Disgaea 4 Complete+ – Grinding Zones & Land of Carnage

Disgaea 4 Complete Grinding Zones, Land of Carnage, Chapters Kicking Baals & Chewing Sardines 101 What […]

Disgaea 4 Complete Grinding Zones, Land of Carnage, Chapters

Kicking Baals & Chewing Sardines 101

What you need to know…

Disgaea requires alot of grinding, and there’s a few tips and tricks on how to ease that labor:

  • Learn the main mechanics! I know it’s stupid and all, but if you can master those, you might be able to make your own grinding techniques, like “geo blocks” destroying or monster fusing!
  • That’s right, if you throw enemies into each other, they just “fuse” and gain levels! This can be mighty useful in early game when you can get level 99 enemies since they give an exp value of a level 323 thanks to how the experience formula work.
  • Get the cheat shop ASAP, it gives bonus exp/mana/HL and the cap limit increases each chapters! You can also increase the difficulty which increases how strong the enemies are in each respective levels (which can also net you more if you use it well…).
  • Do not be afraid to reincarnate! If you pick the “Genius” option, your aptitudes will increase by 5% each time (caps at 25% / 5 reincarnations).
  • Try to get a Professor ASAP since their evility increases the experience gain by 20% when they are present on the map (it even stacks if you try to add more!).
  • Use evil symbols (buildings in Cam-Pain HQ) at your own profit! Killing enemies will grant those in effect of the symbol an exp/mana share, which makes it really useful to level your weak characters without pulling them out in battle!

The Grinding Zones

That’s the game, that’s it. You grind till you die.

Chapter 1

  • 1-1 (Episode 1: Rebels of Hades – Rehabilitation Room

Please, do abuse geo blocks/panels, especially the experience/mana ones, you can lift and throw ’em at your leisure!

  • 1-3 (Episode 1: Rebels of Hades – Prinselytise Room

Pretty straightforward, move out some geo blocks which can give 150% more EXP! You may also try to destroy one of ’em…

  • 1-4 (Episode 1: Rebels of Hades – Albatross Collar)

This is where geo block destroying becomes important! Not only it damages enemies (and yourself) if you are on respective panels, it also boosts your bonus gauge and HL at the end of the chain reaction!

Chapter 2

  • 2-2(Episode 2: Prinny Wars – Hypha Invasion)
  • 2-6(Episode 2: Prinny Wars – Altar of Waste)

Chapter 3

  • 3-2(Episode 3: Enter the Final Weapon – Searing Euthanasia)

Chapter 5

  • 5-2 (Episode 5: The Angel of Avarice – Lost Dignity)
  • 5-4 (Episode 5: The Angel of Avarice – Ruin Coaster)

Chapter 8

  • 8-7( Episode 8: Battle! Final Boss vs. Final Boss – Mission Improbable)

Chapter 9

  • 9-4 (Episode 9: The Moon, Earth, and the Promise! – Concrete Knowledge)


  • Training Mt. Ordeal 4
  • And Item World for the brave

Just up and don’t die.
Inheriting evilities stuff

Land of Carnage (LoC) stuff

Unlocking Land of Carnage

  • Buy tickets from the Item World’s Scalpers which can be found randomly in mystery gates and unlock the X Dimension (63 stages/tickets total).
  • Clear atleast 40% of the X Dimension. (atleast 25 stages)
  • Collect 6 ship parts by capturing specific enemies:

After all this, check out the Professor in your base and you are free to go to the Land of Carnage!

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