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Welcome to our Diablo 4 Barbarian leveling guide! The Barbarian is a formidable melee class in […]

Welcome to our Diablo 4 Barbarian leveling guide! The Barbarian is a formidable melee class in Diablo 4, capable of dealing devastating damage and withstanding significant amounts of punishment. Whether you’re a seasoned Diablo player or new to the franchise, this guide will provide you with the essential tips and strategies needed to level up your Barbarian character efficiently.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything from the best skills and talents to use for leveling, to the most effective gear to equip and where to find it. We’ll also provide insights into the most efficient ways to farm experience and level up quickly, ensuring you have the tools needed to dominate the battlefield and take down even the toughest foes. So if you’re ready to harness the power of the Barbarian and take on the demonic hordes of Diablo 4, then let’s dive into our Barbarian leveling guide and get started!

June 2, 2023: We updated, our Diablo 4 Barbarian Leveling guide!

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Diablo 4 Barbarian Leveling Guide

Barbarian Leveling Guide
Barbarian Leveling Guide

The Barbarian is a hack-and-slash melee character that uses overwhelming strength to best their foes. They have been a staple class in the Diablo franchise from the beginning. If charging into battle fearlessly is your playstyle, the Barbarian is the perfect choice.

This leveling guide focuses on a fan favorite spin-to-win playstyle centered around Whirlwind. If you’d like to try something fresh, use the exact same skill points except take Upheavel with Violent Upheavel instead of Whirlwind.

Getting Started (Levels 2-3, 2 Skill Points)

To start off we have to put 2 points into Basic Skills to unlock the other sections. Flay is the best option here because it also applies Vulnerable and provides a nice Bleed. We call this gameplay “Flay and Pray” for an obvious reason; it’s all we’ve got!

  • Level 2: Flay
  • Level 3: Enhanced Flay

Unlocking Whirlwind (Levels 4-7, 4 Skill Points)

It’s always nice when you get your main skill this early. Whirlwind is a powerful trash-clearing ability that we use against high density, Elites and Bosses. It gains 30% additional power after 2 seconds from Violent Whirlwind, and regenerates Fury every time it damages enemies from Enhanced Whirlwind. The gameplay here is simple: Build Fury with Flay, and then Whirlwind when you see a horde of enemies or an Elite/Boss.

  • Level 4: Whirlwind
  • Level 5: Enhanced Whirlwind
  • Level 6: Violent Whirlwind
  • Level 7: Battle Flay

Unleashing the Build (Levels 8-17, 10 Skill Points)

Now it’s time to add what Barbarians do best: Leap around and belt out our battle cries. With 3 new skills on our bar, our quality of life increases dramatically. First we pick up Rallying Cry, which is one of the best Barb skills period. We now have greatly increased Movement Speed and Resource Generation from it. Then we grab Leap for mobility (including jumping over walls and cliffs) and Fury generation from Power Leap. Finally we pick up War Cry which gives us extra Damage and Berserking (take Challenging Shout instead if you’re playing Hardcore)

  • Level 8: Rallying Cry
  • Level 9: Enhanced Rallying Cry
  • Level 10: Tactical Rallying Cry
  • Levels 11-12: Whirlwind
  • Level 13: Leap
  • Level 14: War Cry (Challenging Shout if HC)
  • Level 15: Enhanced Leap
  • Level 16: Power Leap
  • Level 17: Whirlwind

Activating Death Blow (Levels 18-24, 7 Skill Points)

Things get really fun when you get Death Blow. It has a long cooldown, but it can be instantly reset if you kill a monster with it. Now we start fighting strategically. Target smaller enemies, or wait to apply some damage before one-shotting with Death Blow to minimize its cooldown. With Fighter’s Death Blow we gain 20 Fury every time we hit with it, causing our Whirlwind uptime to skyrocket. Finally, we max Booming Voice passive to extend our Shout’s duration.

  • Level 18: Death Blow
  • Level 19: Enhanced Death Blow
  • Level 20: Fighter’s Death Blow
  • Level 21: Whirlwind
  • Levels 22-24: Booming Voice

Reaching the Ultimate (Level 25, 1 Skill Point)

Call of the Ancients becomes our finisher in tough fights and against bosses! (Replace War Cry on your skillbar and respec that point into Thick Skin). Don’t be afraid to kite them around waiting for the cooldown to come back up if you need to! A win’s a win ; )

Extra Renown Points

Use any extra Renown Points on Call of the Ancients. Also don’t be afraid to explore with new builds, it’s the Beta after all. Have fun!

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