Dawn of Man – How to Upgrade Tools

How can I change or upgrade the tools already equipped? I have plenty of flint spears in my stocks but my humans preffer the damn harpoons…

Harpoons are solely used for fishing. They should equip spears if they go on hunts. Best you craft slings or bows when possible. They are better anyways.

And it takes time before they switch to the new tools. I sell the old ones as quickly as possible. It’s one way to stop the use of them.

Each time that they’re command to perform a task they get the best tool available for it so you just take care that there is new tools on the villange and as the characters rotate the tasks/tools they will use the good ones if they’re available.

Even if a character is doing the same task always (so use the same tool), the tools decay with use so when the old tool is broken he will replace it with the best equivalent tool available.

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