Days Gone – Achievement Guide

Days Gone Achievement Guide Welcome to our Days Gone Achievement Guide ! A simple guide to […]

Days Gone Achievement Guide

Welcome to our Days Gone Achievement Guide ! A simple guide to get you through all of the games achievements. This includes video links as well as tips and tricks to help you reach your 100% completion goal by just following the guide along.

The purpose of this guide is to help you achieve 100% completion in Days Gone.

Days Gone Achievement Guide Key Points:

  • Number of missable achievements: 0
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2 ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ Recommended: 3
  • 100% completion time: Around 100h if not more.
  • Difficulty required for 100%: New game+ with Survival II (Only available on second playthrough and if it’s to hard. Do New game+ or Survival II on separate playthroughs.)

Days Gone Achievement Guide General Tips:

You can play through your first run on easy if you want to make it quicker. That way you can focus on the story and just getting the achievements. The difficulty of the game only matters on the new game+ play through.

The first step is to play through the game and complete the main story and any side quests you come across. You should aim to do any encampment jobs you get offered as it unlocks better weapons and bike upgrades by leveling up your camp level. You should aim for level 2 at a minimum when playing through the story as it will only make the game easier for you.

While playing through the story you should always be looting human corpses. This is for the achievement “You’ve Got Red on You” and it requires you to loot 541 items from human bodies. Which is easily achievable if you loot the bodies during the story. Leaving this to the end of the game can cause problems as you run into far less dead humans once you have finished the game. I should add that you don’t need to loot 541 separate bodies as some drop more than one item.

One of the key things in the game I should mention is that fast travel does exist. If you clear out a NERO Checkpoint you can use them as fast travel markers as well as safe houses and enemy camps. Now these won’t always be available depending on where you are in the story but you can certainly use them to get around at the end of the story. The requirement to unlock these points is to clear out the checkpoints and once cleared you power on the facility and enter the building. However, there are some catches to this and an example would be if there is a freaker infestation in between you and your destination it won’t let you fast travel. You would have to clear it out before being able to use that fast travel route. Check the this video for any further details.

Finally before getting into the guide I would like to mention temporary points of no return. You will find after finishing the 3rd region you get a pop up saying that this is a point of no return and again at the 5th region. These are temporary and once you complete the main story you can free roam back to these areas. You will just be blocked from going back to them while finishing the main story. So don’t worry if you miss something in an earlier area you can always go back after you finish the game.

Days Gone Achievement Guide – Natural Progression

These are unlocked though natural progression during the game meaning you don’t need to worry about them. You will unlock the below achievement once you have gotten all other achievements.

One Percenter

  • Go above and BEYOND, unlocking every achievement in Days Gone

They are listed in the order you unlock them and I’ve included what missions you need to finish to unlock each achievement.

Just a Flesh WoundDays Gone Achievement Guide

  • Get out of Crazy Willie’s
  • Complete mission “You Got A Death Wish” in storyline “He’s My Brother”.

Special DeliveryDays Gone Achievement Guide

  • Make a delivery to Tucker or Copeland
  • Complete “Chasing Leon” storyline. At the end of the storyline you can pick between giving Tucker or Copeland a package, doesn’t matter who you choose.

The Ends and the MeansDays Gone Achievement Guide

  • Discover what happened to NERO
  • Complete mission “They’re Not Sleeping” in storyline “Finding Nero”.

Lost and FoundDays Gone Achievement Guide

  • Drive south with Boozer
  • Complete mission “No One Saw It Coming” in storyline “He’s My Brother”.

Brothers in Arm

  • Check up on Boozer
  • Complete mission “I Could Use a Hand” in storyline “He’s My Brother”.

One Down

  • Defeat your first Horde
  • Unlocks during a story mission at the end of Crater Lake (5th region).

You can kill a horde earlier in the game if you choose but it will be harder to do. Furthermore, if you die to many times attempting this you can choose to skip it and you get the achievement for free. However, I’d suggest giving it a go as you will need to clear all hordes later and this can be good practice. Remember you can pack extra ammo on your bike using saddlebags. I’d suggest using grenades and heavy weapons to cull the horde and use lighter weapons to finish off random zombies.

Take Back Your Name

  • Return the favorComplete mission “Should Have Seen It Coming” in storyline “Ripped Apart”.

Riding NOMAD

  • Take to the road alone
  • Complete mission “Riding Nomad Again” in storyline “We’ve All Done Things”.

Hold on Tight

  • See a familiar face
  • Complete mission “A War We Can Win” in storyline “I Remember”.

It’s Getting Cold Outside

  • Reconnect with what you lost
  • Complete mission “We Couldn’t Take the Risk” in storyline “I’m Never Giving Up”.

Morior Invictus

  • Ride out to take back what’s yours
  • Complete mission “Ascending from the Underworld” in storyline “Race Against Time”.

I’ve Been Waiting for This

  • Take revenge, once and for all
  • Complete mission “For An Outlaw Biker”.

Days Done

  • Complete the story of Days Gone
  • Complete mission “For An Outlaw Biker”.

Days Gone Achievement Guide – Storylines

In this section you will find each achievement related to storylines in the game. This includes the “Ambush Camp Hunter”, “Infestation Exterminator”, “Marauder Camp Hunter” and the “World’s End” storylines. If you click on each achievement’s name it will take you to a YouTube video showing all the locations you need to visit. I’ve also attached below each one a text version that has images of each location you need to visit. This can be done at the end of the game but you will get a lot passively by just playing through the main story.

Special Thanks to PowerPyx for these sections and the work he put into them.

Welcome to the Party Pal

Clear all Ambush Camps, Infestations, and NERO Checkpoints in a single region

No guide needed for this one as long as you are going for the 4 achievements below. This will just unlock passively for you since you need to clear every single one from the game rather than just one region. However, if you are just wanting this achievement I’ve still attached a guide.

Ambush Camp Hunter

  • Complete the Ambush Camp Hunter storyline

In the link above you will find a web-page that shows the locations of all the Ambush Camps as well as a YouTube video embedded into the page to help you if the images aren’t enough.

Infestation Exterminator

  • Complete the Infestation Exterminator storyline

In the link above you will find a web-page that shows the locations of all the Infestations & Nests as well as a YouTube video embedded into the page to help you if the images aren’t enough.

Marauder Camp Hunter

  • Complete the Marauder Camp Hunter storyline

In the link above you will find a web-page that shows the locations of all the Marauder Camp locations as well as a YouTube video embedded into the page to help you if the images aren’t enough.

World’s End

  • Complete the World’s End storyline

In the link above you will find a web-page that shows the locations of all the NERO Checkpoint locations as well as a YouTube video embedded into the page to help you if the images aren’t enough.

Days Gone Achievement Guide – Collectibles

In this section of the guide I will cover the collectables you need to get within the world. You actually don’t need to get 100% of the collectables you only need to find 75% of them which means you can leave the harder ones. You can get the collectables at anytime and I’d suggest just getting them at the end of the game in free roam and just picking the odd one up if you happen to find any in the open world. If you follow the video along on any achievement you will get all 3 of these.

Finders Keepers

  • Unlock your first collectible

Wannabe Fortune Hunter

  • Unlock over 50% of the collectibles

The Broken Roadshow

  • Unlock over 75% of collectibles

Go Kick Rocks

  • Knock down 12 Anarchist Cairns

Although these aren’t specifically collectables they are still something you need to go around the map and destroy so I’ve listed them under this category. There are actually a lot of these around the map but you only need to destroy 12 of them. Be on the lookout while playing the game and you will probably just get this passively. See the image below for what they look like and see the video attached for 12 locations that are close together to make it a bit quicker.

Days Gone Achievement Guide – Miscellaneous Part 1

In this section I will go over achievements that you can get at any point during the story or require you to do certain events within the game. I’ve tried to list the passive one’s nearest to the top so you can be doing it while just playing the game.

You’ve Got Red on You

  • Collect 541 Items from corpses
  • Only Humans drop items!

You want to be looking to actively get this achievement from the beginning of the game. Items can only be obtained from human bodies not freakers/zombies. So anytime you see a human body you should be looting it regardless of what they have.

Remember you need to actually pick up these items so they go in your inventory you can’t just discover them on a body. They usually drop more than one item per body so make sure to pick up everything. They also tend to drop a lot a throwables, health or crafting supplies to try to use the ones you currently have during the fight. That way you can pick them all up after the battle. I’d suggest playing on hard so you are forced to use some healing without it being to difficult.

You can encounter humans throughout the game mainly during story missions, ambush camps and encampment jobs. This is where you will find the most humans that you can loot and should be always looking to loot them. If you don’t get this by the end of the game then you will have to drive about and hope for random spawns. They usually spawn in towns or around gas stations so look around there if you still need it.

Lend Me Your Ears

  • Collect 989 Freaker Ears

You should get this passively through out the game if you are going for all the achievements. All you need to do to collect these Ears is to simply walk over the top of any freaker/zombie bodies. There are a number of hordes in the game so you should get it by just finshing the story. However, if you don’t have enough by the end of the game. All the hordes will be visible on the map for you to go clear out. Allowing you to get the rest.

I should add that you don’t need all these ears in your inventory at one time you can actively sell them to bounty vendors for rewards. It’s just an overall collection.

This is a Knife

  • Kill a Breaker, Reacher, or Rager with a knife
  • Remember you only need to kill one of these so just pick which ever is easier.
Days Gone Achievement Guide

You first encounter the breaker during the mission “Playing All Night” which is in the 4th region. They spawn in free roam after this mission but it’s easier to get the kill with the knife during the “boss” battle. This is because it’s a 1v1 and he has a health bar so you can shoot him until he’s low without the worry of him dying to quickly. I’d suggest getting him to about 10% health and using the boot knife for the rest. If you happen to fail at this attempt then don’t worry just kill him in free roam. I would knife a lot sooner though since you don’t know what his current HP is unlike during that mission.

Days Gone Achievement Guide

The second variant you need to kill is the reacher. You will first encounter this during the mission “What It Takes To Survive” which is given by O’Brien and you are tasked with exploring a cave. The reacher is essentially the elite version of the normal freaker/zombies. It can be identified by it’s fur on it’s back. I’d suggest trying to kill this during the mission above as it comes with a health bar making it easier to determine when it’s low. Use the bear traps that are around the cave to help kill it by placing it in front of you it should run into them. Alternativly molotov the reacher and once low go for a kill with the boot knife. Yet again though if you don’t happen to get it during this mission that’s fine as they spawn in free roam.

Days Gone Achievement Guide

Finally we have the rager which is essentially a zombified bear. You will first encounter the rager during the mission “Mayday! Mayday!” which happens as soon you arrive in the crater lake region. The first encounter is treated as a boss like the other two so the rager gets a health bar. Aim to kill it during this mission since you can boot knife him once low. I recommend using the molotov to kill it and heavy weapons like a sniper to lower it. Once again if you happen to kill him with a normal weapon then you can find them in free roam after the mission ends.

Farewell Drift

  • Accumulate 10 minutes of drifting while on your bike

This is actually very easy to do as you can get it passively through out the game or you can grind it at a fuel station. When grinding this you just need to drift in a circle while making sure the front wheel stays locked in position.

The best place to grind this achievement is at O’Leary Mountain Safehouse (Boozer’s Tower). It’s a safe zone so you don’t need to worry about freakers/zombies. While also having a fuel station there for you to refuel your bike. So all you would do is drift in a donut until your fuel is low, refuel and begin the process again until you unlock the achievement. Find the common control methods to do this below:

  • Xbox Controller: Left joystick to the left + RT + B
  • PlayStation Controller: Left joystick to the left + R2 + O
  • PC: W + A + Alt

Ghost of Farewell

  • Get 100 stealth kills

You have to approach an enemy from behind. This will allow you to “assassinate” them. The easiest way to do this is to throw a distraction rock at freakers so you can easily walk up and stealth kill. It’s worth adding that you don’t need to be in stealth for this you can just run up behind and perform this action as long as they haven’t entered combat. Though I’d still suggest doing it silently if you are trying to get a few freakers/zombies in one area. That way they don’t go onto you after one kill. You can get this easily in free roam at night as there are loads of random freakers/zombies wandering the land. You can also get this at ambush camps on humans. This is something you will probably passively get and I wouldn’t focus on it as there are plenty of ways to get it at the end of the game.

Old Reliable

  • Kill 200 Enemies with a Crafted Weapon

You can only craft melee weapons and throwables/explosives. So the quickest way to get this is by making melee weapons. You unlock the “Spiked Bat” during an early story mission which is an introduction to the ambush camps. So I’d suggest making one and combining it with the “Field Repairs” skill. This will allow you to repair the bat with scrap you find in the world. Aim to kill any solo or small groups with this weapon and just use guns for any big groups or hordes.

Miscellaneous Part 2 – Days Gone Achievement Guide

Surviving isn’t Living

  • Rescue 10 survivors

Chances are you will unlock this achievement through natural progression. However, I would keep an eye out going through the story and do any that you see. You will mainly find them during the day. They are easily recognisable because you can hear survivors crying/screaming for help and it will be accompanied by a blue “?” on the mini-map. They can be fending of freakers/zombies or humans, being held hostage and sometimes they are stuck in a building or a car.

After saving them you can send them to certain camps which will increase your trust at that specific camp so keep that in mind when choosing where to send them. Any humans you save during side quest, specifically the encampment job can also count towards this.

Variety is the Spice of Life

  • Kill an enemy with every type of crossbow bolt

There are 5 different crossbow bolts in the game and you need to kill a freaker/zombie with each type. You will unlock most of the bolts by just playing through the story and the rest are through ambush camps. Find the a list below showing the 5 types for a more details overview:

• Standard Bolt – Automatically unlocks from the beginning of the game.
• Residue Bolt – Automatically unlocked from story mission “They’re Not Sleeping”.
• Poison Bolt – Automatically unlocked from story mission “I’ve Got a Plan”.
• Incendiary Bolt – Automatically unlocked from completing 8 Ambush Camps.
• Explosive Bolt – Automatically unlocked from completing 12 Ambush Camps.

D.I.Y. Oregonian

  • Craft 50 items

Items can be crafted from the weapon wheel using crafting materials. You can craft anything from bolts, health items, traps, explosives and much more. Chances are you will get this naturally by just playing the game. You can get crafting materials from looting human corpses. Furthermore, you can find materials at places like NERO Checkpoints or Research Labs. See the video attached if you need further guidance on this achievement.

Motorbike, Skills & Upgrades

In this section I will cover all the achievements that are related to the bike. These can be upgrades or certain tasks you need to do that involve the bike.

First Time Buyer

  • Upgrade your bike for the first time

A guide isn’t really needed for this one as it’s pretty self explanitory. However, you can get this by talking to the mechanic in any camp. I’d suggest getting a performance upgrade first to help speed things up but it really doesn’t matter as long as you choose one.

The Art of Bike Repair

  • Apply 100 scrap to your bike

You can apply scrap to your bike by reparing any damage. Chances are you will recieve damage to your bike through out the game so just repair it as you play. However, if you need to get this just crash your bike, do big jumps and drive through water. This will all cause damage to the bike allowing you to use scrap to repair it. As a side not you can use the skill “Monkey Wrench” which essentially makes 1 scrap do the same affect as 2 scrap. This can work against you as it takes less scrap to repair the bike. However, I wouldn’t worry about it since you repair the bike a lot.

Farewell Original

  • Purchase an upgrade under the Performance, Visual, and Paint Categories for your bike

You can get this achievement at the first encampment and you will probably get it passively anyway. All you need to do is purchase one upgrade in each category for you bike. If you just want the achievement just buy the cheapest upgrades otherwise feel free to save for better upgrades to help you.

Burnout Apocalypse

  • Use nitro and drift at the same time on your bike for at least 5 seconds

This is one of the later game achievements so I wouldn’t worry about it until you reach the 4th camp or finish the game. You can only achieve a 5 second nitro boost from the Nitrous 3 upgrade as the Nitrous 2 only last 4.5 seconds where as Nitrous 3 lasts a little over 6 seconds.

If you want to do this straight away you will need to purchase Nitrous 3 from the 4th camp “Diamond Lake”. You are required to reach trust level 3 with this camp first so you will have to grind camp and story missions in that area. While also dealing with any hordes. Once you reach trust level 3 which should be near the end of the game if not after the main story you can purchase Nitrous 3 and perform a doughnut similar to the “Farewell Drift” achievement but while using nitrous. Click the title of this achievement if you require a visual guide on how to do this.

Better Living through Chemistry

  • Upgrade either your Health, Stamina, or Focus for the first time

This should automatically unlock through the story so it’s not missable. Health / Stamina / Focus upgrades require NERO injectors and you get the first one during storyline “He’s My Brother”. Choose which ever upgrade you prefer as you need to max one out anyway.

Performance Enhanced

  • Max out either your Health, Stamina, or Focus

You can find the NERO injectors exclusively from NERO Checkpoints/Research sites. After obtaining the first one from the story mission “He’s My Brother” you should know they are usually all located in some kind of box/container. Chances are you might find enough to max out 1 of the options by just playing the story. However, if you want to max them all out please click the achievement for a video guide on all locations. I’d suggest maxing out Health or Stamina first as they are much more useful than Focus. If you are just going for the achievement then just pour all your upgrades into one option like “Health”. If you are maxing them all out anyway then just put it where ever you want.

Don’t Stop Me Now

  • Unlock your first skill

I’m Out of Control

  • Unlock 15 skills

There’s No Stopping Me

  • Unlock 30 skills

Mr. Fahrenheit

  • Unlock 45 skills

The game has a total of 45 Skills so this is essentially an achievement for getting all skills. You will passively get most of them by doing other achievements. You can get about 40 from clearing the story and NERO Checkpoints/Research Sites. However, the last few are only gained by clearing all the hordes on the map. Luckily once you have finished the main story all hordes get marked on your map allowing you to find them and clear them out as well the the rest of the map opening up to free roam. So if you want this achievement just finish the story, clear all checkpoints and research sites then finally clear every horde. It’s a lot of work but you should gain all the skills by the end of it. Please see this guide if you want a few tips with dealing with the hordes. They can be daunting.

Encampment/Safe Zones

In this section of the guide I will cover any achievements that are centred around the encampments or require a use of one. A lot of these achievements require you to get a good trust level, spend a lot of money and complete camp tasks.

Kitchen Courier

  • Sell Animal Meat or Plants to any Encampment

This is one the the easier achievements to get and you can do it in the very first camp. Chances are you will unlock this naturally anyway by playing the game but if you want it straight away the fastest method is to pickup any herbs, berries, mushrooms or meat from an animal and hand them over to the Kitchen Vendor at the camp. If you are struggling to find plants try leveling the skill “Hawkeyed” which helps identify pick able plants in the wilderness.

Make it Rain

  • Spend 20,000 credits at one Encampment

This one sounds pretty easy as you just need to spend money at your camp which is easily achievable by buying all the weapons that are offered and upgrades. However, getting 20,000 credit’s is another story since you only get credits for that camp by doing missions for that camp. Chances are if you have cleared the main story and done a lot of side jobs you are already close or have 20,000 credit’s. If you don’t then please find below a few methods for making money that you will need to complete.

Credit Earning Methods:

  • Story Missions
  • Encampment Jobs (Side Quests)
  • Side Activities (Nero Checkpoints, Infestations, Ambush Camps)
  • Hordes (killing a horde in the region where the camp is)
  • Bounties (giving Freaker Ears to the camp)
  • Camp Kitchen (delivering plants and animal meat)
  • Survivors (sending Survivors to the camp)

Now the issue comes because you need to spend 20,000 at one specific camp and your money isn’t universal as each camp has it’s own currency. The easiest camp to do this at is the 3rd camp called “Iron Mike’s” in the 3rd region “Lost Lake”. So I would focus on buying anything big from that camp. This is because there are a lot of checkpoints and story missions in this region giving you a bigger payout than the other camps. Eventually this camp becomes a point of no return until you finish the story but after you can go back and spend as much money as you need.

Best Friends Forever

  • Receive the Allied Trust status with an Encampment

Best Friends Forever (For Life)

  • Gain the Allied Trust status with three different Encampments

There are a total of 5 camps in the game with you needing to get 3 of those 5 to maximum trust. The one I would focus on the most is “Iron Mikes” camp as it helps with other achievements and the other 2 camps are totally up to you.

Ways to earn trust with a camp:

  • Story Missions
  • Encampment Jobs (Side Quests)
  • Side Activities (Nero Checkpoints, Infestations, Ambush Camps)
  • Hordes (killing a horde in the region where the camp is)
  • Bounties (giving Freaker Ears to the camp)
  • Camp Kitchen (delivering plants and animal meat)
  • Survivors (sending Survivors to the camp)

The story missions and side quests will get you to Level 2 with most camps but you will need to start defeating hordes in each of the regions if you want to progress to Level 3. I’d try and leave this one till after you have finished the game that way you have the right tools to combat a horde and they all get marked on the map. You need to kill the hordes for the skill points achievement anyway so this shouldn’t be to much of a hassle.

DLC – Survival Mode

In this section I will cover all the achievements introduced through the survival mode DLC.

Days Gone in 60 Seconds

  • Defeat a Horde in under 1 minute in Survival Mode

This is one of the harder achievements in the game by far. I’ll list a few tips and the better locations to attempt this at but it is a bit RNG with what horde size you get and where the freakers/zombies path. You should aim to fight them during the day so you can lay traps down before starting the fight.

Best Horde Locations:

  • White King Mine (Horde in the mine)
  • Little Bear Lake (Horde in a wooden shack)
  • O’Leary Mountain (Horde in a cave)

Before you fight any of these hordes make sure it’s day time. Get a look at your surroundings and figure out if there are any explosive barrels around or other traps in the environment that you can use to cull the horde. After you figure out where things are devise a path you are going to take the freakers in when they chase you. Aim to put your own traps or throw grenades in between these static barrels or environment traps. That way they are constantly getting damaged as they chase you. Kill the rest with Heavy Weapons and keep shooting as you run away. With a bit of luck you should kill the horde in under a minute.

Surviving is Living

  • Complete the story of Days Gone in Survival Mode

This is one of the achievements that requires you to replay the entire game and complete the main story. Luckily this can be done in conjunction with the achievement “One More Ride” from the “New Game+” DLC. If you play-through the game once on normal then enter new game+ with survival II difficulty you can get both achievements in one play-through rather than replaying the game more than two times.

DLC – Challenge Mode

In this section I will cover all the achievements introduced through the Challenge Mode DLC.

Participation Award

  • Earn your first Bronze Medal in a Challenge

You can get this achievement by simply achieving a bronze level in the weekly challenge. This is usually fighting a horde within a certain amount of time or a drifting challenge. In the horde mode you get time back from killing freaks so it forces you to keep fighting them. So just try and survive and kill as many as you can until you reach the bronze level. If the weekly challenge is something else just aim to get bronze in it. If you are struggling just wait till the next weekly challenge and try another activity.

Second (the) Best

  • Earn your first Silver Medal in a Challenge

Similar to the “Participation Award” you need to now get a silver rating in the weekly activity. Once you reach it just die or finish the activity and you should be awarded with the achievement.

I Make This Look Goo

  • Earn a Gold Medal in a Challenge with a Character Skin and Custom Accent equipped

You can actually do these two achievements together just go into your character loadout and switching your default skin and changing your bike skin. You then need to earn a gold medal. Sadly you apparently also need to beat your current high-score so try to keep that in mind before doing any other challenges. The main challenge seems to be the most consistent at unlocking it as the side challenges sometimes don’t unlock it.

Golden Boy

  • Earn your first Gold Medal in a Challenge

This one is quite hard to achieve and you have to do almost everything perfectly. However, to get this achievement you simply need to achieve a gold rating in the weekly challenge mode. Getting up to the required score might take a long time and in some cases around 20 minutes in horde mode so do try to be patient.


  • Fully upgrade any Ring

Pretty self explanatory simply upgrade one ring to max level in your loadout.

Gold Team RulesDays Gone Achievement Guide

  • Earn a Gold Medal in all Challenges

This is another achievement that can take a lot of time and can be a real pain. You need to achieve gold in all challenges. Luckily you don’t need to do sub-challenges. Please find each challenge listed along with a video to assist give you some guidance on each challenge.

You Done Good, Kid

  • Earn a Medal in all Sub-Challenges

Sub-Challenges are challenges with in a main challenge. So for example Challenge 1 – Surrounded from the achievement above has 4 sub challenges in it. As do each of the other challenges. Meaning there are 48 sub-challenges in total. Chances are you will get most of these if you are going for Gold on the main challenges. Then if you miss any you can always replay the challenge just to complete the one you missed. Any medal goes for this one so just aim for bronze in each sub-challenge.

Dolla Dolla Bills, Y’allDays Gone Achievement Guide

  • Spend 3000 credits on your Loadout

Chances are you will be pretty close to the founder rank by the time this comes around and if you are going for Gold on all the challenges you will naturally earn this amount. You can earn a total of 450 Credits per challenge meaning if you get gold on all challenges and do the sub challenges you will net 5,400 credits. Each challenge and sub challenge gives you credits depending on what medal you get. Please find the amount earned per medal below:

  • Gold – 90 Credits
  • Silver – 45 Credits
  • Bronze – 15 Credits

1 Main Challenge Gold (90) + 4 Sub Challenges Gold’s (360) = 5 Gold Medals and 450 credits

Lost & DamnedDays Gone Achievement Guide

  • Reach the Founder Rank

If you achieve gold and silver medals in most challenges and sub challenges you will have earned enough “reputation” to level up to the Founder Rank. If you are going for gold on all challenges this should just come naturally.

Gotta Patch ‘Em AllDays Gone Achievement Guide

  • Unlock all Patches

Patches all come with getting bronze, silver and gold in all the challenges. Luckily you only need bronze in each main challenge to unlock all the patches. So this isn’t to hard and it should come passively if you are doing the other achievements.

DLC – New Game+

In this section I will cover all the achievements introduced through the New Game+ DLC.

One More Ride

  • Complete the story of Days Gone in New Game+

This is one of the achievements that requires you to replay the entire game and complete the main story. Luckily this can be done in conjunction with the achievement “Surviving is Living” from the “Survival Mode” DLC. If you play-through the game once on normal then enter new game+ with survival II difficulty you can get both achievements in one play-through rather than replaying the game more than two times. It’s worth noting that on New Game+ you keep all the upgrades you made to your bike and character. So it should make it easier.

2 Days 2 Done

  • Complete the story of Days Gone on Hard II or Survival II in New Game+

If you are wanting to complete the game in only two play-through’s you should always select “Survival II”. It may be slightly harder but the time you would need to put in to complete the game again just isn’t worth it.

Logan’s Shadow

  • Kill an enemy with every type of ammo from a mysterious weapon earned in New Game+

This achievement can only be unlocked in a New Game+ play-through because it unlocks a special gun called “BND-150”. It looks like an assault rifle with a drum magazine and a sniper scope attached.

You can acquire this gun by going to any Gun Locker and it should be under specials. It has 4 different types of ammo in total which can all be crafted similar to how you would craft a crossbow bolt. After that you simply need to kill humans or freakers with each ammo type to earn the achievement.

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