Disco Elysium – Getting The Body Down

Getting The Body Down

After your character’s initial investigation into the crime scene, Kim will state that an autopsy should be performed. To do that, the body needs to come down from the tree. There are several ways to accomplish this:

  • Your character will need to pass a Physical Instrument check on the body itself when pulling on its boots
  • Your character will need to pass a Hand/Eye Coordination check after borrowing Kim’s gun and trying to shoot the body down
  • You’ll need to convince a character named Measurehead to help

Measurehead is a large tattooed man who stands on the catwalk overlooking the harbor gates, which is at the end of the street northeast of the hotel.

If you need Measurehead, there are three ways to convince him to help:

  • Speak to him and succeed a difficult Physical Instrument check to force him to help
  • Speak to him and agree to listen to his views on race
  • Speak to his boss and convince him to pressure Measurehead into helping you

Listening to Measurehead’s views on race

If you choose to acquire Measurehead’s help by listening to his views on race, you’ll need to cycle through all his dialogue choices before getting the option to do so. Then, you’ll get a thought in the Thought Closet called Advanced Race Theory. Equip the thought, then kill time however you wish, whether you read or perform other quests.

Once the thought is finalized, keep it equipped, then return to Measurehead. Tell him you’ve thought about it, and he’ll ask what your final opinion on race is. No matter what you answer, he’ll help, but he’ll force you to stand guarding a button while he does the work.

Speaking to Measurehead’s boss

If you don’t want listen to Measurehead’s views on race and can’t physically force him, you can still get help from Measaurehead’s boss. His boss is named Evrart Claire, and he’s an important player in the entire case. During the conversation with Evrart, you will have a chance to directly ask him to order Measurehead to help. Please see the Talk to Evrart Claire page for details on getting into the harbor and speaking to him.

Performing the Autopsy

No matter how it’s accomplished, once the body is down, you can interact with it to perform a field autopsy with Kim. Depending on the timing and what other information you learn about the case, the autopsy may go a little differently. Either way, performing the autopsy is done through the dialogue box with Kim.

After that, you’ll need to interact with the body and have it taken away to processing. This can be done anytime and does not need to be done immediately. In fact, if you want the boots, you’ll need to leave the body on the ground, wait until Kim leaves you at 22:00, steal the boots, sleep, then ask Kim to remove the body. Either way, Kim will leave your side for the rest of the day once the request is given and will rejoin you the next morning.

If Kim has left your side, you can still continue working on the main case or any Side Quests if you want, but some checks may be more difficult without Kim’s help and guidance. You may want to time it so you give the order Kim very late in the day so you’re not without him for very long.

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