Devil May Cry 5 Devil Breaker Switch How to Change?

Devil May Cry 5 Devil Breaker In Devil May Cry 5, the three playable characters all […]

Devil May Cry 5 Devil Breaker

In Devil May Cry 5, the three playable characters all have their own unique weaponry and fighting styles that they bring to the table. Dante has his Rebellion sword and Ebony & Ivory pistols, whereas V has control over three demonic pets. Nero, meanwhile, has his special Devil Breaker arms that come in a variety of different styles.

Nero’s different Devil Breakers all have their own specific uses in combat, and learning when to use which one in certain situations is how players will earn the highest combat ratings with him. Considering this, some may be wondering how they can switch their arms and change their Devil Breakers.

Unfortunately, the only way to change Devil Breakers in Devil May Cry 5 is by destroying the one that’s already equipped. To do this, Nero either has to drain its energy by using it against enemies, or automatically destroy it by blowing it up. To blow up a Devil Breaker arm and change the one Nero has equipped, players need to tap the left bumper.

While this may not be the answer some were looking for, at least blowing up Devil Breakers has its uses in combat. For example, it can be used to counter some enemy attacks, and it can also deal significant damage to any nearby foes. It will also go a long way in helping Nero maintain his combo and earn the most amount of points possible.

In the early stages of Devil May Cry 5, destroying Devil Breakers can put Nero in a tight bind, as his supply of them is very limited. However, players can use red orbs to expand the number of Devil Breakers Nero can have at his disposal, which makes it easier to burn through them later on.

Devil May Cry 5 players can also customize the order that their Devil Breakers appear in their inventory whenever they visit Nico’s shop in the game. This should also help them avoid having to destroy too many Devil Breakers just to get what they want equipped.

Devil May Cry 5 How to Change Active Devil Breaker

In Devil May Cry 5 you can equip Devil Breakers for Nero. They replace his right hand and can be used in combat to trigger special moves and combos. One thing you may have wondered is how to switch to the active devil breaker that you want.

To Change the Devil Breaker:

  • Press L1 (PS4) / LB (Xbox One) to destroy your active Devil Breaker until you get to the one you want in your inventory.
  • Or pick up a new Devil Breaker of the type you seek, assuming your inventory isn’t full.
  • Change it at a shop (car or divinity statue) during missions or before missions.

Sadly, there is no way to change Devil Breaker with a simple button press. The next best thing is to destroy the ones you don’t need, which is a waste but that’s how the game handles it. If you like one particular devil breaker, just buy it from the shop and equip it in all slots. You can gain more devil breaker slots by upgrading the skill “Devil Breaker”.

List of Devil Breakers

Overture – a general-purpose devil breaker. Blow enemies away with an electric blast or thrust it into foes and detonate from a distance.

Gerbera – a mobile devil breaker letting you cancel attacks with shockwaves or fire a converged beam of powerful energy.

Punch Line – this devil breaker runs rampant, offering powerful strikes and flying rocket punches. You can even mount it to move around.

Helter Skelter – this devil breaker makes up for a lack of range with superior piercing power. Use it to break through enemy guard.

Tomboy – a devil breaker with hidden power that lets you power up Blue Rose and Red Queen. You can adjust the power up duration.

Buster Arm – a devil breaker that can execute a one-hit kill using the Devil Bringer “Buster” technique. Its incredible power makes it fragile and prone to breakage.

Rawhide – boasts the widest attack range. Use the metal whip for a long-distance strike, or to reel in certain heavy enemies.

Ragtime – a devil breaker that controls time. Projects a special field that slows all objects within its range.

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