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Doki Doki Literature Club Plus Characters Guide Story Of All Characters With Every Detail Welcome to […]

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus Characters Guide

Story Of All Characters With Every Detail

Welcome to our Doki Doki Literature Club Plus Characters Guide ! In this guide, we’ll go to the deep of every character in the game. There’s lotta details to know! Read carefully.

SAYORI – Doki Doki Literature Club Plus Characters Guide

Well, Sayori’s story is the easiest one. She’s the one who joined the club first.

Sayori is MC’s childhood friend, but we can say that she haves a two personality, a one side that feels dark, a other side shiny as sun.

Her depression mostly comes from MC, mc is not caring enough for her in the game. She’s getting more depressed by Monika, and normally, she couldn’t handle it even MC told her that he loves her.
Because of Monika. In Act 2, we can’t see her much, so she’s just a first half character, but might be the most important for MC. That’s why Monika got hanged her though.

A Special poem(not poem but goes by poem) of Sayori.


Natsuki, cute but weirdo girl for so many people.

She’s first class, smaller than other every character, his mom is known as dead/gone.
She lives with his father, gets beating almost everyday, she loves her dad, she wants to hear good things from him. But dad doesn’t even cares. Not one bit.
She thinks Manga is Literature. And hides her Manga Collection in School, clubroom.
She’s a jealousy girl, but careful, bakes for her friends, tries to help’em. She’s the one joined the club before MC.

Poem of Natsuki, talks about her Dad.


Monika, the president.

Monika is acting like she’s a villain, but trust me, she’s not. She might be come from Project Libitina, recognizes herself because of her programming. There’s lotta test subjects from libitina, we’ll talk about that more in Yuri.

And she wants help in act 2, in another scene, she wants to talk with us but something wont let her.
She and Yuri might be enemies in the background. Yuri is connected to Project Libitina. According to her book. In normal DDLC, monika has a voice recordings that she needs help. She’s challenging with something. Might be Yuri, might be something connected to Libitina. Anything. Monika is stucked character, not much story outside of the game for her.

She likes to have a “free own of her will”. She knows she’s not programmed like others. And she still dont knows her enemy. In side stories, nothing explained about that. A new game requires to know this all. And there’s a chance that we might be playing Monika in the new game. And there might be one more company like Project Libitina, let’s assume that’s name is “Project 123” These 2 company might be enemies that making a programmed characters like Monika, or Libitina. But if it comes to that? Who wanted to create Monika first? That’s will be left unanswered for a bit.

Monika’s poem about Sayori and MC’s relationship.


Yuri, the one who is mixed.

Well, yuri likes deep things, horror, cutting herself. And the cutting thing not comes from Monika’s programming attack. She was already into the knifes. She’s the one who joined 3rd member to the Literature club. Yuri has a weird personality, cant say she have two or one personality. Acts chill sometimes, but sometimes, she gots panic very much. And It is connected to her past, Project Libitina days. Some people says she’s libitina herself. But I don’t think so, company can make lotta subjects if they can make a amazing thing like a Libitina.

Yuri always reads the samebook “portrait of markov” It’s have a eye picture on it. Like libitina’s 3rd eye. She definetly have a connection to Libitina. In one of 11 special poems, she haves a acting poem, well I don’t have the poem because I didn’t had in the game, but when I got it, I’ll put it here.
For now, I’ll try to explain you the poem myself.

Yuri talks about acting like a stupid, “I should play stupid for now” she knows that Monika controls her, its the truth. In act 2, we almost got scared by Yuri always, she’s acting crazy, Monika hits hard, but she answers worse. Why Natsuki is not like that? Because Natsuki doesn’t have a connection to Libitina. Not one bit. Yuri always acted like Dominating Monika. That’s why she’s the most popular after Monika though. She was a Subject in her small ages too, might be 3,4,5 she was child. That’s why she’s getting panics unnecessary. That’s why she’s into knifes. And the book to. Dont forget it.


She likes to escape her Panics and stress. That’s why she loves Green Tea. In the new game, we’ll might see fight of her & Monika. And yuri might be a toy for the Project Libitina Company too. She’s not libitina, if she were, it wouldn’t make sense. But I can give a %5 chance for that. Cause we’re in Doki Doki Literature Club. Anything can be “Anything”. And also, In side stories, Sayori helped Yuri a lot. But as we can see from Act 2, it didn’t have good affect on it. That’s a one more point about to be careful for her. And Yuri thinks that she might should go to take a Therapy. She knows her psychology is ruined up.

Libitina’s secret poem. Informations about her.

Yuri talking about her therapy in that poem.

And yes, “til I blow up my cover” She’s not like Natsuki or Sayori. It proves that. She just being patience for something. Something big. We’ll see in the next game.

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