Division 2 Fast Travel

The Division 2 Fast Travel

While the post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. environment featured within The Division 2 can be a joy to run through, what with the 1:1 scale and accurate attention to real-world details, sometimes you just want to skip the long run and immediately travel to an area. Thankfully, THE DIVISION 2 FAST TRAVEL is a thing, with developer Massive Entertainment allowing players the choice of whether to take in the scenery, or warp straight past it all. To be able to fast travel to an area, however, you’ll first have to know HOW TO UNLOCK FAST TRAVEL LOCATIONS. Here is everything you need to know about The Division 2 fast travel.

How to Unlock The Division 2 Fast Travel

Unlike other games, which have a limit on where and when you can spawn to different areas, The Division 2 fast travel spots are plentiful. Massive Entertainment has been generous in dishing out plenty of occasions where players can bypass a lengthy run, enduring only a quick loading screen instead. However, you can’t just go skipping sections all willy-nilly, as you will first need to unlock fast travel locations before you can then travel to them.

Settlements and Base of Operations make for great fast travel spots, covering a wide area of the map. Once unlocked, you can simply head to the map, hold the designated fast travel button (“X” on PC), and then zoom off. A loading screen will be the only barrier between you and the new area.

The Division 2 fast travel functionality also allows players to quickly appear at different mission locations. This comes in useful when you are looking to replay missions on a harder difficulty. Rather than having to retrace your steps, you can just matchmake and fast travel from the map menu. Of course, there’s also the option of walking, where you may discover new hidden items or encounter enemies to grind for XP.

Division 2 Fast Travel Video Guide

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