Dawn of Man – How to Increase Morale?

Increase Morale

Step 1: Give people more water and food possible without limiting if not in really necessary cases.

Step 2: Everyone loves alcohol, so you have to drink your beer population. Beer will increase morale considerably, but to produce it, you need cereals.

You will have some cereals available, but if you do not have to be so venture out and harvest the wild ones. Take them home and put them on your farm (which you will have to create if you do not have them yet). When it’s time, grab the wheat and use it to make beer.

Wheat can also be used to make flour and therefore bread to feed the population and keep morale high.

For your Dawn of Man community to keep chugging along, you will want to maintain as high a level of morale as is possible, and this can be boiled down to two essential techniques:

Simple on paper, but you might be wondering what the extra, unexplained steps are. There are a few, to be sure, but it’s nothing all too complex. For example, to keep your population well-fed, bread is a good choice. Early in the match, you want to focus your production of wheat on getting you a lot of bread, but later on, once you’ve already branched out and aren’t as dependent on bread as you were before, refocus your production on beer.

Procuring a steady income of both food and alcohol is going to give your population the morale boost it so desperately requires, and perhaps even set them up for success later on.

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