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Evrart Claire Talk Evrart Claire is the boss of the Union and he sits in some […]

Evrart Claire Talk

Evrart Claire is the boss of the Union and he sits in some shipping containers within the harbor. The largest gates of the harbor are permanently closed and locked, but a small green door stands up the stairs from the street near them. This is the main worker’s entrance inside.

The first time you speak to Evrart, you’ll take a couple Health and Morale hits each. Before entering the harbor, be sure you can either take the damage or that you have enough medicines to cover it.

The harbor starts off locked, but there are three ways to get inside to speak to him.

  • Convince Measurehead to let you in
  • Jump from the shortcut above Cuno’s shack
  • Steal a dockworker’s ID to unlock the door

Convince Measurehead to let you in

If you choose to acquire Measurehead’s help, you’ll need to cycle through all his dialogue choices before getting the option to do so. Then, you’ll get a thought in the Thought Closet called Advanced Race Theory. Equip the thought, then kill time however you wish, whether you read or perform other quests.

Once the thought is finalized, keep it equipped, then return to Measurehead. Tell him you’ve thought about it, and he’ll ask what your final opinion on race is. No matter what you answer, he’ll press the button to unlock the green door.

Jump from the shortcut above Cuno’s shack

From the hanging body, walk directly east and you’ll come to a small shack with some boards in front of it. A successful check will make your character push the boards to the ground to expose a door.

Enter the shack, then climb the ladder to get to the roof. From there, follow the path around until you come to the cement roof above the green door. You’ll see a jacket billowing on the railing nearby. Interact with the jacket and you can perform a Savoir Faire check to jump over to it, getting you onto the catwalk that leads into the harbor proper.

Steal a dockworker’s ID to unlock the door

Starting in the evening, the hotel will put out a slowly spinning disco ball light and play relaxing music. During this time, a dockworker is passed out near the front door. You can interact with him and, if you pass a check, you’ll be able to steal his ID card. With that, you can go to the green door at the harbor and unlock it yourself.

Speaking to Evrart

No matter how you get into the harbor, you’ll find Evrart at the very end of a linear path where you have to walk along a lot of shipping containers. The first time you speak to him, he’ll insist that you sit on an uncomfortable chair that causes Health damage. He’ll also hit you with a few comments that will damage your Morale. On subsequent times you speak to him, these will not apply.

There is a lot to talk about with Evrart, from details of the case to having him help you find your gun. Note that he is the only source for finding your gun, so if you want it back you will need to work with him.

Evrart will task you to perform two Side Quests before he’ll fully help you: Open apartment door for Evrart and Get two signatures for Evrart. They can be completed the way he wants them done if you wish to go a corrupt route, or they can be completed in a different way without corruption. See their pages for details.

If you haven’t done so already, you can also ask him to help you get the body down, thus bypassing a few checks for Machinehead.

You’ll need to revisit Evrart Claire a few times in the course of the investigation. After the first time, he’ll give you an ID card so you can pass freely in and out of the harbor.

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