DDraceNetwork Hook Guide

DDraceNetwork Hook Guide

The Hook permits you to move round maps. It is usually to be had and important to nearly each ddnet map. With it, you could:

  • Hook sure blocks to swing round
  • Hook different tees to tug them in the direction of you

Use the hook via way of means of retaining down secondary fire. Release it via way of means of letting pass of secondary fire.

How it functions:

  • The hook actions in a immediately line till it collides with both a tee or a wall
  • If the hook collides with nothing, it’s going to forestall at its most variety
  • Hooking isn’t instant, it does have a journey time
  • Hooks do now no longer nullify the previous pace of a tee, its simply every other component that impacts it
  • Way to how skinny it’s miles, it may healthy thru diagonal gaps among blocks

Block Types

There are three kinds of strong blocks:

  • Hooking unhookable blocks will cancel your hook
  • Hooking a hookable block will anchor your hook into place, till you launch it
  • Hookthrough blocks will now no longer have an effect on your hook, it’s going to byskip proper thru them

When your hook is active (anchored to a hookable block), your tee might be pulled in the direction of the anchor factor.There isn’t anyt any timer while hooking a block, you could launch it at any time.

Hooking Tees

Hooking every other tee will pull the tee in the direction of you.Your tee can also be barely pulled in the direction of the alternative tee.

Keep in thoughts that, because of friction, pulling tees is manner slower whilst they’re status at the ground. In assessment to hooking a block, a hook on every other tee most effective lasts 1.25 sec. Once the timer runs out, the hook might be reset.

Pull Restrict of The Hook

You will now no longer pulled all of the manner to the anchor factor. Instead, while your tee enters a particular radius to the anchor factor you may now no longer be laid low with the hook till you get out of it again. This is in particular large while seeking to flow alongside the ceiling. Try to rehook the ceiling while your tee is immediately underneath it, to paste tighter to the it.

Hook Hitbox of Tees

The hitbox of tees for the hook is virtually large then it’s miles visually represented. While a tee seems approximately the identical length as a block and mainly additionally interacts that manner, its hitbox for the hook is an awful lot extra generous. Due to this massive hitbox it’s miles viable to hook a tee thru an opening among blocks while not having to do a hook with surgical precision. To see how large the real hit field of tees are, you could flip on ‘fats skins’ in Settings -> Tee -> Fat Skins(DDFat).

Weak Hook – Strong Hook

When hooking different tees, you won’t usually pull them with the identical energy. There are 2 exclusive energy modes your hook can have, called ‘vulnerable hook’ and ‘sturdy hook’.With each tee at the server you for my part have both vulnerable, or sturdy hook on them. Who of you 2 has sturdy hook on the alternative is decided via way of means of who spawned final. The tee that spawned final has vulnerable hook and the only who already lived longer has sturdy hook.

Weak and Strong hook are in particular noticeble in elements wherein you hook the alternative tee alongside the ground and all through hammerfly.

Advanced Behaviour

  • The hook has a most variety. Once the hook extended to its most variety, it’s going to reset. Note that in case you flow farfar from the hook, that most variety is reached quicker and also you won’t hook as far. However, you could’t hook similarly via way of means of shifting withinside the identical direction
  • The hook does now no longer begin immediately on the border of your tee you see. Instead, it begins offevolved a chunk similarly out, that is why its less difficult too hook thru an opening among blocks whilst you are close to the space yourself

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