Destiny 2 Lost Sector Locations

This guide covers the locations of all lost sectors in Destiny 2. I will try to […]

This guide covers the locations of all lost sectors in Destiny 2. I will try to update it as new locations are added to the game through future expansions.

The guide also includes the bosses at each Lost Sector and the enemy faction types.

Lost Sector Locations

Lost sectors are small underground areas hidden within the various Patrol Zones in the game. They appear in all Locations, including all the locations added post launch. In each Lost Sector, players battle a number of enemies, leading up to the Champion (a boss). Once the Champion has been killed, it drops a code used to open a Lost Sector Chest and complete the lost sector.

Earth – European Dead Zone

The EDZ is the biggest location in the game and therefore has by far the highest number of lost sectors, totalling 16. They are as follows:

Terminus East: Found in Trostland, outside the chapel

  • Enemy type: Fallen
  • Boss: Sunless Captain

Atrium: In Trostland, inside the chapel

  • Enemy type: Fallen
  • Boss: Skeksis, Outcast Captain

Widow’s Walk: Trostland, left of the chapel

  • Enemy type: Fallen
  • Boss: Mazan, Lost Captain

Scavenger’s Den: Outskirts, south of the Public Event space, below the bridge

  • Enemy type: Fallen
  • Boss: Graxus, Blind Captain

The Drain: Outskirts, along the water’s edge

  • Enemy type: Fallen
  • Boss: Drekthas, Metal Captain

Whispered Falls: Outskirts, up in the trees in the northwest

  • Enemy type: Fallen
  • Boss: Drained Captain

The Weep: Winding Cove, right near the fast travel point

  • Enemy type: Fallen
  • Boss: Downpour Captain

Pathfinder’s Crash: Firebase Hades, on the south cliffs

  • Enemy type: Cabal
  • Boss: Zerz, the Unstoppable Weight

Excavation Site XII: Firebase Hades, on the eastern cliffs

  • Enemy type: Cabal
  • Boss: Dust Choked Thrag

The Pit: Firebase Hades, below the Firebase

  • Enemy type: Cabal
  • Boss: Kurg the All-Seeing Force

Skydock IV: Sunken Isles, below the Cabal ship

  • Enemy type: Cabal
  • Boss: Devourer Darg

The Quarry: Sunken Isles, in the center of the area

  • Enemy type: Cabal
  • Boss: Fortifier Yann

Flooded Chasm: The Gulch, the south of the area, feeds through to the Outskirts

  • Enemy type: Fallen
  • Boss: Phyzann, Drowned Captain

Hallowed Grave: The Sludge, in the northwest side of the area

  • Enemy type: Taken Captain
  • Boss: Vendraxis, Shadow of Oryx

Cavern of Souls: The Sludge, in the center of the area

  • Enemy type: Taken Knight
  • Boss: Varghul, Fragment of Oryx

Shaft 13: The Sludge, in the east

  • Enemy type: Fallen
  • Boss: Calzar, Scarred Captain

Titan – New Pacific Arcology

Titan has only 3 lost sectors. One Lost Sector is in the Siren’s Watch and the other two in The Rig.

Methane Flush: Siren’s Watch. From the Fast Travel point near Sloane, turn left to face the Arcology, jump down to the closest platform, making sure to land on its lower boardwalk that wraps around its side. The entrance to the Lost Sector is through a circular door.

  • Enemy type: Hive
  • Boss: Karagul

Cargo Bay 3: The Rig. Use the Fast Travel point and run to the left toward the Orange “Bay 3” section. Instead of jumping up to the higher levels, walk to the railing and look over the edge, the Lost Sector is down on the lower level.

  • Enemy type: Hive
  • Boss: Golmuut

DS Quarters 2: The Rig. Near the Wizard Heroic Public Event. Head in to the Public Event area. Cut across the room, and continue through the corridors, making sure not to go outside. You’ll see the Lost Sector sign on the wall near stairs heading toward a red door.

  • Enemy type: Hive
  • Boss: Thaan Hul

Nessus – Arcadian Valley

Nessus is one of the bigger locations in the game, and a similar size to the EDZ. There are only five areas that contain Lost Sectors, with only one Lost Sector each.

Orrery: Artifact’s Edge. Jump from the Fast Travel point, down to the left where the Vex spawn. Continue down toward the shallow water to locate the Lost Sector.

  • Enemy type: Vex
  • Boss: Thyrdron

Rift: Exodus Black. Directly across from the Fast Travel point.

  • Enemy type: Fallen
  • Boss: Tattered Dusk Captain

Carrion Pit: Glade of Echoes. Head into the middle of the area and search below the rubble for a tunnel leading down into the ground.

  • Enemy type: Fallen
  • Boss: Nariks Reborn

Conflux: The Cistern. Under the large tree, look for the entrance to this Nessus Lost Sector beside the waterfall.

  • Enemy type: Cabal
  • Boss: Shayotet Partisan

Ancient’s Haunt: The Tangle. Go to the right of the Well of Dust and look for the cave in the wall by the tree covered in red fungus.

  • Enemy type: Vex
  • Boss: Pakrion

Io – Echo Mesa

There are only three Lost Sectors on Io, and all of them are easy to find.

Aphix Conduit: The Rupture, in the very southeast of the area.

  • Enemy type: Vex
  • Boss: Ruined Mind

Sanctum of Bones: The Rupture. Directly across from Asher Mir in a cave.

  • Enemy type: Taken
  • Boss: Pandrok, Pillar of Nothing

Grave of Ulan-Tan: Lost Oasis. From the Fast Travel spawn point, turn left and follow the cliff along until you find a cave in the wall.

  • Enemy type: Vex
  • Boss: Qeldron, Keeper

Mercury – Fields of Glass

Mercury is the smallest location in the game and only has one lost sector.

Pariah’s Refuge: When facing away from the Lighthouse and Brother Vance, go left and follow the edge of the area toward the Infinite Forest. The Lost Sector is near the edge.

  • Enemy type: Vex
  • Boss: Subterranean Mind

Mars – Hellas Basin

There are only two Lost Sectors on Mars and again both are very easy to find. They are:

Ma’adim Subterrane: Glacial Drift. From the Fast Travel point, go right and follow the cliff’s edge along.

  • Enemy type: Cabal
  • Boss: Valus Dulurc

Core Terminus: Braytech Futurescape. Left of the Fast Travel point, in one of the Hive-infested rooms.

  • Enemy type: Hive
  • Boss: Keresh, Champion of Xol

The Tangled Shore

The Tangled Shore has five Lost Sectors for players to loot. They are:

Trapper’s Cave: Four-Horn Gulch. In the center of the map in the ravine.

  • Enemy type: Cabal
  • Boss: Garat Gra Am

Kingship Dock: Thieves’ Landing. Up the large elevator to the north of the area.

  • Enemy type: Scorn
  • Boss: Vilzii, Scorned Captain

The Empty Tank: Thieves’ Landing. Left of the Fast Travel point.

  • Enemy type: Fallen
  • Boss: Azilis, Dusk Marauder

Shipyard AWO-43: Jetsam of Saturn. Near the crashed Hive tomb ship.

  • Enemy type: Fallen
  • Boss: Zetix-7

Wolfship Turbine: Soriks’s Cut. Just near the Fast Travel point.

  • Enemy type: Hive
  • Boss: Segrex, the Tainted

The Dreaming City

There are three lost sectors in the Hidden City, one in each of the main areas:

Bay of Drowned Wishes: Divalian Mists. Directly behind the Fast Travel point.

  • Enemy type: Scorn
  • Boss: Yirksii, Subversive Chieftain

Chamber of Starlight: Rheasilvia. At the end of the chasm in the middle of the area.

  • Enemy type: Taken
  • Boss: Inkasi, Disciple of Quria

Aphelion’s Rest: The Strand. Below the temple where Petra Venj can sometimes be found.

  • Enemy type: Taken
  • Boss: Ur Haraak, Disciple of Quria

The Moon

There are four Lost Sectors on the Moon, all of which are new areas if you are familiar with the moon from destiny 1. They are as follows:

K1 Logistics: This Lost Sector is found inside the building in Archer’s Line. Look for the Nightmare floating by the broken roof.

  • Enemy type: Fallen
  • Boss: Nightmare of Kelnix Reborn (?)

K1 Crew Quarters: Another Lost Sector is found in the Hellmouth, to the south of the area among some buildings. Head inside a building to gain access to K1 Crew Quarters.

  • Enemy type: Fallen
  • Boss: Nightmare of Reykis, Actuator (?)

K1 Communion: To find this Lost Sector, head to Anchor of Light and search the building by the path leading to the Hellmouth. Search the lower level to find a hole in the wall leading to K1 Communion.

  • Enemy type: Fallen
  • Boss: Nightmare of Rizaahn the Lost (?)

K1 Revelation: The final Lost Sector is in the Sorrow’s Harbor. Search the center of the area, the entrance is on the underside of a rock.

  • Enemy type: Hive
  • Boss: Nightmare of Arguth the Tormented (?)

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