DEATHLOOP Wenjie’s Lab Depressurization Controls Code

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Deathloop, like many other Arkane games, is full of secrets locked behind doors and safes, and you’ll need to locate codes using various methods to uncover these prizes. Unfortunately, we cannot just give you the codes, because all codes are randomized for every playthrough. Instead, this page contains information on where to find the location of codes for locked doors and safes.

Some codes can be found by reading certain notes left behind, while others are scrawled on walls, and may require you to solve small puzzles to figure out where they are and how they can be used!

DEATHLOOP Wenjie’s Lab Depressurization Controls Code

The Complex Code Locations

This section contains codes for all safes and doors located in The Complex district of Blackreef.

Wenjie’s Lab

DEATHLOOP Wenjie's Lab Depressurization Controls Code
DEATHLOOP Wenjie’s Lab Depressurization Controls Code

When infiltrating Wenjie’s Lab at Noon in The Complex, if alarms are triggered while you are in the main cylinder lab, the doors will shut and you’ll be killed. However, there is a way to hijack the controls and manually trigger the depressurization to kill any Wenjies inside.

DEATHLOOP Wenjie's Lab Depressurization Controls Code
Wenjie’s Lab Depressurization Controls

Head to the large blue lab annex building to the side of the main lab, and make your way down to the bottom floor. Here you can find a whiteboard with a note that contains the code for the depressurization controls. However, this is the only code in the game that will change /every/ single loop, so you’ll need to find this code again if you want to do this again.

Once you know the code, leave the blue building and head across to the red security building on the other side of the annex, and check the terminal at the back to change the depressurization controls to manual.

Unlocks: Can manually trigger depressurization at any of the cylinder lab entrances to trap anyone inside and kill them instantly.

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