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Death Must Die Nixi Build

In Death Must Die, embark on an adventure with Nixi! For details on Nixi's build and skills, explore our Death Must Die Nixi Build guide.

Death, slave armies, elections, new heroes and more! Welcome to Death Must Die. If you want to continue this adventure with Nixi and you don’t know anything about it, check out our Death Must Die Nixi Build guide for Nixi build and detailed skills.

This is the guide Grub-ber it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Death Must Die Nixi Build

Farm mythic gear or push OC levels with a very easy Nixi build with the information in this Death Must Die Nixi Build guide.

It Really Is This Easy

  • You will need a few pieces of alteration gear to make this work as the build relies on getting Death, Time, And Conquest in the same run.
  • You can swap off your alteration gear if you need to once you lock those 3 gods in on your run, you should be able to get all 3 locked in in your first 3 level ups by scumming alteration. If not you can restart your run.
  • Be sure to get Deadly Strike as your attack and not to lock in Conquest’s or Time’s attack.
  • After you get the skills below get any others at your leisure.


Nixi Easy Win BuildNixi Easy Win BuildNixi Easy Win BuildNixi Easy Win BuildNixi Easy Win BuildNixi Easy Win BuildNixi Easy Win BuildNixi Easy Win BuildNixi Easy Win BuildNixi Easy Win BuildNixi Easy Win BuildNixi Easy Win Build


Most of our damage will come from Chains of War AOE, due to us constantly rupturing everything in reach all non boss mobs will be shredded and turned into fodder for Gem High. Due to the speed at which we clear trash mobs Gem High will stack to absurd levels giving us massive stats. Soul Stealers and Ravens will inflict their dots while our Deadly Strikes pops the dot instantly which will also trigger Mayhem further increasing our damage. Furthermore Execution will proc and further increase Gem High. The speed at which you level will proc Alteration Ritual Which will give you random god powers for free. You can pick up either the Conquest dash for more damage or the Death dash ability for survivability. As for shrines anything that increases attack speed or size is preferable, the build allows leeway for preference.


  • Baron Hands – Just dodge and stay in range for Chains.
  • Necromancer – Get just close enough for main attack to hit and manually aim at him to delete his firebolts.
  • Dracula – On the skeleton wave just prior to him stand still until they stop spawning and slowly collect gems to keep gem high active, then bum rush him. in low OC you can kill him in less then 5 seconds.

Nixi Easy Win Build

OC 22 gave me all mythics, didn’t feel like doing 30 again for SS.

Written by Grub-ber

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