DEATHLOOP Play It Again Colt FIX

Welcome to our DEATHLOOP Play It Again Colt FIX guide. If you were running into issues regarding the “Play It Again, Colt” achievement, then this guide is for you!

DEATHLOOP Play It Again Colt FIX


So, you’ve finished DEATHLOOP and you’re on your way for some last achievements. One of the ones that looks the easiest is the “Play It Again, Colt” achievement. All you need to do is finish the game, kill all the Visionaries in a map and get out. Simple, right? Not if you’re one of the users reporting that this achievement won’t pop. I’m writing this guide to provide a way to fix this achievement, following how I fixed it.

For those of you who haven’t beaten the game yet, SPOILERS BELOW.

  • After you’ve finished the game, you’ll want to re-do the quest “Ending It” and follow it all the way through, taking out all the Visionaries along the way.
  • Once you’ve killed the final 3, board the rocket and head off to face Julianna.
  • As your Slabs are nullified, pull out your weapon of choice and shoot Julianna. Don’t approach her, don’t start the last conversation, just shoot her and you’ll be teleported over.
  • If you allowed the loop to continue via one of the ending options, you’ll unlock one last part of the “Ending It” quest, where the 9th Visionary needs to die (that’s you). Walk off the edge, and you’ll finish the quest line.
  • You’ll be taken back to the hideout and allowed to keep playing the game. Start up The Complex in Morning, where you’ll be going after Harriet and Frank. Kill Harriet in whatever way you like, then sabotage Frank’s fireworks by choosing to jam the rain flaps. Then, escape.
  • The achievement should unlock, and you’re now one step closer to the 100% achievement milestone in Deathloop!

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