Divine Divinity – Holy Weapons

Holy Weapons Quest

Do not use your wishing well wish to get this quest! You can get it for free
by reading a book in the library of the Cursed Abby.

There are three holy artifacts:

  • Holy Amulet: in a corner covered with cobwebs in the elven funeral pyre in
    the Dark Forest.
  • Holy Dagger: Talk to the Thief guild leader in the Ducal Inn in Verdistis to
    join his Guild. Once you’ve joined, go down into the cellar and into the
    Guild’s headquarters. Go up the north hallway and into the guildmaster’s
    quarters. The dagger is just lying around.
  • Holy Sword: lying around in Iona’s Dungeon. Look for the pentacle with a
    candle sitting on it, near a skeleton hanging from the wall. Turn off the
    candle and a secret door will open. The sword is inside the secret room. If you
    already finished Iona’s dungeon, you can get back into it through the pit in
    the graveyard where you came out

Go to the northeast corner of the cathedral, and there will be a staircase
hidden in a copse of trees. Inside you’ll find a statue, two circles and four tombs. Go down there, but DO NOT touch the graves there, or else you will not be able to sacrifice the artifacts. Save first, then stand in the blue circle, and sacrifice two of the artifacts to get whichever is your preference. The stats on the artifacts are randomized, so you may want to load a couple times to get the best that you can.


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