Dead by Daylight – Deranged Pursuit Achievement [Easiest Way]

So a lot of people thinks this achievement is currently bugged, this is false.

How to get progress towards this extremely vague describing achievement?

  • 1. Find first survivor.
  • 2. Hit the first survivor with Frenzy.
  • 3. Lose the chase/Keep hit the first survivor with Frenzy until only 1 hit is needed before
  • survivor goes into downed state.
  • 4. Keep chasing the first survivor hoping to find a second survivor.
  • 5. If this happens, hit the second survivor with Frenzy.
  • 6. Right after you hit the second survivor you SWAP target to the FIRST survivor during
  • the SAME frenzy mode.
  • 7. Down the first survivor.
  • 8. Good job, you now have 1/25.

This achievement is pure RNG because it depends on survivors running into each other in the right moment.

Why did I put “easiest way” in my description then?

Well honestly, since this achievement only depends on the survivors stacking/running into each other in the perfect moment I would honestly recommend farming with the survivors if you wanna keep your sanity.

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