Death Stranding How to Charge Motorcycle

How to Charge Motorcycle in Death Stranding Early on in your adventure through the Eastern Region […]

How to Charge Motorcycle in Death Stranding

Early on in your adventure through the Eastern Region of America, you’ll probably be wondering how to get a vehicle. You’ll even spot a motorcycle (called a Reverse Trike) located just outside the Waystation – but it’s been rendered inoperable due to a lack of battery power.

Sadly, the game will tease you with vehicle just out of reach until you are able to power it up again with a Generator, as you cannot move it into the waystation’s garage in this state. You’ll need to take on Order 9 and deliver supplies to the nearby Wind Farm before you learn how to construct a Generator with a PCC.

Once you have the upgrade, return to the waystation and equip the PCC by pressing right on the D-Pad. Once you have it out, press down on the D-Pad to cycle between structures to find a generator, and then place it down next to the Trike. Once built, it will rapidly charge up the Reverse Trike, allowing you to ride it once more. However, it still lacks almost any durability – which cannot be repaired by Container Repair Spray. You’ll need to drive it into a Waystation or Knot City that has a Private Room and leave it on the elevator when you go down. As you rest, your vehicle’s durability will be restored to full – and this is the only way you can do so.

Even after you obtain this one Reverse Trike, you won’t be able to create more, so use it with care. Vehicles do best on flat terrain, but the Trike at least has a bit of an easier time handling rough ground, as you can hold back on the left control stick to stick your front wheels in the air, allowing you to climb over rocks with a certain degree of success. You’ll even be able to get a bit more bumpy without damaging your cargo – but longer drops or performing a jump with your Trike at top speed are liable to damage cargo more on impact.

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