raptor whenever they show up in the application list. These guys are good from start to finish. You will never regret hiring them.

On a side note, since the word manager has been mentioned a few times in the guide, I will say a few things about it just in case you are curious:

Once someone is designated as the manager, they become (well, at least within the game’s context) omnipotent. They can do everything (cleaning, serving drinks, grinding wasabi, etc) with or without corresponding skills. They do, however, tend to prioritize those work they have the skills with. I guess that’s how the role is programmed to be.

Also, the cooking stat of the manager determines the rank of your branch. And this rank caps the rank of ingredients you can send to the branch (yes, these are two different ranks).
For example, if your branch has a rank of 7, then you will not be able to send any ingredient of rank 8 or higher to the branch, thus limiting menu variety.

The rank of your branch can be viewed under the staff tab when you are at the branch, and the ranks of ingredients can be viewed under the ingredients tab when you are at the main store or the branch.

Without making things more complicated, just make sure the cooking stat of your branch manager is above 500, so all ingredients can be used at the branch. If you are following this guide and your manager is maxed out, you should be fine.

That’s the end of our DAVE THE DIVER Staff Hiring & Configuration guide! I hope the guide was helpful in some way. Please let me know if you have any questions. Good dives!

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