Demonologist Ghosts Behaviors & Evidences

There are 24 different types of ghosts, some of which you may be extremely familiar with […]

There are 24 different types of ghosts, some of which you may be extremely familiar with because of other popular ghost hunting games, but don’t be fooled! Some of these ghosts can behave completely differently than they are typically known for, so be sure to carefully read our Demonologist Ghosts Behaviors & Evidences guide.

Demonologist Ghosts Behaviors & Evidences

Welcome to our Demonologist Ghosts Behaviors & Evidences guide. In this guide, we show you the information you need about ghosts and their behavior in the game. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Demonologist game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Demonologist guide.

Demonologist Ghosts

There are 24 different ghost types, some of which you may be extremely familiar with due to other popular ghost hunting games, but don’t be fooled! Some of these ghosts may act entirely different than they are typically known as so be sure to read their descriptions carefully. For instance, the Demon in Demonologist is a very calm and collected ghost.

Ghost Behavior Tips

  • Abaddon: They go for targets that cannot defend themselves and will ignore you if you are holding a crucifix.
  • Agash: It moves very fast in the cold and will slow down in warmer areas.
  • Boogey: No data…
  • Demon: A very calm ghost but is nearly impossible to stop you piss it off and it decides it wants to kill you.
  • Deogen: They are very aggressive when they hunt their target, but are less aggressive if their target is not nearby.
  • Goryo: It won’t interact with ESG if someone is nearby.
  • Guipo: No data…
  • Gul: If gets extremely angry if you swear near it, and prefers when you don’t talk near it.
  • Hantu: If you speak to it or if it speaks to you, there is a chance it will curse you. The only way to reverse the curse is through sanity pills.
  • Iblis: It will say things to you other ghosts won’t. If it decides to hunt, it’s nearly impossible to escape it but it is much slower when it’s near it’s target.
  • Jinn: Very active and prone to hunting.
  • Mare: It likes to talk but is less active than other ghosts. It won’t hunt when someone is close to it.
  • Myling: It loves fire and therefore fire has a soothing effect on it. It will put out fire before hunting.
  • Naamah: No data…
  • Oni: Will quickly destroy the sanity of those near it and is very fast.
  • Onryo: These ghosts fall in love. They will never hurt the one they love, and will attack anyone close to them due to their jealousy.
  • Poltergeist: They love to throw things, and can lower your sanity by doing so. They calm down with nothing left to throw.
  • Raiju: They prefer their targets to be alone, and are much more shy around large groups.
  • Revenant: An early hunter, your sanity doesn’t matter.
  • Shade: They hate the light and are much more aggressive in the dark. Keep the lights on!
  • Thaye: They age rapidly. They are much more aggressive when they are young and calm down when they age.
  • Wraith: No data…
  • YokaiNo data…
  • Yurei: I likes the drain the sanity off of groups of players. You are far more likely to get hunted in a group and it may weaken when alone.


  • AbaddonEMF 5 | Spirit Box | Freezing
  • AgashEctoplasm | Fingerprints | Freezing
  • BoogeyEMF 5 | ESG | Spirit Box
  • DemonEasel | Ectoplasm | Freezing
  • DeogenESG | Ectoplasm | Fingerprints
  • GoryoEMF 5 | ESG | Fingerprints
  • GuipoESG | Ectoplasm | Spirit Box
  • GulFingerprints | Spirit Box | Freezing
  • HantuEasel | Spirit Box | Freezing
  • IblisESG | Easel | Spirit Box
  • JinnEMF 5 | ESG | Freezing
  • MareEMF 5 | Easel | Freezing
  • MylingEcoplasm | Spirit Box | Freezing
  • NaamahESG | Easel | Ectoplasm
  • OniEMG 5 | Fingerprints | Freezing
  • OnryoEMG 5 | Easel | Fingerprints
  • PoltergeistESG | Fingerprints | Spirit Box
  • RaijuESG | Ectoplasm | Freezing
  • RevenantEasel | Fingerprints | Freezing
  • ShadeEasel | Ectoplasm | Spirit Box
  • ThayeEasel | Fingerprints | Spirit Box
  • WraithEMF 5 | Ectoplasm | Fingerprints
  • YokaiEMF 5 | Easel | Spirit Box
  • YureiEMG 5 | ESG | Ectoplasm
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