Deep Rock Galactic – Mining

Mining Expedition

The most simple type of mission which involves landing, mining morkite and depositing it into molly before calling the droppod. Every so often a swarm will attack the players, more frequently on higher hazards.

Cave Structure

All mining expeditions are straight forward caves unless they are overlapping. Each cave has a dirtwall that leads to a tunnel straight to the next cave until you reach the final room. As you get deeper, more minerals will spawn.

Mining Morkite

While straightforward, often teams are very slow at actually progressing through the mission. Don’t worry about missing some morkite or minerals because there will be more than enough in the final room. The most important thing is to keep progressing through the mission.


Since mining expeditions are linear,the drop pod will usually be in a previous cave so having a path back is important. On smaller mining expeditions the drop pod will land at the start.


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