Devil May Cry 5 – V Skill Guide

V’s Best Skills to Unlock First in DMC 5

1. Quickplay

It’s Nero’s Speed, but for V. Though, V’s version is infinitely cooler. To move faster, V surfs on Shadow’s…shadow! Not useful for combat, but great for getting around and exploring.

2. Breakthrough

Essentially Streak, but for Shadow. This allows the demon panther to close distance on enemies fast while simultaneously dealing damage.

3. Flank Attack

4. Blockade 2

This is a powered-up version of Griffon’s lighting attack. Hold X/Square, then release, to unleash three pillars of lightning.

5. Royal Fork

This is a very expensive Cane skill for V, so maybe it shouldn’t be purchased first, but it’s pretty cool. Especially useful after destroying multiple enemies at once after calling Nightmare, this skill lets V finish all dying enemies in one fell swoop. You just need enough DT Gauge to pull it off

Honorable Mention:

Any of the extra Combo skills for Shadow and Griffon

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